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    Odyssey G7 Scanlines?

    LOL. I had 3 c32hg70 monitors in surround. 2 years in every single monitor had scanlines. Every. Single. Monitor. Confirmed by Samsung to be defective. $1800 for less than 2 years of gaming? Meanwhile my zr30w's lasted 7 for gaming before I moved on. And still have one above my AW38...
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    Anyone have a heatsink they like for sticking on the back of 3090s?

    I am under water, but that ek active backplate plummeted my vram Temps. Cut them in half vs just a full front block. I definitely recommend whatever heatsinks you find that will work. Aim a fan there too!
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    38” Alienware - $1282

    I went with this monitor too. You should be happy you didn't go Samsung. I had 3 c32hg70 monitors in surround. EVERY SINGLE ONE FAILED. I have a whole other story of Samsung making an agreement to reimburse me, a signed agreement. Then changing their mind and removing my access to the case...
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    Just had to share! 32" G7 is on the way!!

    I had 3 Samsung c32hg70 in nvidia surround. ALL THREE BEGAN TO FAIL a little over 2 years after purchase. 3 years after purchase they were approaching uselessness. 100% failure rate. Good luck. I went with an AW3821. I will never buy another Samsung monitor as long as I live.
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    PNY RTX 3070 / 3090 In-Stock @ CDW (Warning, overpriced)

    I emailed to ask, told my 3090 wasn't shipping until 12/16. Emailed back a minute later to cancel my order. 10 minutes later I had pre-shipment information. Just shipped out today. Not very excited about the brand or price, but I have a new case and watercooling setup waiting to move my...
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    PNY RTX 3070 / 3090 In-Stock @ CDW (Warning, overpriced)

    These have been up all day. I ordered a 3090 cause I am tired of waiting, and cancelled my provantage pre order. Now I wonder if this is gonna get cancelled.
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    Steelcase Leap Sold by Amazon Brand New $731.62
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I gave up looking and ordered an Asus Tuf 3090 from Provantage for slightly under msrp. Backordered so might wait a month, but whatever. If my evga auto notify hits before then I will either cancel the provantage order or hook someone up if it comes in. I work 10 hours a day, I just don't...
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    $208 32GB B-Die, $140 - G.SKILL Ripjaws V 32GB (2 x 16GB)DDR4 3600

    I thought that as well. I couldn't get my b-die stable at 4133 c17 they were rated for with 2 sticks. Then I looked more into things. So I bought 2 more sticks and went from 16gb to 32gb. Now I am stable at the advertised ratings.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    It is official. For the Palit 2080ti.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand Running on my card right now. My core clock used to bounce a lot, now it is rock solid.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    There is now a bios with 124% power. FYI.
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    9900K Runs HOT!

    Is that at stock voltage or are you overclocking These 9900k's remind me of the old gtx 480's I ran in tri-sli. You could warm your house with it if you are overclocking.
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    $999 EVGA 2080ti Black Edition: A good deal?

    I am pretty sure you bought the base Strix model that has a 1545mhz clock, which is the maximum for non-a chips. yes, though the regular 2080 Ti Strix is overclocked a bit and you aren't guaranteed an A chip with that one. I recently bought one and it didn't have an A chip and so did someone...
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    $999 EVGA 2080ti Black Edition: A good deal?

    Non-A cards are stock frequency. Any overclocking at all indicates an A binned card. I would imagine this matters more for people using air. I'm on water and see no need to ever consider an A card for $200 more.
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    $999 EVGA 2080ti Black Edition: A good deal?

    Get a heat gun, and silicon. Don't be scared. Take your time heating and bending. If you do that, all will be fine. Some people go crazy trying to use tools, which I bought. But honestly I found it easier to custom bend the tube. And if it isn't perfect for some OCD person as the bend is...
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    Fujitsu 4 pack AA $9.27

    Aren't the Amazon high capacity AA rebranded eneloops?
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    Samsung Announces New Monitors for Gaming and Content Creation

    I have 3 of the 32". I agree, it is complete bliss. Surprisingly runs good on a single 1080ti and now a single 2080ti. If the new CRG9 was the size of two 32" screens side by side, I would probably be willing to trade in my chg70's. Add g-sync and I would without a heartbeat.
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    Another i9 9900k question

    Hi mate. Just got back from Christmas at the parents, and saw how slow their old computers are. Needless to say, I am building them a new computer with the 9900k, and giving them my old 3930k system which still runs fine. Sorry, gotta take care of the parents!
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    Ebay 15% off coupon everything untill 6pm PT

