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    Bleeding air bubbles

    That would not work well for water, it is too thin. You would need to pull the water out faster then the pump for the system to even have a chance.
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    Best CPU's of all time?

    2600K and 8700K because it was a good jump from what was before and it was a long time to it being irrelevant. 13600K might be, but we will have to see if it has legs.
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    Pixel 8 / Pixel 8 Pro

    The screen looks like it holds smudges to much. I would think they tried to clean it and were not successful.
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    Intel may have found the solution to Nvidia’s melting GPUs

    Simple solution. Plug it in completely.
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    MSI Also Working on Motherboard With Connectors on the Reverse Side

    This is cool but it is the PCIE power for the GPU card that is the most obnoxious.
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    How do you know if an SSD is "DRAM-Less"?

    Mostly by doing some research and reading reviews/ Watching video reviews. And hope that the manufacturer has not made changes to the product since those reviews. You could make it easier for people to answer your questions quickly by putting the product name in your list instead of just...
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    Microsoft's ChatGPT powered Bing Search Suffers Mental Breakdown

    I think not, therefore I am not.
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    Are these gadgets GPUs or Graphics Cards?

    Have a Coke and relax.
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Sounds like you would benifit from just cleaning your plugs and sockets with some IPA. If this doesn't solve it then look further. Yes, they are different. Spend some time reading though this thread.
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    Ridge Wallet 15% off

    Still sporting the Velcro Vans trifold wallet. Works great to carry everything including cash.
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    Best UPS for 850 watt power supply?

    Don't buy a new one. Look for one with dead batteries for next to nothing and replace the dead batteries with lithium batteries. They will last years longer and you can get more run time out of the same size battery.
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading? Here you go.
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    5800X3D (dead)

    I've had this happen at the end of the day where they need to show they made the delivery to show they finished there day. I have had it actually in my mailbox late in the evening after there are supposed to have stopped working. Other times it would be there the next day.
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    Yes, I'm having that issue with videos. It is not on all of them, and I thought it was new Instagram fad. It looks terrible. I use google maps and share location with family and I don't like that google always has a text bubble on the screen asking me to give it more permissions for some other...
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    need a motherboard for testing newer NVMe drives such as MTFDHAL3T2TDR-1AT1ZABYY, and MZQLB1T9HAJR-00007.

    Anything intel 4th gen and beyond. You could get a refurb dell for under $200 to put that card in.
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    EVGA 1000 P2 PSU @ EVGA $169.99, usually $329

    Not sure I will ever need one with that much juice, but the price is so good for such a good product it is hard not to buy one just in case I need it someday and we have another power supply shortage. Just think of all the GPUs I could have bought before and didn't because, the price will drop...
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    How often do you replace power supply?

    When it is time to get rid of the molex connectors.
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    Nvidia's GeForce GPU shortage isn't improving anytime soon...or later.

    I was thinking to put mine back in, but I took it out a couple years ago because I could not find drivers to keep my system happy back then. Please tell where are you finding safe current drivers to download?
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    New To mining.. who wants to help

    That's the biggest issue with all this crypto. We are killing the planet to make fake money to grow the communist party and terrorists.
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    Is Windows 10 20H2 the worst windows yet?

    Many machines, all different configurations of hardware. Check for updates and install a couple times a month so it doesn't come up while I'm in the middle of something. No issues.
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    Which Air Cooler would you pick for the price Ryzen 5 5600X?

    The largest one that will fit in the case you are using regardless of what processor you are using.
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    Who is still heavily using optical media ?

    Still using floppies. I love having many boxes of them with sequenced for backups.
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    Will AMD Ever Beat Intel in Single Threaded Performance?

    Who is going to buy the Intel product when they switch to 7nm and they are slower then there 14+++++++++++++. They are going to need to come up with something to make us want there products (need to update).
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    General Use Computer - Non Gaming - Pondering

    Asrock Deskmini 300 with a 3400G and L7A cooler. I think a larger fan will fit on it in that little case. I will find out soon. I have two of them and they work great, even for light games if the need arises. I like that they start and ready to rock in about 10 seconds.
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    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone

    You do act like a baby when you even think you might be hearing the word no. I don't want to take your game away, so please don't be triggered. I do say that micro transactions should be banned, they are only in place to entice people to make small purchases that seem innocuous but add up to...
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    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone

    Thank you for throwing out insults. I mistakenly thought this was a forum where one could comment with there opinion. I have been doing what you have suggested for years. I am not playing or buying any of these games. I will let you have the pool back and you can splash around all you want.
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    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone

    No, I want to ban micro transactions and any other in game purchases. They ruined game play for me and have caused another generation to not even understand the draw of the game, only the draw of "oh, what else can I buy"
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    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone

    I wish it was that simple, but the kids don't understand that. They watch others playing and how "cool" it is to have this or that and feel the pressure just like real life to have the latest whatever. My daughter is always asking for Roblox Robucks? I havn't given in yet, but I just don't see...
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    Bestbuy price matching confused by product sku though same product?

    This has been a common practice for decades. Circuit City used to do this with speakers. The model number would be just a little different for the same product. Watch close and you will see it with TV at many different retailers.
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    4k gaming is Dumb

    Anytging over 60 fpsa is also dumb
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    After 25 Years, Military Told to Move From Expendable to Reusable Rockets

    This lower cost is false. They are eating the costs right now to push an agenda and we are swallowing. It costs more to reuse then to build a new one.
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    Kodi Boxes "Threaten to Undermine" UK Copyright Infringement Efforts

    I used to download everything from KAT, but once that shut down I haven't had any luck finding a new torrent site that wasn't full of traps. The streamers have trap content to but I never fall for that and just click down to the next source.
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    Adding a 8 pin adapter for more GPUs?

    Don't use the SATA to 8 pin from frys. They are not weird right. They kept shutting down my system until I took some measurements and found them with a 5 volt line that should be 12 and ground to only one pin.
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    More Video Games Cause Violence BS

    This is nothing new. Before video games it was D&D.