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    Backing up DVD-R

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    Backing up DVD-R

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    Logitech driving Force Pro wheel on 360???

    I know the new PGR Autoupdate adds support for Wheels, but does anyone know if its a licensed third party thing only?
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    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    The online is awesome, I believe the online part of the game was done seperate from the single player, and entirely by the guys at Red Storm, which is resonsible for the great PC Clancy games.
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    CryTek 2 Engine Video (AMAZING) There is two versions in 420 and 720p.
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    Which console(s) do you own?

    All of thee above.
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    My own watercooled xbox360!

    Do you have any links on this? Not flaming, I would just love to see it.
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    Del Toro to Direct Halo Movie

    Thats the same thing I read too. I would really hate for Del Toro to direct it, I don't think hes got much talent, and all he does is super dumb down ideas it seems, Hellboy was a terrible rendition of a great story, and if it weren't for David Goyers writing, Blade 2 probably would have been...
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    Jet Moto....anyone miss it?

    Jet Moto was freakin awesome, 2 was even better, I was just thinking about this game yesterday, needs to get me new copies. I know 989 studios bought the rights (and ruined everything they touched), and they're defunct now aren't they? Who knows who owns the rights now.
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    In the market for an HD projector.

    Thanks for the input everyone :) . Hopefully I can score one of these bad boys soon..
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    In the market for an HD projector.

    Can anyone recomend a solid HD projector for gaming? Dosent have to be top of the line, looking for a good price/performace balance. Any help/links would be nice!
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    Awesome to see more [H] members gettin their hands on one. Hats off to the [H] itself for the info.
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    Xbox 360 Magazine Demo Disk: Full Auto Demo

    Anyone else play the OXM demo? I've been looking forward to this one, any similarity to Twisted Metal Black?
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    Everytime an annoying PSP ad airs...

    Do you guys watch 12oz mouse? It seems like the same style of humor, talentless ;). I'm surprised some people really like these things, I guess I'm alone. The Ratchet and Clank commercials are still my favorite.
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    Everytime an annoying PSP ad airs...

    God kills teh kittenZ. (most anoyyying commercials ever)
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    Looking for a digital camera retailer - Not a crook.

    Also another vote for BuyDig Every single camera my family has bought, or bought for christmas/wedding/birthday gifts, or reccomended to people, has been from BuyDig. Just dont buy the acessory pack (unless you really want to, but you can buy all that stuff seperatley for cheaper somewhere...
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    Xbox 360 one month live gold free - help

    Nice find Bananas, alot of people are having trouble locating their 1 month free also, as most places have it listed as "in box". I already had a live account, so it just transferred over to gold, but im sure your find will help alot of people.
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    Are you a true graphics enthusiast?

    Ditto. :mad:
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    xbox 360 2nd Shipment? I got mine!!

    Im pretty sure they are the same controller, all you need are the drivers, located here...
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    dreamcast thread

    On a related note, just this past year, from playing heated games of Virtua Tennis, Ikaruga and MVC 2 to name a few, my Girlfriends little brother bought himself a DC on E-bay and I bought one for my friend for his birthday, both owned newer consoles already and never owned or even played the...
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    dreamcast thread

    I agree, I would purchase a new Sega console in a heartbeat, to me playing video games on a Sega or Nintendo branded system just felt more legit, like I was still a kid huddled in my room playing DKC on my SNES or Shinobi on my Genisis, they feel like video games aught to feel, sure I love my...
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    dreamcast thread

    I actually enjoy the original Power Stone more than the sequel, though the sequel is alot of fun, the single player for part one i just enjoyed more.
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    The first modded Xbox360...

    Dude, that is sliiiick. I think im in love...
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    Post Your 360 PlayStation

    I want to pick up the core system eventually just for lanning at the house. I can use my platinum for live, I owned two xbox 1's for lanning, so im actually happy about the core system, I dont have to drop another 400 bucks just to play with friends or family in seperate rooms.
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    Anyone call to get their 360 serviced/replaced yet?

    Hey fellas, Noticed the Xbox 360 repair/replace news post on the [H] front page, has anyone done this yet? For what problems? How was the experience? I got the lockup problem with no error message on multiple games now, and was gonna call them up about it, wanted to know if I've gotta plan...
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    List your Xbox 360 Problems.

    So far I've only experienced the lockup problem. First it happend in a game of Halo 2, then it happend six times in a row when trying to invite a friend to a game of Perfect Dark, I had to shut the system off each time.
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    2. Have you ever had a USB Pen fail on you? (if you've used these) No 3. Have you ever had an external Hard Drive Fail on you? (if you've used these) No, but I also dont use it all that often. 4. Have you ever had a CD-R, DVD-R, or other optical media fail/corrupt on you? Yes, both...
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    Where to pre-order Xbox360 online or locally?

    Your best bet is prolly Best Buy, they do half their shipments pre-orders and half first come first serve, some of them dont do pre-orders at all. If you live in a bigger city, camping out is probably a must. Some places camping out can be pretty darn fun, the Best Buy I got my ps2 at on launch...
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    Spartan in DOA4

    ......? :rolleyes:
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    Spartan in DOA4 Apparently its a woman, and her name is Spartan 458 (if you ask me it looks just like MC). Bungie confirmed it in their newest weekly update, and these are some of the better screen shots.
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    Quick Rome: Total War question

    Man, thank you so much, its been driving me crazy, I havent played in a while and I completley forgot how. Thanks a bunch again!
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    Quick Rome: Total War question

    Nah, theres an option to strip them from the older general and give them to the younger one, but I cant remeber exactly how, aside from they have to be in the same town/army.
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    Quick Rome: Total War question

    Does anyone know how exactly to pass on your retinue to a younger general? I know they have to be in the same city, what steps go after that?
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    Looking for Mac games.

    Thanks, buddy!
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    Looking for Mac games.

    Heyo, I've got an old 500mhz g3 ibook, I take it with me on the road all the time and was wondering if anyone knew of any places to download any decent, free basic games. Stuff like Poker, Checkers, side scrolling shooters, anything like that. Any info would be helpfull, thanks!
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    Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Price!

    Maybe, but it would still be a single memory card you'd be required to buy, and not everyone will own.
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    Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Price!

    Burnout 2 Capcom vs. SNK 2: E.O. Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War Ghost Recon MechAssault MotoGP Online NBA 2K3 NFL 2K3 NFL Fever 2003 Phantasy Star Online (PSO) Splinter Cell Star Wars: The Clone Wars Unreal Championship Halo 2 Those were just some of the games...
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    Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Price!

    Not having the HD as mandatory with every system is bad news bears. What about things like anti-cheating auto updates for live? Do you just not get to play the game till you go out and buy a 100 dollar add on?
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    Emo kid gets a 360

    Oh man, genius, pure genius.
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    Powder Coating

    That is one sexy shuttle.