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    Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K and 2500K Processors @ [H]

    I had a 8600GTS when I first got the 2600K. Then I got a GTX460. Now, with a GTX770 and the CPU is still not a bottleneck. 2600K is not a bottleneck for Crysis 3, 4K or whatever 2xGTX980 SLI. I'm still looking for a game...
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    1440p screen for graphic and web design. Any suggestions?

    After that U2412, semi glossy monitors (especially 27" 1440p) will appear slightly blurry. The U2212HM I have at work has the same anti-glare 3H coating, and text looks much better on it than on my U2713HM. If it's mainly for work, why not buy a second 24" 16:10? You get more real estate, cheaper.
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    Question: How happy should you be with a display?

    I went from 17" CRT > 21 CRT > 20" TN > 24" IPS > 27" IPS 1440p I would never go back, not even if it has 0ms input lag, perfect backlight and 100% AdobeRGB. I use my U2713HM for gaming mostly (MMOs) and I would definitely buy a second one, if it's manufactured after AUG 2013...
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    Dell U2715H (new standard gamut model, successor to U2713HM)

    I had the same issue with the P2414H to the point where I wanted to return it. I've read that it has something to do with a glue that needs to cure, the monitor being fresh out of production. I got it calibrated after a month and now, compared to my U2713HM, it has no yellow tint. How...
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    Choosing between three keyboards

    Got the K70 Red LEDs for 3 months now, using it daily for MMO gaming, so there's alot of key spamming and combos. It does not have an easy life on my desk. The custom shaped textured keys are 50% of its value, for me. They feel amazing and are much easier to find without looking. The elegant...
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    Reliable gaming keyboard recommendation

    Thanks guys. It appears Ducky is very expensive in Europe, ~$200 from Germany, closest to me. So I went for the K70 at $160 and got it today. The red switches are not loud and I can type much faster than on my G15. It does feel like an improvement. The curved...
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    Reliable gaming keyboard recommendation

    My G15 v2 retired after 5 years and now I need a new, illuminated keyboard. I've read dozens of previews and seen Youtube videos with almost every gaming keyboard on the market, but after reading actual user reviews on Amazon and Newegg, it seems they all have huge quality issues. I have the...
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    New Corsair Gaming Keyboards

    The K70 RGB is barely out and it already got lots of negative reviews: I really wanted an illuminated mechanical keyboard, but after reading the reviews on every new model, I'll pass. It's...
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    EvE online?

    Well, I realized it was not my style. I had high hopes for role play, exploration and trading, but those are some small auxiliary tasks one does when not in PvP. If you focus on those, you get bored fast, you're labeled a carebear and, sooner or later, you will be wardecced. Everyone is...
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    EvE online?

    Yea that's what I don't like, the concept of hunter and prey. If you choose to play the sandbox in a different way that doesn't involve destroying other peoples ships, your're a prey. Take, for example, exploration and industry. If you focus on those activities, you're labeled as a "carebear"...
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    EvE online?

    I had to quit the game, I was getting very bored. If you don't skill up for a PvP ship and you don't like open world PvP in general, you're just a victim, content for pirates or wardeccers. (I've never had my ship destroyed by a player, it's just the concept that pis*es me off) I was flying a...
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    BenQ GW2765HT 1440p gaming IPS

    Same old, same old.
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    Do you hate widescreen? Are you male?

    Male Widescreen 16:9 2560x1440 I hate 4:3. I work, play and watch movies much better on 16:9.
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    1440p vs. New Video Card

    What games are you playing and/or are interested in playing on that resolution?
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    EvE online?

    Awesome Make sure you read the tips in this article a couple of times: Hope it won't be a downer. I wish I would've read that sooner :)
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    EvE online?

    2 months later and I'm still playing daily. Fitting was an issue due to low SP at first, but now i can pretty much use any Battleclinic T2 fit, except for the T2 weapons. My Caracals look completely different now. Pyfa / EFT also made things so much easier. I stopped mining solo once I...
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    Is that 'dark light bleeding' common ?

    They all have that issue in the corners, more or less. You can't expect an amazing level of uniformity from a 29" / $450 monitor. That's why we have monitors like NEC SpectraView and Eizo CG Series, with uniformity correction and $1000+ price tags.
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    EvE online?

    Thanks. New players should be aware that, once you form a corporation, another corporation can declare war on you. They simply pay war fees and then can attack you anywhere, without Concord intervention or any other regulation. It lasts for a week and they can repeat as many times as they...
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    EvE online?

    .......aaaaaaaand we got a War Dec and the fun is over. I guess good things go as quickly as they come.
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    How far do you sit from the monitor?

    1. 60-70cm for work, 1m for gaming 2. 27" 2560x1440 3. No glasses
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    EvE online?