    Thanks mate. Buying up parts for the replacement of my trucks ecoboost sometime soon. Turbosmart wastegates and some nice Magnaflow 3" cats for the downpipe I bought.
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    Another i9 9900k question

    Ended up with the ek velocity full nickel. Wanted the kryos next, but there was an issue of amazon not shipping it. I delidded with liquid metal from die to ihs and ihs to block. Just put my new cpu in. Can hit 5.1 at 1.38v avx stable, but scorching hot. Turned down to 5.0, and am at 1.3v...
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    Another i9 9900k question

    96c prime95 small fft. 71C BFV.
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    Another i9 9900k question

    Everything less isn't avx stable. If I want to make it a semi stable non-avx overclock like most others, yes, and i can set an avx offset and back off to 1.29v
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    9900k or 9800x?

    I wasn't going to sell my current chip and try to find a 5.0ghz 9900k. Then the Ebay coupon came up. $476 shipped for a 9900k. Keep an eye out, there are deals to be had.
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    Contact EVGA, they have a couple different models of the 2080TI hydrocopper. I have their 2080TI black which has reference cooler, and they directed me to the XC hydrocopper block not the FTW hydrocopper.
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    Pennsylvania Proposes Tax on Mature Video Games Due to Violence, School Shootings

    This has nothing to do with anything but money. The state has handed it out for a long long time and the bills are coming due.
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    Another i9 9900k question

    That is a very nice overclock to be honest, and the heat is not an issue. 1.225v for 4.9 is good. Some people, like me, need 1.37v to attempt or stabilize 5.0g. Which is simply out of the thermal envelope of many processors. I need 1.33v to hit 4.9g avx stable. Temperatures hit 96 in real...
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    Sell the 1080 tis and break even or have money left over.
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    2080 ti with pre-installed waterblock

    You can buy an evga card and add the hydrocopper or any other water block. They are selling the hydrocopper on their website. And EVGA warranty covers you as long as the failure is not attributable to the watercooling or adding the block.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    What is your resolution? And are you sure SLI is working in BFV? I had 60fps with a single 1080ti at medium settings. In fact, I am well over that now with the 2080TI. Though there may be times it dips. I do not play FPS competitively anymore, so it doesn't really annoy me like it used to...
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    I agree with this. But. They released the 130% bios for all 300a chip cards. At least EVGA did. And the 300 models have a 112% max on them, which it appears may remain unless you use modded bios. At least that is what it sounded like over at EVGA.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    I went with the EVGA Hydrocopper. Wasn't sure if the screws for a different waterblock would be long enough to install with the stock evga backplate, and the cost of buying a different block and backplate was the same as getting a hydrocopper which was guaranteed to work with the stock...
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    I agree with that. But the 300 cards are limited to 112% and the 300a are allowed 130%.
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    Well. I auto overclocked with the new nvidia scanner in EVGA X1. Figured why not. Just got done with an hour of gaming at 2070mhz on the 2080TI Black with the 300 sillicon. I will see what the Micron ram is capable of tomorrow. But 2070mhz? On the lower tier? Binned? I have seen 300a...
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    I agree, was expecting the 300 silicon instead of the 300a. But was surprised by the K3 instead of K1. As of yet I haven't seen anything showing K3. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until tomorrow to install the card in my loop, I cant fit it under my hard tubing and will need to redo my...
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    $999 EVGA 2080TI In Hand

    Hi All, So I know I am not the only one who has been looking at the $999 2080TI cards since EVGA posted it to their product page. Very little information on silicon revisions has been seen, with many people wondering if this would be the often talked about 300 revision. So here it is...
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    Turing binning

    Shipping notes for my hydrocopper show the normal part number, but for my 2080ti, it shows an "X1" on the end of the part number. We will see. 11G-P4-2281-KRX1
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    Turing binning

    The only picture i saw was on overclockers, and it showed the same stock image of a reference card as it did for the other evga cards. Same link for all the reference cards.
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    Turing binning

    So it may take me a week or two. I got an auto notify on the EVGA 2080TI black that I had set way back before I started researching and found the binning differences. Me being me. Of course I bought it. Honestly, not only do I want a new shiny toy. I really want to see what the overclocks...
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    9900k worth upgrading to ?

    1. Honestly, I still have my old 3000mhz sticks from my 5930k build. They were some of the first ddr4 sticks on the market, sk hynix ics if I remember correctly. I have also heard memory overclocking isn't as good. But all I can say is that 4x4gb 3000mhz is easily set with xmp. All I did...