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    case windows bad for you?

    Gag or not they still used proper equipment and a fairly proper experiment. But hey half a point is better than none at all.
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    Anyone here remember when "mod" used to mean faster?

    thats how i started modding. my first mod was a blow hole and and intake for my O/Ced pentium. i still havnt seen a need for a window and all kinds of fancy lights. just paint because beige is extremely BORING.
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    case windows bad for you?

    AH HA not bs i looked it up it was done by students of MIT. Altho the tests wernt perfect they still showed that effect. So not BS. :p
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    case windows bad for you?

    Man there is so little radiation comming off a pc that it doesnt even matter. like im quite sure the microwave radiation in the air from your local radio station would be more damaging. Personally i would get a stick from a tree a wack your roommate with it then set it on your desk and point...
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    Breaking News, the optimus keyboard might not be what we thought :o

    personally i wouldnt doubt the company just yet. IMHO this is just a proof of concept to either get financial backing for the full sized keyboard or to maybe see if there is an actual customer base out there for it. either way i think this mini one is freaking cool.
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    double volting vans

    i know why im doing it and how it works im just not sure if the mobo will accept the large increase in amperage on the -12v line and i want to double volt my fans upto 24v because i have a super dusty room where my pc is and i put filters on the fans which caused a dramatic decrease in air...
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    double volting vans

    Ok im thinking of using the -12v line on my PSU to double volt my fans i tested my fans with it on my work bench left em over night and they held up but im not sure if the mobo would handle the increase in amperage. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with doing this or knows exactly...
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    Post Pictures of your GPU Mod!

    i didnt get pictures of it but just yesterday i modified a vantec iceberq 4 pro to fit my fx5700le because the stock heat sink fan died. Iit involved removing the vantecs stock mounting system(cutting it off) and drilling out a new one as well as grinding down the side of it so it would fit...
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    Glass Case?

    well you could always market them in the "hoods" next time someone drives by and sprays your house in the hood with an AK you can just dive behind your computer.
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    case[less] mod

    ive had an old k62 system screwed directly to a peice of plywood withj drywall screws for like 3 years now (its my AD controller). I even took the power supply outta the case and screwedc it to it aswell, none of its grounded and ive never had a problem with it so id personally say meh go for it...
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    My Compter lit on fire. Moddings Fault?

    Im sorry to hear about your loss and i would have to agree it was the inverter. I dont beleive that going through insurance to replace it would be a federal take one up the ass matter as i know around here (southern ontario) that renters and homeowners insurance generally cover such...
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    Black CM Praetorian

    looking good so far the drives need attention cant wait to see what u do with thte wires keep it up hmmm that card edge protector looks exactly like stuff on my dads 50' roll of truck door edge moulding at his body shop :p ive never used it to put on the edge of my cards i kinda like...
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    Microwave case of DEATH!

    lots of places even lend tools. now u need a credit card to do it so your parents or relatives would be handy but quite a few places like canadian tire here in canada lend tools at no charge for like 3 days and after that they charge you full cost of the tool assuming its not comming back. but...
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    Microwave case of DEATH!

    ya microwaves have some serious sheet metal u would need at least a dremel and alot of cutting discs but an angle grinder would be alot better i like this mod i think itll turn out awesome u should put the mobo and every thing behind the control panel for the microwave on the right...
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    can you buy CC extension cables?

    after u extended them make sure u dont put them together in heat shrink or any thing keep the joints where u extended the wires in thier own seperate heat shrink or tape or whatever and you should have no problem extending them theres another thread on here somewhere i cant remebre where that...
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    Problems loading Hardocp & forums

    it doesnty come up for me alot well over the last 3 days it hasnt not in firefox or IE it just syas that it doesnt exist or so on and so forth and i get sorwareded to the usual seach cracpola so im assuming maybe the server is going up and down like a rollercoaster maybe?
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    This case any good?

    that site is very shady looking if u did recieve anything im betting the quality would be crapola and im looking at the pictures on the site and lol i hate aleinware cases but geeze if they are gunna copy them at least do a good job look at the white one it looks like a standard white...
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    painted the inside of my case (56k warn)

    nice paint job i like it but this little voice keeps telling me to scream THE WIRES WHY THE HUMANITY sorry it just come out sometimes but clean them cables up man then it would be sick theres a fine line between nice and SICK usually cable managment
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    Wooden Webspider

    thats beautiful just WOW