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    Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt

    So what the article is saying is that you should not choose any of the degrees in their "top list", unless you plan on doing a graduate degree and/or are already stuck in those degrees. On the other hand, the degrees in their bottom list are some of the best undergraduate degrees. Hell yeah...
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    BitTorrent Throttling Internet Providers Exposed

    Telus Optik ADSL here in BC. No throttling, works good, unmonitored data caps. Feels good man. Unfortunately, it's not delicious synchronous DSL. Damnit 15/1. Shaw throttles a lot though. That's partly why we switched.
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    Speak Out Against Canada’s Anti-Piracy Law! Go here (or click Speak Out Now on the newspost website), find your MP, and fill in the info at the bottom, and hit send! If you have something to add, at least keep it tasteful. Spread the news via Facebook/Twitter/Text...
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    Japanese Researchers Calculate pi To 10 Trillion Digits

    For those of you who are curious... You can even download the first 4 trillion digits, if you'd like.
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Performance Review @ [H]

    I never asked for this review. Game runs good at 1920x1080 on my computer. No more than 40 FPS, but smooth still. For whatever reason, it won't run with FSAA Medium, only High. Disappointed that the game has no orange-lemon lime references, but it does have one skull gun reference.
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    Special Deux Ex Announcement Tomorrow?

    I am speculating one of, or a combination, of three things. 1) Enabling soda machines. Delicious orange soda. 2) Headgun. 3) ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU ICARUS HAS FOUND YOU ICARUS HAS FOUND...
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    Firefox 7 to Use as Much as 50 Percent Less Memory

    Hm. Reading your posts, I realize I don't have it so bad after all, with Opera. I've noticed starting in Opera 11 my RAM usage would sit at about 700MB restarted, with 18 tabs open, one of them Hotmail, and another the Tomato live bandwidth usage monitor. Now, the memory usage doesn't change...
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    New 'Stone-Like' Optical Disc That Lasts Forever?

    Aren't gold CDs just archival grade CDs? I thought this was the point of these STDs anyways, archival. Don't our governments have huge archives filled with tapes and discs? This is simply the next step in archival.
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    Battlefield 3: Paris Multiplayer Gameplay Video

    Paris? More like grenade-fest. It's like infantry-only Karkand, but indoors. AMMO HERE NEED AMMO? AMMO HERE HEY NEED SOME AMMO? AMMO HERE Haven't touched anything made by EA in a long time. I'll continue doing so.
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    Japan Creates More Computerized Pop Stars

    Good thing they chose AKB48 to test this on. Imagine the sample size in any other girl band? It'd be terrible.
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    Mozilla to Add Built-in PDF Viewer to Firefox

    People still use Adobe? You poor fools. Foxit is great.
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    Laptops May Be Seized on Entry to U.S.

    So what you're saying is that if I were to travel to America, on vacation or otherwise, they would have the power to seize my laptop for an indefinite amount of time, and return it (actually, no, they'd just forget about it) at their leisure? What bullshit is this? I'm not saying it'd happen...
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    Tesla Suing Top Gear

    What a strangely appropriate name you've chosen. Nice foresight, bro.
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    iPad 2 Meets Shotgun in Slow Motion

    I'm surprised by the amount of magic smoke in the iPad. At the same time, I guess that explains everything.
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    Crytek Plans Indie-Friendly CryEngine Licensing

    AKA CryEngine 3. Do not want. I was wondering if I'd have to post that. Huge shame that they don't have access to CryEngine 2. At the rate the chaps at MWLL are working, Smith and Tinker won't have a game worth playing (multiplayer wise) by the time the next Mechwarrior comes out...
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    4Chan Founder On Anonymity and Creativity

    ITT: People who don't browse the good boards. Protip: Don't go to the shit boards, and have a blast reading all the great threads, whenever they pop up.
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    Best Earbud Speaker Invention Ever

    Like other posters have said, the driver's going to be too small to sound good, and not being a sound engineer, I don't know how the horns will affect them. Of course, sound quality isn't really an issue for the typical iPod user. Of course, they could make the driver bigger, and then it'd...
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    Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G Sound Card Review @ [H]

    Too much board space for a small difference. It's easier to stick with DSPs if you wanted to do that.
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    Hawken: Mech fans look here

    1) Get Crysis Wars 2) 3) ??? 4) pewpewpewpewpew I love the cyberpunk feel the game's got though. With a trailer like that though, they ought to be picking up some talent soon. An animator would be nice.
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    Cheap, Ultrafast Broadband? Hong Kong Has It

