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    Upgrade from X2 3800+

    That's what I figured. Thanks for all your help guys. Sandybridge here I come! :p
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    Upgrade from X2 3800+

    Asus M2N-CM matx X2 3800+ 4GB of Corsair DDR2 Samsung SATA 7200 drive Currently running the onboard graphics but I've been given a Gigabyte GTX 560Ti It doesn't appear that my board will handle AM3 CPUs and if I'm gonna go mobo+cpu+all I might as well go SB?
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    Upgrade from X2 3800+

    I guess if Bulldozer isn't out till the summer, and it's not worth just chucking a new chip in...then Sandybridge is the way to go.
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    Upgrade from X2 3800+

    I'm not really on a budget. I just tend to do these things in stages :p So my AM2 board will support AM3 chips? If it needs a BIOS flash then so be it. If so then the 640 looks quite reasonable (I'm UK btw so the newegg links don't mean a lot to me!).
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    Upgrade from X2 3800+

    I want to upgrade my CPU from the above (to some triple / quad goodness) but don't know what my board can handle. Board is an Asus M2N-CM matx that I want to keep for now. What's the best proc it can run? Can I trust...
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    CD burner only burning at 2x

    The channel is set to DMA if available. The burner is in DMA mode and the slave DVD drive is in Ultra DMA mode.
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    CD burner only burning at 2x

    Since I've put my 12x burner in a new machine, Nero refuses to burn at full speed. It just says "Can only write at 2x instead of 12x to current disc". I know it's not the media or Nero cos I used both in my old machine. I'm thinking maybe it's the IDE cable but I've swapped it out with others...
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    Just for fun, what was your first PC?

    Amstrad PC1640 8086 640K Two 5 1/4 floppies DOS We later got another one identical except it had a 20MB hard disk. Still got the one with the hard disk and salvaged one of the floppy drives out of the older one. 2500+ Barton now :D
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    Recording formats

    I've just acquired a PVR250 and I'm trying out the different capture formats. What do you guys record in? MPEG1 VCD? 2MB/S MPEG2? SVCD? I'm looking to record and archive to CDR. Trying to get a good balance between quality and file size since I don't have the largest HDD in the world. Cheers
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    What is everybody playing right now?

    Raven Shield - Co-op only UT2K4 - all modes Colin McRae 04 Atomic Bomberman - With gf on LAN :D
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    What did you buy while the forum was down?

    A7N8X-E DLX 2500+ 9600XT 2x256 Corsair WD 80GB 8MB Sonata UT2004 Raven Shield Canon A75
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    Anyone see any problems with this?

    2500+ Barton Zalman 7000Cu Asus A7n8x-E Deluxe 2x 256MB Corsair PC3200 Saphire 9600XT 128MB WD 60GB 8MB cache Antec Sonata with Antec PSU(already got) I've got monitors, opticals, kb , mouse etc. Is there anything glaringly wrong with this? I'm particularly wondering about the...
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    Streaming Video

    I'm looking for some software that will enable me to broadcast low bitrate streaming video. I've looked around the MS Windows Media site but i'm not sure what to get. I want something that uses WMP but is relatively version independent (I use 6.4, clients wil use allsorts!). Basically I...
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    REQ: Movie editing

    For editting I use Adobe Premiere. Other than that, Virtualdub for basic chopping and encoding.
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    Show off your best pics!

    Not really my best, but some intersting ones:
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    Best Quality K/B

    I use one at work and love it. I seem to be much more accurate when using it than with any other keyboard. Good positive action and indestructible!
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    Good Bittorent Client??

    Another vote for Burst!