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    Whoa.. Acrylic HDD! See through & Working!!

    Here's my 40 gig, still working, been running pretty much 24/7 for over a year now.
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    Lian Li PC35K2 When???

    I hate to say it, but......... ugliest lian li EVER.
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    bare HDD mod

    My window modded 40 gig fujitsu has been working 24/7 for over a year. ;)
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    Why don't hdd makers make pre-modded hdd's???

    Agreed, this 40 gig drive has been running 24/7 for over a year.
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    vinyl covered mx500 [big pics]

    I didnt think to take any WIP shots, but I'm going to tear it apart later to paint the buttons, so i will take some pics, and write up a short worklog.
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    vinyl covered mx500 [big pics]

    The paint on my mx500 was starting to wear out, and i didnt want to paint it. :p It is slightly padded, and the texture gives it great grip, I am probably going to paint the side buttons black also.
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    what was your first BAWLS experience?

    I tried my first one yesterday, I found it at a small local store close to my friends house. I actually got a noticeable caffine buzz from it, but that was also right after drinking a 20 oz. tripple shot mocha. I thought it tasted pretty good too though.
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    Removing the top of my case

    You are most likely refering to pop rivets, you have to drill them out and replace them with a pop rivet gun and some new rivets.
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    Coolermaster vs lian li

    Lian Li is the best, no doubt about it.
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    Another sleeving question

    They should all be the same, same color = same voltage from the PSU.
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    modding my power supply

    Fans, red = 12v, black = ground, yellow = rpm monitoring. External PSU connections (4 pin molex), red = 5v, yellow = 12v, black = ground. Inside the PSU snip red/black wires to the existing fan, just hook red to red, black to black, snip and insulate the yellow wire, and let it hang. If...
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    HDD Window Mod

    I mean works, as in working 24/7 completely full 40 gig drive.
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    HDD Window Mod

    Actually I made that drive out of two dead identical drives, so I only had to have the working drive open for ~10 - 20 seconds or so, and had all the time I needed to work on the other cover. I did the cover swap in the bathroom, without turning on the shower or anything, I just made it quick. I...
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    HDD Window Mod

    Here is my 40 gig fujitsu, it has been working like this 24/7 for at least 6 months now. This mod was actually pretty ghetto, I used a CD jewel case for the window, and adhered, and sealed it with silver silicone.
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    A Third FarCry Demo Today?

    That's the rumor. ;)
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    Painting a monitor?
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    New case, COOL feature

    Lian Li cases have that same thing.
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    New Lian Li's coming

    I think they look sweet, except the wheels look retarded.
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    Browsing xoxide... This is getting out of hand.

    lol, that alien case is even worse than the diabolic case everybody was bashing. The other one is also pretty fugly.
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    case (pic)

    Just incase anybody is interested, I would be willing to sell mine for ~ $100. It works, and is in good condition, but anybody here who would buy it would probably just rip its guts out anyways. :p I also have a couple of Pioneer recievers of the same vintage, that might be cool as case mod...
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    Just starting a case mod

    That's a pretty good looking case, me likey. :D Couldn't agree more about the choise of locations for the usb, firewire, audio, ect. that is just gay.
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    case (pic)

    Very nice! :D I have almost that exact same reciever sitting in my basement. :p
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    Pneumatic Pistons

    Yes, that is clearly 2 words. :p
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    Lian-Li mobo standoff...things...

    I love Lian Li's little metal clip standoff things.:)
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    Source for Fiber Optics?

    Go get yourself a fiber optic christams tree for $5 somewhere.
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    My CS guns look...fat?

    That is Truform, an ATI feature, that doesn't work quite right in cs. to turn it off go to console, and type ati_npatch 0, and ati_subdiv 0, then restart cs. Or you could do it through the ATI drivers( right click desktop, properties, settings, advanced, 3D, click on opoen gl, click use custom...
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    Hardrive window mod, POST PICS HERE

    This is the only pic of mine that I can find right now. It's a 40 gig fujitsu, yes it still works.
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    keyboard painting and relettering

    done ;) I fucked up, I wont be able to fix the pic till my cameras batteries charge.:( :mad:
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    keyboard painting and relettering

    Damn fine idea, I will do that for sure.:p