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    Need Feedback on a Water-Cooled System

    Water cooling the motherboard isn't necessary and the Asus blocks are controversial due to their aluminum construction. The Maximus also have that real time clock bug that hasn't been resolved yet. Finally, the warranty on Asus motherboards is basically non-existent. One popular...
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    Ek Corrosion Issues

    There really shouldn't be a difference between distilled and DI for water cooling purposes. Just a few ppm difference of random ions...
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    Best easy way to clean an IPS screen?

    I use microfiber and deionized water. I have a fairly elaborate reverse osmosis-deionization system for my aquariums and thus have an almost unlimited amount of DI water. I use it in my water cooled PC as well.
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    Biggest mistake I've made in a while. Come laugh.

    Many years ago, I got a new motherboard and CPU. Removed the old MB & CPU and found the new one didn't quite fit. Turns out there was this new standard called "ATX" so I had to buy a new case.
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    RIP MCP 655

    If the pump failed, wouldn't there be much less water pressure (only that due to gravity)? The scary thing is that the working temperature of vinyl tubing is < thermal shutoff temperatures of CPUs/GPUs. It's interesting that in the two cases of burst tubing, the rupture is right after the barb...
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    PWM Fan adapter...thing...

    The Enthoo Primo. They actually have been announcing additional models that may already be available for pre-order so it's no longer safe for me to assume they only have one model.
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    PWM Fan adapter...thing...

    The Phanteks case comes with such a device. They're going to sell it separately.
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    INWIN 904 watercooled

    Install a bulkhead where you cut the hole and have black tubing on the outside and white tubing on the inside?
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    Looking To Build First Custom Loop For Rig...

    I bought the Phanteks because while I can DIY if I have to, I prefer not to. I think it's the most water cooling-ready case out there.
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    Melted tubing, Alphacool

    I'm curious if the pump still works.
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    Melted tubing, Alphacool

    The idea is to get tubing that doesn't soften and burst shortly after your pump dies, giving you a second chance to fix the problem.
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    Melted tubing, Alphacool

    I didn't find the 74C max working temperature of Tygon R-3603 particularly comforting. Maybe silicone tubing (232C max temperature) would be a safer alternative?
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    Accidental Passive Cooling

    I'm using a HDT-S1283 right now on a Q9300. I do have a new 4770K build in the works. The rubber things made removing the fan from the heatsink very tedious. The way I removed the dust was to blast it with a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle (200 bar). That would remove dust no canned air could...
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    Newegg + Ontrac = Your're screwed?

    I do try to buy from Newegg as little as possible but sometimes they have the best price despite sales tax. I will pay a little more and/or wait a week for something to arrive to avoid sales tax/Newegg but not a whole lot more.
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    Newegg + Ontrac = Your're screwed?

    No kidding, the PSU I ordered from them shipped from NJ so it had to travel clear across the country. Still, it was the first component for my new build to arrive...
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    Newegg + Ontrac = Your're screwed?

    Amazingly, it made it here by 10 am the next day. I looked over the case and it appears to be without damage.
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    Newegg + Ontrac = Your're screwed?

    I ordered a Phanteks Enthoo Primo case today and found out it's being shipped via OnTrac. With many reports of those cases being damaged in transit, I don't have high hopes. It only has to go from SoCal to NorCal though...
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    Contact Lenses

    There are a lot of online contact lens vendors. The tricky thing is getting them to accept your order if your prescription is >1 year old. I had to order from Canada last time.