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    Apple Sold 10M iPhones In First Weekend

    To all the people who say Android had it in 2012: Granted, I use an Android phone (used to the interface, and iPhones are expensive), but anyone who thinks iPhones are purely bought on marketing/hype merits (e.g. post #2) and not on any technical merits are kidding themselves.
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    New iPhone(s) on September 9th

    That's both illegal in several states and arguably suicidal (unless you're riding on a dedicated trail).
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    Samsung Galaxy Alpha

    Apple 2012 pebble look, which the iPhone 6 is obviously derived from:
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    USB Portable Charger Problem

    Can you post your wiring scheme? Might be something going on with ground loops.
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    HTC One Mini 2

    Especially since the Moto G matches most of its specs, other than the camera and construction.
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    The 64GB microSD is also probably much slower NAND than 64GB internal storage.
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    The size is a deal breaker for me. 5.5" is Note territory. Otherwise, seems great - the Samsung-style button layout is annoying, but can be disabled for software buttons.
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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Watch Thread

    I'd agree with the Ars review - it's a decent incremental upgrade, but Samsung never put much effort into their biggest weakness (design).
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    iPhone 6 Reportedly Launching 'As Early As September'

    I know exactly what they're for, but there are people whose actual views approach those extremes in terms of Android evangelism. As much as you're saying they're uncommon/rare, my point is that most Apple users aren't "Apple Crazies" either, just like most Android users aren't removable...
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    iPhone 6 Reportedly Launching 'As Early As September'

    Ugh, posted the wrong link.
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    iPhone 6 Reportedly Launching 'As Early As September'

    To be fair, most people who use iPhones are not Apple crazies, exactly paralleling how you said most Android users are not like these people.
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    iPhone 6 Reportedly Launching 'As Early As September'

    Never mind that Apple A7 beats Snapdragon 800 in most benchmarks, never mind that respected sites like Anandtech with staff who have actual computer engineering degrees supports the idea of two more powerful cores over moar coars, never mind the fact that you're making a completely non sequitur...
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    How often has your micro usb cable fail?

    I've had 100% of these fail. I bought about 5 of them and all cables stopped charging within 4 months. It's something with the connector. Now I use these and they seem to be holding up.
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    OnePlus One specs starting to be announced

    There's also some iPhone 5 DNA in there with the circular buttons and a bit of the chamfer.
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    Low price smartphone with..?

    If you can stretch it, the Moto G at $180 is an excellent phone. There's also many used options available at that price range. You can probably get the Galaxy SII at that price, which has a fairly decent camera.
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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Watch Thread

    I am here with you... Seriously though, considering the number of times I check my phone daily a lock would be a huge hassle. Most lock methods are also easily circumvented.
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    Wozniak: Apple Should Make an Android Phone

    If I needed a smaller phone I would love an iPhone running Android. iPhones have excellent cameras, decent screen calibration, and the industrial design is still top notch. I'm put off by iOS though.
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    Ultrabook type Laptop with Optical Drive

    If used is an option and you don't need much power, a used Thinkpad X301 is worth looking at.
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    Dell charger problem - underclocked CPU

    Dell uses a 3-pin ID chip in the charger to determine wattage (having taken several of them apart). That could have burned out.
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    What are you CURRENTLY using?

    Making a judgment on an entire OS on an ancient, low-end junk phone is not a fair assessment. Android 4.0+ on a flagship is quite nice.
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    Shell Oil: The Last Gasoline Car Will Be Built in 2070

    Public transport was the norm until the 50s before the whole automobile/highway craze developed and car culture was established in the US. With the sheer expense of re-expanding transit systems these days and lack of investment in public transport (after tearing down all those transit networks...
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    Apple Warns of SSD Failures in MacBook Air

    1. Post any Apple news on [H] 2. Irrational Apple bashing occurs. 3. People are butthurt and start arguing. 4. More page clicks. 5. ??? 6. Profit.
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    Where do the tech savy buy laptops?

    In general, this. For laptops, never buy on spec's alone - an i5 vs an i3 or 8GB vs 6GB RAM won't make a difference in 95% of use cases, but that mushy keyboard, that low-resolution screen, or that creaky plastic case that's falling apart definitely will. While I'm a PC guy that leans towards...
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    Where do the tech savy buy laptops?

    This. As a user of a Dell Latitude, I've always found enterprise laptops to have substantially better build quality than consumer-end ones. The keyboards on them tend to be better to. The caveat though is that most I've run into have terrible screens.
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    Deciding between phones

    $100 is chump change compared to the $2000+ you'll be spending over 2 years on Verizon's service, so get the more modern phone.
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    HTC One review/rant

    That sounds like a hardware issue. Do you have warranty on the phones you bought? I would contact AT&T or HTC and try to get them replaced. That's the tradeoff for front-facing speakers and hardware buttons. They take up space in the front, which the S4 and G2 don't have to deal with.
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    Interesting HTC and MS Rumor

    Aren't there restrictions that Taiwan has in place that prevents PRC majority ownership?
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    is the iPhone the only one with a fast camera?

    Unless you're shooting the mid-day sky with a wide-open aperture you'll almost never be shooting at 1/16,000. Most of the time you'll be at 1/500 or less.
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    Using different amperage chargers -- hurt battery?

    Where are you getting the chargers? Some generic chargers are fairly shoddily built and even dangerous:
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    What You Do and Don't Get With The New iPhones

    They did add fake stitches to the back of the Note 3,
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    IBM Model-M paint

    You can RIT dye the keys on the Model M's if you want durable coloring that also lets the lettering show through.
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    Which Colleges Are The Biggest BitTorrent Users?

    MIT is by far the smallest school in the top 10, so they also have by far the highest per-capita torrent usage, while the other schools in the top 10 are fairly large (20K+ students). The rankings don't seem to distinguish between different sized schools.
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    Microsoft buys Nokia (Device Business)

    So Microsoft pays less than half the price Google did for Motorola for a company that both produces better hardware and has a significantly stronger patent portfolio. Good job, Google.
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    HTC One USB issue

    Have you tried a different cable? I've had several micro-USB cables go flaky on me in the past.
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    Google Nexus 7 1st Gen Refurb $140

    The CPU and GPU are also more powerful (underclocked Snapdragon 600 on the 2nd-gen, vs Tegra 3 on the 1st-gen), the 2nd-gen is thinner, and the screen is better calibrated and has better contrast on the 2nd-gen.
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    Which verizon phone?

    The One is coming out August 22nd on Verizon.
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    Which verizon phone?

    Verizon's got an HTC One signup page now:
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    Linear vs Switching

    You're not going to find a high-wattage linear 12V power supply. Period. It would need an absolutely gigantic transformer.
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    Used T-Mobile Phones

    You can probably find an HTC Sensation for pretty close to $100.
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    New Nexus 7 July 20..anyone?