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    I can't boot

    It won't detect the CD in the drive.
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    I can't boot

    Problem description: The system is unable to find the boot device Attempted fixes: Resetting NVRAM, Resetting PMU, Option Booting, "x" booting Recent changes: Harddrives died, replaced both. System specs: Dual 2Ghz G5 PowerMac Revision 2, 6GB RAM, many graphics cards installed Operating...
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    Exceeding 1M SATA 3.0Gbit/s?

    I'm in a situation where I'm considering using a few cables to make a series about 1.254M long (10in past spec) I can't find anything online where someone has actually experimented with this. Does anyone have any idea what will happen? Is this long enough to cause problems? What sort of...
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    New build, two questions

    The dual PCIE slots and price originally attracted me to it, but I'll take a look at the boards you mentioned, thanks. The GA-EX38-DS4 looks to be in my price range and feature set. I'm going to end up buying a greater than 42" LCD TV running at 1080P. I currently have no idea what graphics...
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    New build, two questions

    I'm building a new computer for myself and I'm a bit confused on a few topics. I'm planning on getting a Q6600 which as I understand it is a 64 bit processor. I was thinking of getting Asus P5W DH deluxe for my motherboard, but I'm a little retarded and can't tell if it supports 64 bit. I went...
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    Is this the right case for me? CM Stacker

    I'm planning out a new NAS box and I'm having a hell of a time finding an appropriate case for it. I need an ATX case with at least 9x5.25" external bays, but the more the better. Some relevant information: I'll be using a couple SATA Hotswap backplanes (Will take 8x5.25" Slots) with at least...
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    Adding two gigantic numbers [C++]

    I have two text files, they all have 0.[alot of numbers]. I need to add these two numbers. I don't have a good idea how to do this. I can think of a way to do it really inefficiently, but it won't do. I was thinking that I could load the files into an array, every 4 or so numbers would be a...
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    Adding a 2nd video card

    I am looking to add a Radeon 7000 Mac Edition to my PowerMac G5 but I am not sure if it will work correctly. If I add a 7000, will my primary video card loose any performance? Will it disable some features to match the 2nd one? I know I am pretty poorly worded, so go ahead and ask for...
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    Remote Administration

    With RemoteDesktop you can push packages down to each client. If you wanted a free solution, you could create a shell script to ssh into each box (Set up keys, then you won't need password auth) and do a softwareupdate -ia or something similar
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    web server on a G4?

    Server will probably run fine, my buddy runs a low traffic server off a 400 something MHz G4. If you can afford Server 10Client, get it. It makes administration a breeze (Most of the time)
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    Sharing a drive over the network

    Its is not a beautiful answer, but maybe create a hardlink to the root of the disk in a volume that shows up when connecting? I know there was a way to change mount points in NetInfo, but I cannot remember it off the top of my head. I will look around
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    Major issue with Powermac G5

    If your warranty is still good, call Apple and explain what is happening. If you don't we can try some more stuff online edit: Do your fans run up before it goes to sleep? Check your logs, looking for something like "Thermal Runaway", or "Thermal Manager". If your logs do say something...
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    Major issue with Powermac G5

    What model PowerMac? E: Do you have any expansion cards? Do you have the latest firmware? Not sure if you are running tiger but,
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    Mac Mini OS...

    If you buy it new from Apple, it will come with tiger
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    quicktime 7.1

    7.1? Do you mean 7.0.1? I can't seem to find 7.1 on Apple's site edit: You must have, 7.0.1 is a security patch, I believe edit2:
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    Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Bluetooth Mouse?

    I used my virst version (I don't know if there was a 2nd, but I got mine right when it came out) mouse on my mac, and it was not very good. Poor jittery tracking, none of the extra buttons worked. It might have gotten better, but when I used mine it was awful.
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    Is there a way to search for a file by its name in 10.4?

