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    wow help

    It's up and working now. The problem I had was as soon as the maintenance was complete, I got in right away and it set me in Test 17... Everytime thereafter I got to the same point you did and it just locked up/disconnected. When it says connected, click cancel and it will re-assign what Test...
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    Please help me to prove me parents wrong

    If you are a pro, what the hell are you doing on here asking for help for?
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    DOOM 3 is too scary for me

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    Anyone familiar with this Cooler Master Case?

    Looks just like an Antec 1030/1040 series case.
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    A Question of Degrees - BS in CS, IS (ISFM)

    Look into .NET programming.
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    Need help with a drag and drop CD.

    Thanks I will give it a shot.
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    Need help with a drag and drop CD.

    My friend burned some information to a CD via a CD Burning Program that formats the CD and then you can just drag and drop files onto the drive. Her hard drive crashed and she doesn't know the burning program and as far as I can tell you can't read any data off the CD. I can see that it is...
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    Server site?

    Looks like you might want to use Google.
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    Recommend me a good router?

    $54 is too much for a router? That's pocket change. Get a Hub then, way cheaper. You don't really need any intelligent routing with 2 computers. :D
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    Recommend me a good router?

    I use Linksys. Just get a small 4 port one or even a wireless G unit. Most any router is decent for your situation. Even a Hub could be used with just 2 computers, but routers are more fun and intelligent. ;) Here are 6 routers from Linksys you can look at...
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    Map a drive and make sure you select use a different username and password (You do this in Explorer.) and you shouldn't run into a problem. Or in net use do this: "net use q: \\netshare\share password /USER:domain\username"
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    Far Cry Multiplayer

    Me 2. TFC used to own my night life.
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    Adware problem

    1.) Use Mozilla Firefox 2.) Search your registry for that URL. It "should" be in there and you can replace it with what you want. If you find it and change it in your registry and then it comes back again, refer to #1. My .02 flav3rsav3r
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    Vivendi are not being smart by holding release of HALFLIFE2

    Do you need help removing that stick?
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    Question about writing a batch file

    A batch file will resume after each task, but for more power and flexibility you may try using winscript (Windows Scripting Files) instead.
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    Default Password List inside.

    Thank you! :D
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    Arrests for Half-Life code.

    @myself Edit: Using IMAP to Outlook you actually do get some extra functionality that previously had stated you don't get. I still don't see the Calender though, although I did get my contacts going. @Defc0n 6 Right click in the pane where your messages are. You will get a customize...
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    Arrests for Half-Life code.

    After playing with the program a bit I have noticed a couple of big things. It doesn't support half of anything in Outlook. No meetings/appointments I can't group my inbox to group per sender (i.e. if I have 30 emails from Mr. Smith I can't make it show 1 line with his name and click to expand...
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    Can't download the F.E.A.R. movies from Gamespot

    Downloaded fine for me!
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    Arrests for Half-Life code.

    Thunderbird looks good, I am going to give it a shot.
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    Personal Site..not trying to advertise

    It occured to me during my visit to this thread that there should be a "Sticky" on where you should start as a beginner before you just throw your site up in lieu of people giving non-constructive criticism. There were quite a few instances that I felt are highly regarded tips to a n00b to web...
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    How to find out how many computers on the network

    Why don't you walk up stairs and bitch slap him? Why fight him over the wire when he's 50 feet away? :D
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    Active Directory - Need Help

    The box is local and it is AD. I was just using old lingo because I am used to saying PDC/BDC... but they are not. :) Thanks!!
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    Active Directory - Need Help

    Problem solved, Senior Network Admin was out of town just got a hold of him. We had recently moved to behind a PIX and he changed what I thought was the PDC to a BDC. Our PDC will propogate to the BDC's but not backwards. He forgot to send out the email. (Or this is the story I got) Thanks...
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    Active Directory - Need Help

    Trech, Thanks for the inffo. No restore has been done in the last year, so I think we are ok there. Time Syncs are good. Weird.
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    Active Directory - Need Help

    What is a non-authorative restore?
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    Active Directory - Need Help

    PDC is the primary, SDC is the exchange server and backup for Active Directory. The object I am changing is a contact. I went to SDC where the Exchange is and changed it there and it kept the changes and updated PDC. However, I still believe it should work in reverse as well.
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    Active Directory - Need Help

    I don't know if this belongs under Network or OS... but I will try here first. On our PDC server when I change information in an existing user, click apply then ok... the information changes and then about 15 seconds later reverts back to the old information. Any ideas why that might...
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    Old School Gaming (Issues #1-9)

    Does anybody remember that digitized voice from Sound Blaster... Dr.Sbaitzo (SP?) LOL... Good Times...
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    farcry cheat

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    comcast has the worlds slowest DNS

    ipconfig /flushdns ???
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    trouble setting up network

    Are they in the same WorkGroup? Can you ping each others IP? Do you have a Domain Setup?
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    FarCry - Fish Baseball, anyone?

    What program do you use to capture the video of the game? Thanks Mike
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    2 new Half Life 2 videos released

    I would rather it be delayed a year and come out correctly, than them meet a deadline and produce it with bugs like a lot of other shitty games. My .02
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    Post your speed

    2004-04-03 09:37:54 EST: 3351 / 238 Your download speed : 3431815 bps, or 3351 kbps. A 418.9 KB/sec transfer rate. Your upload speed : 244140 bps, or 238 kbps. Comcast Cable
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    Windows Server2000 - Major Problem!

    For those interetested: We did have a backup of everything, found out what the problem was too. The last reboot in November, the disk array went faulty and everything was being written to memory but not passed to disk. We exchanged the bad disk and everything looks good and is back to normal.
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    Windows Server2000 - Major Problem!

    Our development team requested a reboot on a webserver that had been running for 6 months (roughly) (11/23) to be exact. The machine was rebooted and when the OS loaded, all data, event logs, sql databases, etc. all reverted to 11/23. There are no event logs, sys logs, anything since 11/23 to...