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    Sign HERE is you still don't have the game :-(

    I don't have the game yet.
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    What is the best gaming keyboard?

    What do you prefer?
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    Holy Crap! look at this bad boy...

    Are those silent fans? If they are not then that is one loud system.
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    Nobody Told Me the Dremel Gets so [H]ot

    It has mechanical parts, which would cause it to generate heat. Anything with moving parts causes heat.
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    What are some good gaming headphones?

    If there are any.
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    All this talk about Dom 3 but...

    is anyone excited about Half-Life 2? Don't get me wrong I am excited about Doom but I think HL2 wll be a tick better.
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    It's started already.

    Some would say that is what life is.
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    what to do with excess heat from computer(s)?

    A ceiling fan might help to reduce the heat.
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    I feel bad for id

    Even though the people who will download it get it for free, I wish there was still a way to see how many people actualy got the game.
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    HAHA...This is why idiots shouldn't build there own computers...

    I guess the upgrades that he did before didn't invole the CPU. :p
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    My signature isn't showing up.

    Thanks everyone for your help. I cansee my signature now.
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    My signature isn't showing up.

    Anyone know why? I saved the signature.
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    Just Built A Computer - Just Won't Turn On

    It sounds crazy but check the power cord and make sure it is plugged up.
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    Do you have any parts from your first PC still in use?

    No, I have a whole new system which came from Dell in 2002. My brother has my older system.