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    TD Invites

    I have 1 TorrentLeach invite, I am willing to trade for a demonoid invite. Just PM me.
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    Memory Dilemma

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    Need Help: Defrag in Dos?

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    Xbox 360 Core

    I signed up for heatware today, if that makes any difference.
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    Xbox 360 Core

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    Xbox 360 Core

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    Xbox 360 Core

    Selling 1 New Unopened Xbox 360 Core for $550. I would prefer paypal, or money order. Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost. If any of you live in the Atlanta area, we might could arrange local pickup, I live on the Georgia Tech campus. Ebay feedback 16 100% positive...
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    Xbox360 Giveaway

    Well I hate to get involved a Math War, but I already had thought about this myself and come to the conclusion that you have better dumping it into one contest. Yes, the odds would be equal in situations where say, every contest you entered had 349 people, and you were the 350th. However that is...
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    Replacement for Senn 212pro

    You know, I hadn't a clue until you linked me that, you could even pull the cable out of the headset. Thanks for that. I am still interested in other suggestions about headsets, since these turned out to be a little uncomfortable.
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    Replacement for Senn 212pro

    I had the Sennheiser 212pro for little over a year, and the rather lengthy wire tended to not handle abuse to well to the point one ear no longer plays sound. All attempts at repair have failed, so I am in need for a new $40~ headset. I would just buy the 212pros again, if it weren't for the...
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    Anyone heard of MM Gear EDS?

    A link is here: I saw one decent review for them, but haven't seen much talk otherwise. So does anyone have these? How do they sound? If these are not good, what other set should I get for $40~? Thanks
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    WTB: 26-36" HDTV

    I am looking for a 26 to 36 inch TV that is atleast an HDTV monitor. If any of you are selling please tell me the model number so I can look up some additional information on the set. Thanks.
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    Connecting a TiVo to the internet through my computer

    I am wanting to take advantage of the new TiVo software that allows you to pull videos off of your TiVo, I do however need to connect the two. What I have now is two network cards, one connected to my schools network, and the other network card connected via crossover cable to my TiVo. What I...
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    Mother of all Dell laptop coupon codes 750 off 1500

    You can still find the 9100 here:
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    How to copy a DVD with a dvd burner?

    Some burners have software that will let you load the entire DVD onto the hard drive, although it is impractical. Just buy a cheap DVD drive that will cost you about $20 or so.
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 vs Logitech Z2200 2.1

    With the $50 MIR on the 2200, and the ProMedia retaining it's $150 pricetag, is there really a ~$100 difference between these two speakers? Or is it safe to just go with the Logitechs? Thanks.
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    Logitech Z-2200 THX 2.1 $58 AR shipped (or lower)
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    New Nvidia GeForce6600 - SM 3.0 SLI for $199!

    Umm, I got over 10K with my X800 Pro, it isn't even close to the 'same ballpark' as the 6600GT. Also technically, to take advantage of the SLI, you need two cards, so it is more like SLI for $398, or $298. Whatever floats your boat though.
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    Iraqi Ghosting test (Humor)

    Umm, payroll? He didn't need a payroll, he was extremely rich. So far, there is no proof that there was a link between Al Queda, and Sadaam Hussein before 9/11.
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    Iraqi Ghosting test (Humor)

    Umm, not only is this not funny, Osama Bin Laden is not from Iraq.
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    Help me chose: iPod 20GB or iRiver 20GB MP3 player

    Well I decided to order off of NewEgg. It cost a little more than, but as I had no experience with that seller, I chose to buy from NewEgg. I can cancel it last minute,If anyone has any reason I should not buy the iRiver; speak now or forever hold your peace.
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    Help me chose: iPod 20GB or iRiver 20GB MP3 player

    I have heard great things about both players, and I thought I had my mind made up to go with iRiver H-120, however the lowest priced store raised their price on me, and it put it at the same price as Apple's 4G 20GB Ipod including the price for the dock. So, it got me thinking, which music...
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    DISCOVERY: NEW Radeon x800XT 256MB Cards for $40!!

    No, I tend to think the mods leave these threads up to weed out the dumb people. It is like the natural selection of the [H]ard world.
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    Hot x800pro $329 shows as $399 till checkout

    I am sorry all you guys did not get your orders, but this just makes me feel all the more glad to have gotten my order, and correct with my decision to spend $340 at 2:30 AM.
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    What type of comp would you build with $6,000

    Platinum Coated Case
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    Best 939 chipset motherboard?

    Well I can tell you from my experience with the Asus board, that it is great, no problems what so ever. Plus it has all the cords you will ever need for it. Plus more importantly you can get the Asus for $145
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    Haha, now I don't feel so stupid. You sound like you are going through the same problem as I did with this board. There are two versions of SATA on the board, look at the board layout, if you plugged your SATA into the connectors closer to the VIA VT8237, then you use the VIA SATA RAID drivers...
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    Visiontek X800 Pro 3d2k3 score

    The score for 2001 SE is in my sig. About the X800 for $330, the deal is dead. It may have been a price mistake of whatever, but not the card is not only not in stock, but before it was OOS it was back up to $400. However I got mine for that price, and I a very pleased. Here is the...
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    Visiontek X800 Pro 3d2k3 score

    I just recently got my Visiontek X800 Pro from Fry's for $329.00, so I felt the need to benchmark it. This is with the same overclock settings in the HardOCP review, except I am using a 5% overclocked 3500+, which is at 2310mhz. It gave me a pretty good score too, I am very pleased...
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    x800 Pro + Power prob please help?

    All I know is on the X800 Pro box I have, it says a 380W PSU is recommended. Whether that is your problem or not, I do not know.
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    X800 3dMark2k3, 3500+

    I just got up my new computer today, 2nd thing I did after installing the drivers was to benchmark it so here it is: Specs: AMD Athlon 3500+ Asus A8V Deluxe Hitachi 160GB SATA 1GB of Crucial 8T
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    Hot x800pro $329 shows as $399 till checkout

    I know you are all going to hate me, but mine got shipped. Of course mine was probably one of the first ten ordered, but it did ship. Strangely enough, it is being shipped through a shipping company I have never heard of before last week, DHL. I sware it said FedEx two day, oh well. I am just...
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    Geil, Mushkin, Crucial, or Corsair Value?

    I don't even see KVR on NewEgg. I would like to buy one of the 4 listed above.
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    Geil, Mushkin, Crucial, or Corsair Value?

    only think about the mushkin I am worrying about is the chance of the Elixar chips according to some reviews.
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    Top ten reasons HP blows...

    Oh just another thing to your 'blow list'. Their tech support. Back in 1999 I had called because my harddrive was having very wierd problems. I said I need some way to back up my data, she said get a CD-R. I said I didn't have a CD Burner, she said, it is fine, just get the CD. I then said...
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    Fair Percentage?

    Here is what I would do if I was going to sell computers, go into another local computer shop to see what they are selling them for, and charge $50 less.
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    Geil, Mushkin, Crucial, or Corsair Value?

    OK looking at the ram in stock at Newegg, I will be ordering two sticks of one of the following, but I need your help to decide: Contender #1: Crucial: Contender #2: Corsair Value Select...