    Open Terminal, run this command locate (filename) if that does not work, run this sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb then when that is done, run the locate command
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    Unruly Powermac G5

    See: for information about PRAM.
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    I won an 1GB iPod Shuffle

    So at my local CompUSA they had a drawing for this 1GB shuffle for their Tiger thing on the 29th, I entered and won :D I already have a 60GB iPod Photo, my dad a 40GB, and my sister has a 20GB, so I'll end up giving it to my friend's girlfriend who wants an iPod.
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    Other PowerMac G5 owners, question

    I am having the problem with the buzzing noise coming from my headphones. I have read about the Ground Loop problem with the G5s, and I am wondering how well the ground loop isolators work. Should I get the Radio Shack one linked to by Apple? Is it any good?
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    Mac veeeerrrrry slow

    These threads piss me off :mad:. IT IS SLOW BECAUSE IT IS A MAC :rolleyes: I agree with TH3F4T4LON3, something must be messed up on your end. To see how much CPU it is using, do this: Open Terminal in /Applications/Utilities and type "top -uw" Ctrl C when you are done. You are...
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    post up your tiger experience

    More Tiger Server fun It ships with fucked up DNS records, making not reverse lookup to localhost. Took me a few days to track that one down :rolleyes:
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    Post your Mac setups

    My desk is far too messy to see anything, its all buried under stuff.
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    .mac and other forms of syncing

    I have 10.4 Server, there are some quite cool features with it. Like my entire home directory on my G5 is automaticly synced to my PowerBook :cool:
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    post up your tiger experience

    A long time. There is no beta yet
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    mysql + php question

    I have a script which I had working at one point, but I upgraded MySQL now I am getting this error Could not connect : Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client I have read that I can add oldpassword to the my.ini file, but is there...
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    post up your tiger experience

    Server has been an absolute nightmare so far. Don't have time to go into it, but I do have this advice. Do not put Tiger Server in to production yet
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    Tiger Install Problems

    Wait, are you installing from a diskimage from within 10.3? If so, that won't work, burn it to a DVD. Edit: For the MD5, are you using the GM?
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    Stock specs are never good enough...Modders post your upgrades.

    Ah, E-Penis waving thread, I am in. Original Config Power Mac G5 PowerPC 970 (2.2) Number Of CPUs: 2 CPU Speed: 2 GHz 512MB DDR400 152.7 GB HDD PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D Radeon 9700 or some crap Upgrade Power Mac G5 PowerPC 970 (2.2) Number Of CPUs: 2 CPU Speed: 2 GHz 2,560MB...
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    Booting from iPod as external drive?

    You have the GM? :mad: It is not posted to Dev Connection yet Anyway, are you option-booting the computer, or how are you trying to boot it?
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    [BREAKING]new apple powermac g5[BRACKET][56k go use a pc]

    Are you serious? Or is my sarcasm detector broken?
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    Idea: Automatically remove [img] tags when quoting

    I have seen this on other forums, and loved it. Another vote!
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    Math programs?

    Open-source? I don't know. But, Apple's new 10.4 (released in a few days), has a built in graphing utility. I can't give you any specifics of what it can do (NDA), but definitely check it out when Tiger is released.
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    iTunes Music Purchase Error

    You said you checked the permissions, did you just do a get info and verify them or did you run diskutility? You should run Repair Permissions in disk utility..... Open Disk Utility, located in Applications/Utilities, and select the disk in the left column. Click First Aid. Click Repair...
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    ethereal & x11

    Try this first: sudo /sw/bin/ethereal or the more ugly way: sudo chmod 777 /dev/bpf*; /sw/bin/ethereal
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    The controller/agent config stuff for server is in Server Admin -> xGrid. There is a whole application in /Applications/Server/Xgrid that does the management. I can't wait for Tiger, it is going to blow peoples socks off. And if we can get xGrid working, 700Mhz per iBook (We are...
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    Is there some way to get Garage Band for free?

    No, it is not included with the OS.. with the exception of a purchase of a new computer. No legal way to get it for free, sorry :( Edit: gigglebyte, I beat you by like a second :D
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    Net Send on an Apple?

    I can't find a command to send a SMB message like you want. You can take a look at all the SMB commands with "apropos smb" in terminal.
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    I have played with the xGrid Tiger Client/Server model. Looks/works fucking awesome. Granted I did distributed PNG rendering, I have no idea with folding. If only we could divide up the folding data and have each machine do a little of the work unit... Is folding parallel or serial?
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    a file thatjust wont delete

    Could you post the full error from the rm -rf ? Also, try sticking a 'sudo' before rm -rf