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    Popular Games you left unfinished and why

    GTA IV on PS3 - Got to the ending, picked the harder ending hated how far I had to go back every time I died. Though I know I could eventually beat it, no desire.
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    Water Color Super Hero Paintings

    Yay 4 u :)
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    Dark Souls Will Eat Skyrim's Face @ IGN

    Maybe I'm just greedy, but i don't want multiplayer in Skyrim. I will definitely check out dark souls, I wasn't planning on getting it, but all the reviews point to a "Must Have Title".
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    New Rage Footage

    Wonder if the guns will have weight to them like they had in KZ2, the movement seem slow, but gives a cinematic look to it. Looks pretty damn cool, thank for the vids.
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    Convince Me to Keep My 360

    My ps3 whispers sweet nothings into my ear, while my pc makes the best onion soup, my 360 likes to pick its nose and fling the snot at the wall when I'm not looking, and my wii just sits there and cries all day long.
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    Looking into an affordable 3d ready projector

    I passed on the projector and splurged on a 3d plasma tv, I am extremely happy with my decision, this tv is the bees knees :D. This is the one: This one I was able to...
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    Nintendo 3DS Coming...

    I'm getting one, I love gimmicks.
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    Crysis 2 mp demo on PS3 epic fail..

    i heard that it was an earlier build, so they updated to a newer one, and looks better.
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    Kill Zone 3 and Move

    It kind of feels like i have to set up my scene before i start shooting, kind of like a rail shooter hybrid. Maybe i haven't practiced enough.
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    Homefront is...

    Well, its already coming in the mail, may as well play it to understand the hate.
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    Real time ray tracing is getting closer

    I saw this one back in 2007
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    PS3 Killzone 3 bundle $299 (Just announced recently)

    good price, and Its soo worth it. Has anyone tried the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter with the KZ3 demo? Good, bad? Edit: nm, I believe its not available for purchase yet, my bad.
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    Red Dead Redemption

    I am one of the only few who didn't enjoy this game as much as the rest of the planet, maybe because i just finished playing JC2 (which i loved), i was probably all sandboxed out. It was a pretty solid game tho.
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    Super Meat Boy is ridiculous

    What about I wanna to be the guy
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    treyarch dev says negative 'gamers' are ruining industry

    Even after sifting through all the complaints, it still doesn't effect my decision to purchase a game, same goes for movies.
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    Looking into an affordable 3d ready projector

    Ok, thanks for the help, and links.
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    Looking into an affordable 3d ready projector

    Awe, c'mon ocellaris you're bringing me down ;) Maybe i should hold off until something more desirable comes around, or maybe just buy one just to see what I'm in for if i decide to get a proper 3d projector down the road. OR, should I forget about 3D all together and just get a decent...
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    Looking into an affordable 3d ready projector

    Ok, thanks for the info. A projector with HDMI 1.4 seems to be pretty rare specimen, i mean it (posted above) can still do other forms of 3d like if i run it through my pc using nvision, which is fine to. I might have to bite my tongue and go with what i was set on.
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    Looking into an affordable 3d ready projector

    So im looking into getting a projector for 3d gaming on my ps3, i was browsing and comparing prices when i stumbled upon THIS PROJECTOR, it seems to serve everything i would want, the reviews are good and it says its 3d ready so i would assume that it would support 3d gaming on the ps3 (with...
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    I feel a lot smarter now

    I'm a big fan of this genre "Kate Walker"
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    How do I losslessly rip a dvd then stream it to my PS3?

    The ps3 does not play mkv's directly, but streaming video via media server will allow mkv playback on the ps3, i've done it using TVersity
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    Super Meat Boy -- Wii?

    CP Team Meat, the developers of the increasingly popular Super Meat Boy has had to cancel the WiiWare version of the game after deciding that it would be "a piece of shit version of Super Meat Boy." "There is no way to avoid the fact that if we released a 40MB version of Super Meat Boy it...
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    Who says console games are more popular than PC: BC2 team actions stats

    Aren't the majority of console gamers also PC gamers, i know i am, so why all the hub-bub? I understand pc vs mac, but not pc vs 360/wii/ps3 I almost see it as, pc vs ipod, or toaster vs dog. Maybe I'm just ignorant.
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    Fallout: New Vegas; PC vs Xbox360

    I got NV for ps3, but since i played F3 on pc, it just seem bleh, I mean its really addicting, but there's really not much to say about the console versions, if you enjoyed F3 than you will probably enjoy NV. Like everyone says, mods are a great thing, not to mention the graphics wont look...
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    Which is better?

    I like to combine all 3 and perform a satanic ritual. ;)
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    Need a headset

    I was actually looking into a pair also, how do like your PX21's so far?, the ratings seem pretty reasonable. Would you recommend? Or did you order online and have not received them yet? Either or, I'm probably gonna get a pair.
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    First look at Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

    Here's some comparison screen shots from uncharted 2 and 3 Click Here
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    First look at Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

    Thank You - I think it may have surpassed God of War 3 In overall look, absolutely stunning. Tho I wouldn't expect anything less from ND.
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    Digital Crack

    Peggle on ipod touch. Not hardcore enough?
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    First look at Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

    Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception - teaser trailer and pics
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    PS3 FFXIII ... kinda surprised

    This thread is making me want to try it out.
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    Burger King - Kinect Prize Pack (3 days left)

    Haha, congrats dude.
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    Gran Turismo

    Here's a review from IGN 8.5/10 Destructoid 10/10
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    Gran Turismo

    wow the lengths people go to bash this game - wait till its out, I've heard nothing but good things, I'm trying to find these negative reviews i keep hearing about, but all i can find is people giving this game praise and saying how beautiful it looks. as for that image, looks like someone...
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    PS3 Eye - Kung-FU Live!

    I've already made a thread about this - Kung Fu Live video demo E3 (for those who have not seen)
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    has anyone here used the SplitFish/Eagle-eye controller or similar? PS3

    Hey that's pretty cool, i never even knew these existed (where the hell was I). I'll have to order it with new Vegas.
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    New Deux Ex : Human Revolution Gameplay Trailer

    better than the first trailer, first one made it look like crap.
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    Post some of your favorite gaming moments!

    Typing a command in Leisure Suit Larry and have him respond.
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    Favorite game to play in bed

    I used to have my tv right across from my bed, so i had no choice. but i guess that would be "ON bed"
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    New PS3 owner - recommendations?

    Metal gear solid 4 Uncharted 1 and 2 Killzone 2 Infamous resistance 2 ratchet and clank tools of destruction and a crack in time God of War 3 - A MUST BUY I would also recommend folklore, but its very hard to get into (throw all your A.D.D away)