    You know what? I'll pay for the internet. I'll pay for two internets. You pay for the house.
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    Apple Gets Cocky About iPad 2

    Heh. My professor uses one. I've seen a couple floating around in the hands of hipsters too. As far as I'm concerned, the iPad and other tablet (more like slate) format devices are little more than toys and upsized phones minus the phone.
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    Lenovo Thinkpad U260 Core i3 12.5-in Notebook

    A netbook is not going to match a X201 in performance no matter what you think, and simply because people release things you don't buy doesn't mean there's no market for them. I, for one, would not mind owning a X201. Between the battery life and the bombproof chassis, the thing really is worth...
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    AMD Appoints Henry Chow to Board of Directors

    dowantdowantdowant Unfortunately, AMD would either go bankrupt, then come back in 5 years, or turn into a global monopoly within 6 months.
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB Performance Review @ [H]

    Wasn't it said the 6950 1GB would not be able to flash to 6970 specs due to changes on the board? Is this still true, or did the change to 1GB already make the card unable to flash up to the 6970?
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    Opera Notches 100 Million Mobile Users

    On mobile, Opera Mobile is the way to go if your platform supports it (S60, WinMo). Opera Mini pales in comparison. Mobile handles Java nicely enough, for a mobile browser, and handles in touch screen phones nicely as well. On desktop, Opera's been my choice since 9.6. Fully featured and...
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    Computer Security = Guns, Lots of Guns

    They sure are. I'm just surprised nobody went into the merits of Stax headphones or electrostats or something. Maybe it'd just end up with me talking to myself.
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    Computer Security = Guns, Lots of Guns

    HardOCP, I am disappoint. The guy's clearly Japanese, as you can tell by a) the Japanese Yahoo page, and b) the disgustingly large collection of airsoft and replicas. Also, I'll say what I said yesterday when I saw this on /k/: That's a clusterfuck of mice and keyboards. That desk is not...
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    CES 2011: The Booth Babes

    Hands up if you didn't click on a single one.
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    Man Rigs Package With Car Alarm To Catch Thief

    Props for doing this and everything, but did you think it through? I'd have put a model head in there, with a helmet designed like the ones from the Imperial Guard in TES Oblivion. Open that sucker up? BAM! STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!
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    Opera 11.00 Release Candidate 1

    Finally, I can update from Beta. Some of the quirks with tab stacking were annoying me, but overall worked perfectly.
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    WTB: S478 P4 3.06

    All S478 Northwood Cs had hyperthreading, although they ran at FSB800 not 533. You could probably find one of those fairly easily; we've got a 2.6C, but you can't have it.
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    Consoles Are Holding PC Games Back

    Great words, from the company that is making Crysis 2 using a dumbed down CryEngine 2.
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    Canadian Forces Orders 500 Video Games

    Oh great. So now our highlanders will be all like "FOR QUEEN AND COONTRAY", and then smack Timmy in the head. While Timmy is standing there dazed, an omnipresent voice will shout out "FINISH HIM" and the highlanders will perform the regimental FATALITY. Then they'll go to Tim Horton's...
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    Turkey Lifts Its Ban on YouTube

    That Mustafa Kemal Ataturk? No wonder they banned Youtube.
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    Google Tightening Privacy Leash on Employees

    "I do." -Samuel Vimes
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    Intel Updates Mobile Processors, Pricing

    Oh look. More ULV processors. That must mean Intel has stock of them again, which means I might just get my hands on a X201s. Not holding my breath though. Knowing Intel, they're probably designed for a different socket.
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    Woman Breaks Text Message Record

    18 here, around the same speed. Took me a few tries to get around the funny genus words, however. I could probably do it faster once my fingers are warmed up though.
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    Intel Survey Points to "Hourglass Outrage"

    Come now, my brothers, and let us not ridicule the common man for being so frustrated with his computer for being slow. Surely you've had your moments as well? What about SSD users? "WHAT? 15 SECOND BOOT TIME? IT WAS 14 LAST WEEK! I CAN'T STAND THIS CRAP NO MORE!" Or overclockers? "18...
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    Presenting the Stalking Wheelchair

    I don't believe it's a matter of whether the home can afford the chairs (although that can be the case as well), but that the Japanese don't have enough people to draw their workforce from to work in the nursing homes.
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    Gaming microphone for use with ATH A700's

    The Zalman works perfectly on the A700, but you may need a way to raise the cable, and thus the mic, to mouth level for optimal performance.