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    Blew my third 1100T

    He doesn't even compare to kyle's record with t-birds. but you are all too young to even remember that!
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    Xbox 720 will have 'graphics like Avatar' - AMD

    lol. they are going to build the thing to be handicapped from the start in order to maximize profits. I am not expecting much at all from the next generation of consoles. The kind of hardware that they put into those things is an insult.
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    Steam - Ubisoft Week - May 23->30

    farcry 2 has nice graphics and good aesthetics, but I don't remember it bringing my rig to its knees in the same way as say crysis. the game is a total turd. Its nothing like farcry. All you do is drive/run through africa and run into the same respawning dudes at checkpoints over and over...
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    Star Wars TOR for first MMORPG?

    you like bioware games and haven't played KOTOR? play that first before you bother getting into a MMO :p
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    First time playing Zelda:TP... am I alone in thinking it's terrible?

    the first several hours are boring, the rest of the game is excellent.
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    Possible to stretch 4:3 netflix content on PS3?

    the OP makes me sad :(
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    Anyone still playing EVE?

    finally let my subs lapse. don't see myself returning anytime soon... it's just not the same game at all. basically everyone I ever knew that played has quit the game... basically everything we ever did is no longer viable or just no longer the same. perhaps the final nail in the coffin was...
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    The Portal 2 Pre-release Thread - Now Decrypting!

    I got the first one when I bought the orange box on sale... never finished it. A puzzle, oh hey look another puzzle! Do you ever get to even kill anything? :p
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    SSF4 Disabled Gamer, just incredible..

    does handiman post here? wonder if he has tried this method.
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    Rift: Planes of Telara... looking good! (MMORPG)

    lol I don't play this sort of game but sad that gold farming is already a problem. rmt destroys games.
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    New Deus Ex 3 gameplay vid: thoughts?

    looks like crap so far, but whether it is a good game or not will depend on the story and atmosphere... I doubt it will be as deep as the original.
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    Buy Street Fighter 4 to help the people of Japan

    Most "gamers" these days are not PC gamers. Not even console gamers. They are either playing farmville(which is worth like $6b because of people buying lawn gnomes) or playing some cell phone game.
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    Why is the name EA so tainted?

    because they think it is a good idea to buy wildly successful game studios and start tinkering with them.
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    Homefront - March 2011

    what a joke that they try to call it a "large scale warfare game"... With 32 players.... large. yeah right. Someone has never played planetside. Unless we are talking about several hundred or more players all fighting over the same objective it is not large scale. Heck I think there used...
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    LG 42LD520 42" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV $499 w/ FREE SHIPPING

    If you buy a LG TV make sure that its an ips panel... My LG LE325400 is pretty much the best 32" TV I have ever seen. But it is the IPS version. The tv's with VA panels are complete junk and not worth buying.
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    Northbridge overclocking?

    Thanks for the info, but if I set the HT link to 10x, it sets the NB multiplier to 10x regardless of what setting I try to use in the bios. so far this bios has not allowed me to set each one independently and accept each one. It did on the older version. Previously I had the HT link set at...
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    Northbridge overclocking?

    thanks for the suggestion. HT link speed seems to be defaulting to 2600mhz. Want it to be lower than that? Tried setting it manually to 2.6 from auto and no joy. Clearing cmos not so fun. ht link 2.4ghz seems to allow me to change the nb multiplier... However I guess you may be right about it...
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    new PAX; StarWars ToR GAMEPLAY vids

    Looks like it would be a great single player game.
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    [H] Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Information Thread

    is tor really expected to be released that soon? I thought it was being delayed towards the end of the year.
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    Northbridge overclocking?

    I am using a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H rev 1.1 w/ and just dropped in a shiny new 1090T. Previously I was using an old Phenom I X4 9850 and could achieve stable 2200mhz nb speed. Now I am using a new bios to support the newer cpu and the options are a little different. I have tried setting...
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    Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600 $85 @Newegg w/promo code

    wow. I might buy 2 of those kits and a new mobo if I could
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    Why doesn't Nvidia make games?

    I just took a huge crap. Why don't I become a chef?
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    Any Eve Online "Scroll of Res" type of deal?

    creating a trial account for the purposes of filing a petition about another account is not exactly the same thing :p
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    Any Eve Online "Scroll of Res" type of deal?

    can't you just send in a petition through the web site to ask for reactivation to buy a plex?
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    Win XP Pro randomly reboots for no reason at all

    first you need to make sure the option to automatically restart is disabled...
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    Which Phenom II?

    Well I got my 1090T. Amazon did a terrible job of packaging it. Box was dented right where the cpu is. The chip seems fine, though. Problem is that the stock cpu fan seems to basically be the loudest fan I have ever heard. and I used to have a very loud delta cpu fan and a extra loud oversized...
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    Available DX11 games

    better how? gameplay? story? and this is based on what? playing a single chapter and not the entire game? also different people like the original game for different reasons.
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    Dead Space 2 - thoughts, opinions?

    so is the multiplayer any good in this game?
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    Must watch video about MMO's; Documentary “Gamers”

    orks and dorks = totally gay and will destroy your life and eat your soul... I know people that have dropped out of school/quit their jobs to play orks and dorks. Also a girl that abandoned her child and stopped taking care of him so she could sit and play orks and dorks 24/7. Ended up leaving...
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    Which Phenom II?

    yeah I will definitely be OCing. H50 a good fit in the P180 case?
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    Which Phenom II?

    well I guess I will just order the 1090T and hope for the best :) mobo and PSU should be able to accept it. free amazon prime membership(they are giving another round of free memberships) +27$ gift card I got from putting a bunch of change into a coinstar machine = processor will be on my...
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    Which Phenom II?

    I don't know whether I would consider FSB overclocking the old school way. Both have been around for ages. But besides the price, the unlocked multiplier is definitely the big plus for amd to me. Having an unlocked multiplier or being able to unlock it sure makes overclocking much more of a...
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    AMD - 5GHz

    WTB: gills
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    Which Phenom II?

    I recently have been doing a little more gaming and some games are slightly slower than I would like. I currently have Phenom X4 9850 BE @ 2.8ghz(might be able to go higher with a better cooler though) Gigabyte GA-MA78M-S2H mobo 4GB Kingston hyperx ddr2 PCP&C Silencer psu(can't remember how...
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    AMD - 5GHz

    Isn't it kind of hard to use your computer under water though? ;)
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    The future of S3D gaming, is it really a fad?

    I did stereoscopic gaming back in the 90's. Was fun but not much interest/support. Would not be surprised if it disappeared again. I would be interested if it was 100% solid/supported/no hassle That's what we said in 1997.
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    Upgrading fail

    that is damn nice. Just changed my upgrade plans & timetable significantly. I need to get an AM3 phenom II but no idea which one, at least I know I can afford it.
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    Upgrading fail

    wait... you can drop an AM3 cpu into some AM2+ setups? Doesn't the integrated memory controller on the AM3 only support DDR3 and not DDR2?
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    How much will a PCI card restrict performance?

    wow I am really amazed that you can still even get a PCI video card. Got any ISA slots? ;p