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    I hate Intel but..

    Holy crap you actually clicked on the link lol.
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    Core i9 on Ebay

    If anything Intel expects this. This is pretty much free advertisement and publicity for them.
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    FS: CaliGirl's For Sale Thread...Updated Often

    Teknic runs a little bit smaller than other brands and it's STILL big for you? You must have tiny tiny hands lol! Bump!
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    FS:Q6600/X38 Mobo/4GB DDR2 Combo

    Hmmm...paycheck comes this Friday...if it's still here then I'll buy!
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    [FS] - Water Cooling & PC Hardware Sale

    Damn, super interested in your test bench setup. PM me a package price for the i7, mobo, and a set of ram?
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    FS: HD TV Tuning kit: Hauppauge HVR-1600, BeyondTV, HD antenna! Great for a HTPC!

    Bro it's gunna be hard to sell that HVR card @ $80 as retail for this item brand new is $79.99. Just a heads up...
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    TRADE: My Wii for PC Parts

    Free bump for an honest man about mod attempt.
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    FS: X1900XT 512MB, PCI-e

    Bump because your description cracks me up. Oral sex <-- LOL! 7-300 business days <-- ROFL!
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    Free Stuff!!

    I'm not sure of model and specs. I got them as gifts from my uncle but never installed them. Cases are Aspire Superalien Green and a no-name server case. The server case is pretty dang big. Its as big, if not bigger than the original CM Stacker.
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    Free Stuff!!

    On the curb of Fairfax, Virginia. My dad cleaned the garage and decided to throw out all my junks. =\ If interested, PM me for address. Trash truck will come pick it up on Tuesday! Stuff includes: Semi-complete computers (missin cpu/ram/gfx). Basketballs. Bicycle helmets. Bicycle...
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    WTB: Guitar Hero Controllers.

    I need 2 Guitar Hero controllers for the 360. Include shipping charges in your offer please!
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    FS: Huge Xbox 360 Package, Games, HD DVD, Wireless

    Ill take the wireless controller and the exra battery. PM me!
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    FS/FT: Premium 360 Bundle w/ loads of accesories and 6 games

    I'll take Guitar Hero and Crackdown!!
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    I just bought a VGA cable for my 360. I pluggd itin the VGA port and its actually worse than component. It's blurry and colors are very very washed out. Is it my TV?
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    FS: ILO 27" LCD HDTV!

    Is the cat for sale? Bump for ya.
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    WTB: Westinghouse LVM-37w3 37" 1080p LCD

    Where are you located? I'm looking to upgrade to a 42 or 47 model.
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    FS: Wii + 2nd Remote + Games

    Will you part? I'm interested in Metal Slug.
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    X800XL issues at 1080p with GP1U

    I don't think a X800XL can handle 1080P. I tried playing a 1080P video clip on my computer and I got like 4fps.
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    WTB: CPU Plastic Clamshell

    Just go to an arts and craft store like Michaels and buy some foams. Clamp the cpu in between and the pins wont be bent during shipment. My 2 cents.
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    PirateBay Hacked

    Wow. That sucks.
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    FS: ATI Radeon X1950XTX $220.00

    Wow good price. Should be gone by now.
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    Buy (most of) my computer

    Bump for a fellow GenMay.
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    FS: Ipod Nano & Other stuff

    Ill take the iPod if the deal does not go through.
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    For Sale For Trade XBOX 360 package

    Ill buy Dead Rising off your hand. Been wanting that game for a while.
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    WTB: XBOX 360 Game

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    WTB: XBOX 360 Game

    Bump. I would like Dead Rising.
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    WTB: XBOX 360 Game

    I have $27 in paypal. Shoot me some offers.
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    4gb iPod Nano, w/ More

    Might be interested. /subscribed.
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    yate loon fans - buy 2 get one free (+5 shipping flat rate) and free grill w/led

    Took them a month to process and ship mine. I had to send them a gazillion emails to push them.
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    Seven 7 for All Mankind-Mens Jeans- Size 33 + free stuff

    Haha. True. You get what you paid for.
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    FS: XBOX360 HD-DVD Player, HD-DVDs and Games

    Dibs on Dead Rising? PM me if you decide to part.
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    Nice minimalistic 1920x1080 wallpaper?

    They do not h ave 1920x1080. =[ They have 1920x1200. I tried some of the wallpapers out and it looked either stretched out, or scrunched in. ...and I'm horrible at photoshop to even try to make the right resolution.
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    Nice minimalistic 1920x1080 wallpaper?

    You guys got any links? Looking for some for my Westy 37W3.
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    Anyone have pics of Westinghouse 37" LCD??

    How come you guys have the "freeze" feature on yours and I don't? I have the last firmware on the 37w3. 1.0 I believe.
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    FS: 16 Wii / Gamecube games for sale!

    Thanks. Bump for you. Very professional seller.
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    XBOX 360 COD2 20$ shipped

    I'll take it if it's not sold.