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    Copy Drive

    Macrium is another that I have used. It also you make a backup of your image.
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    what do you do with your old CPU when you upgrade?

    I think I finally figured out a solution for some of my old stuff and I'm pretty excited! I have a vega 56 that I picked up like 18 months ago that has a waterblock. However, when i got it, the oem air cooler could not be found. I have a 280mm rad that I got for a project that couldn't fit...
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    WTB: FX-6300 AMD CPU

    I have a fx-4300.. you pay shipping and it is yours.
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    what do you do with your old CPU when you upgrade?

    I am having the same dilemma of what to do with stuff that still is useful, bit just ain't the best. For example... An fx-8320 paired with an rx 570. That is still a very capable desktop workstation for email and office. It could even handle some games like minecraft. Something like that...
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    Displays from monoprice any good?

    Well, I ordered one on March 15th...still hasn't even shipped. What is with that?!?
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    At my wits end with PC issues. HELP!

    Sounds like you're going to need a new case too...practicality have enough parts for a new system.
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    Displays from monoprice any good?

    Been looking at the Dark Matter 43548 for a secondary system. Only $220 and according to Toms, the stand actually has adjustment up and down.
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    Displays from monoprice any good?

    Does anybody have any experience with the displays from monoprice? Good? Bad?
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    Hogwarts Legacy

    Dang, that is a lot of issues. I'll be interested to hear how those with 8-10gb 30 series cards do with ray tracing with these updates.
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    Pc and wireless Xbox controller

    dang, that is a really good deal. I was doing some controller stuff a couple weeks ago and decided to get the cheap knock off xbox 360 dongles because I have a bunch of 360 controllers from the days of using 360s as media extenders. Those dongles work fine after you go through all the steps to...
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    Just got my first projector - Is this decent?

    I had a gotta be careful with that one. It has a known PSU issue. I think mine was starting to go again, so now I have a 5050ub, which is slightly better, but not really discernable. The black levels of the epson units are fantastic. I gave my 5040 to my brother when his old...
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    Bykski 4090 loop up and running

    I have some byski blocks on some 30 series cards....the thermal pad situation really is a pain. When I did them, I didn't use the ones that came with the block for the VRAM...instead got some of the gelids. Getting them to compress and everything make proper contact was really hard. Just...
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    eBay asking users for their Social Security numbers ahead of rule change by IRS

    Partially true...if you sold as a business, you would also be on the hook for self employment tax. And the thought you dont have to report the income if it is sold at a loss is a nice thought, but be prepared to defend it. The IRS (and other revenue agencies) have this lovely little caveat...
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    Heatsink/fan for Vega 56

    I don't like things that are perfectly fine getting wasted...not that I know what I'd do with it. I have a shelf full of cards... Maybe I should give it away or something. Not sure if anyone would even want it.....
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    Forza Horizon 5 (Mexico)

    So we just started playing this one this week. When we drive around we dont see each other, but see plenty of other people. What is with that??
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    5600X Overclocking advice

    So how I tune ryzen 5000's is by using PBO and then core cycler to work through the offsets. Start each offset with -30 in the bios. Then I start running the thing. It methodically goes through each core of the CPU testing it with Prime95. After it finds...
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    Heatsink/fan for Vega 56

    Well, I got out my card and really inspected it and compared it to the sapphire....doesn't look quite right. My best bet looks to be the morpheus or a busted xfx and steal the cooler off of it. There is one on ebay for $65, which is less expensive than a morpheus. I put it on my watchlist...
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    Heatsink/fan for Vega 56

    I have looked at the morpheus and as best as I can figure for the vega, you need the vega version because of the way the pins/holes are. Annnd those are tough to find.
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    Heatsink/fan for Vega 56

    Awhile ago I bought a used XFX Vega 56 that had been converted to be watercooled. As it was used, it didn't have the original heatsink for air cooling. No biggie as I had the pieces to utilize it. Fast forward to now and it is just sitting around and really can't be utilized very well. I...
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    How much RAM you got?

    no annoying ribbons that way.
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    Hogwarts Legacy

    You could get one of those pcie to nvme adapter thingies to not have a sata SSD and go NVME. That would be more future resistant. Like one of these...
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    Hogwarts Legacy

    Been able to for a long time...although originally you couldn't download came on 3.5in floppies.
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    current best air coolers

    I had a PA120 before I went water. I never found it to be loud at all.
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    WTB Nvidia Quadro T400 GPU or any 1050 Ti level single slot Nvidia GPU

    I think I might have something... I have a 1050ti I used in my emby box that I yanked out and replaced with my old 1080ti because I could.
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    Video Card for Minecraft

    Are you playing bedrock (minecraft for windows) or the java version? If memory serves, you now get access to both versions............I think anyway.
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    Video Card for Minecraft

    Forgive me, but this will be a bit long winded with a lot of experience from minecraft... My son and I have played a lot of minecraft together... First question: are you playing bedrock or java? This one is pretty important. If you are on bedrock, then you'd need a card that can do ray...
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    3090 black screen

    I was mystified too. It isnt like anything I do would pull that much power. Not only that, I was using two connections from the psu to the gpu.
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    What are you doing with your hardware if you stopped mining?

    The machine learning is interesting...not sure how or what to do or annnything. I first upgraded my personal PC and my son's to 3090/80. Then I put my 1080ti in my emby box. Then I box everything else up and it is in my basement...not sure what to do with it. Two are on waterblock, so...
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    3090 black screen

    I think I found the culprit...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I have been playing the beta is getting better, but still a bit off. My foibles lately are: The targeting took a step backward in the last patch. You can initiate a naval invasion now, but only against a major nation... Need oil and want to invade Iraq? Sorry. Blockades are a...
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    Would you change anything on this list?

    seeing as there is a thread going about the best SSD, I might be tempted to swap the 980 pro for a WD SN850x
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    Fx 4300 really is slow

    The four core one is ok I guess for heat. I don't think i could even get an eight core model to boot with the lousy stock cooler. I guess my whole thought/point was that the four nerfed core really wasn't very good especially compared to the eight nerfed core model. Those extra nerfed cores...
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    Best SSD currently ?

    So what is the best for gen 3?
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    3090 black screen

    The mystery continues... I was using DP from the GPU to the display. To connect to the GT 730, I had to use HDMI. It worked fine. So then I put the 3090 back in and connected with the HDMI. Let heaven run for 45 minutes without issue. Now I'm thinking the display maybe?
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    3090 black screen

    I have a GT 710 at home I'm going to try tonight...perfect for troubleshooting stuff. It only uses MB power. If it still acts funny with that then I will be even more suspicious it isn't the PSU.
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    3090 black screen

    more learned... Yanked the 3090 out and put in a 3070. Same problem. PSU is a 1000 watt EVGA GQ...seems fishy a 1000watter cant handle a 3090 running minecraft without the sues shaders.
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    3090 black screen

    This is new as of last week... Any sort of moderate load on my 3090 and it just turns the screen off and makes me need a system reboot. Last night minecraft forced a reboot. I also know it kicks me from the game as my son told me I had left. What would cause this behavior???
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I've been playing Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts. Problem is it seems to crash now whenever I launch the game. Lost my whole campaign.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    About 20 years ago, I went through an IBP plant. We started on the kill floor and ended with packaged New York steaks. It was sad watching all those cows being killed...but at the end, I did crave a steak.