    As a new player, I'm having an awesome experience in EVE. It's a slow game, but it feels very rewarding to me, compared to other MMOs (I played more than a dozen until I got to this one). It's massive, it doesn't have loading screens and the environments look epic (High, 1440p). In the first...
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    What is everyone playing now?

    I got totally hooked on EVE Online a few days ago. I was playing GW2 before this. And WoW before that.
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    Games that left an impact

    Unreal Tournament GTA 3 Homeworld World of Warcraft Guild Wars 2 EVE Online
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    Changing the DPI with your 2560x1440 monitor

    This is what I do with almost every webpage. It doesn't matter if I'm on my 1440p or 1080p, I still zoom in to make reading effortless.
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    Need a 27 inch monitor for gaming

    I second this. I had on my desk P2714H, P2414H and now U2713HM. The P27 was eventually returned due to the low resolution. It was OKish for gaming, though I prefer higher dpi / smaller GUIs. I'm wearing glasses and even without them I could see the pixel pitch from 1 meter away.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    How are the animations in TESO compared to GW2? The world looks good, but I'm not sure about the combat animations, running, jumping etc. I've seen alot of gameplay videos and it looks more like Defiance (choppy / unpolished / old) or any other third person without motion capture / fluid...
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    Backlight bleeding issue - what's your advise?

    Almost every P2414H has the same issue in the bottom left corner. It's most likely frame pressure on the panel. I have 2 of them, with the same issue: These are low cost IPS monitors for offices (light environment). Considering the price, they're quite OK. My U2713HM...
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    27 or 30 for Photoshop

    If you want to consider U2713HM, make sure it's an A00 revision, manufactured after aug 2013. This post makes an interesting comparison with U2711s Adobe RGB.
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    Dell P2414H

    Same problem. I have 2 of these, #1 on Display Port and #2 on DVI. Only #2 is doing that. It goes black for 2-3 sec as if I turn it off and on again. If I switch them, it's the same behavior, so it's not the monitor but rather the GPU or the cable, in my case. Asus GTX770 OC2 nvidia 335.23...
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    is this normal on korean monitors

    It's called Field of View and it has nothing to do with your monitor. Reduce the FOV value in the game options.
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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    Logitech G600. I have a newer version with upgradable firmware. I also own a G9 and a G500. For me, the G600 is the most confortable and practical for both design work and gaming. It's hard to go back to a mouse without a dozen side buttons. Before these, I had an MX518 for 6 years. Before...
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    Dell U2713HM

    Mother of desktop lag: Desktop Composition setting (vsync on desktop) I turned that off and here are the results from U2713HM ON: 240 ms lowest - 270 ms average OFF: 178 ms lowest - 190 ms average P2414H ON: 213 ms lowest - 245...
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    Quality 27" or higher IPS for Gaming & Multimedia

    Unfortunately I found out my G600 has input lag (25-50ms, apparently a known issue), while testing different mice on aim400kg. Press Reaction test (dozens of tries, same PC, U2713HM): G600 lowest: 0,244s. G500 lowest: 0,195s G600 Exact Aiming test: score: 30.300 hits: 183 misses: 16 missed...
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    Quality 27" or higher IPS for Gaming & Multimedia

    Read this article about input lag:,3694-4.html I went from a P2414H rated at 5ms+, to U2713HM rated at 22ms+ and I'm enjoying the hell out of BF4 and AC Black Flag @ 1440p. I see the pixels respond slower on U27, like the subtle mouse...
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    Yellow tint on AMVA monitor

    I think your laptop might be at 9000K+ and the BenQ closer to the sRGB 6500K. But it's just a photo, I can't know for sure. On my calibrated U2713HM your laptop appears to have an awful blue tint. You might be able to see the difference: What preset are you using on the BenQ?
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    Dell U2713HM

    Interesting thread about input lag and DP: I'm also using Display Port, maybe that's why I don't feel input lag?
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    Dell U2713HM

    Same here, I just got it today and I'm really impressed. A few things I noticed right away: -Deeper blacks, compared to P2414H. -Almost no IPS glow! (goodbye annoying bottom corners) -No obvious backlight bleed, it's way ahead of P2414H when it comes to uniformity. -No noticeable input lag, the...
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    Dell 2713HM calibration numbers...sound right?

    I GOT IT! The screen looks beautiful, no dead pixels, no obvious backlight bleed, minimal glow, no yellow/green tint. Also, compared to the P2414H I can't seemn to notice any input lag or slower pixels. I will post photos later on. LE: Vivia la resolucion!
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    Dell 2713HM calibration numbers...sound right?

    I ordered an A00 built DEC 2013. I should get it to my door in about 4 hours. Will post first impressions.
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    Dell P2414H

    I believe the bottom left corner issue with P2414H is similar to this one: I will try to remove the bezel and see what happens.