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    eClipse 'Bluetooth' MP3 Watch w/ 1GB Memory

    The funny thing is I think I registered the name Jeeves here like a year before this name and didnt realize it. Like it was one of those I registered just to say one thing and then never came back, until a year later that is.
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    eClipse 'Bluetooth' MP3 Watch w/ 1GB Memory

    another day another bump
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    eClipse 'Bluetooth' MP3 Watch w/ 1GB Memory

    my name? jeeves who has my name? what part cant you pronounce?
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    eClipse 'Bluetooth' MP3 Watch w/ 1GB Memory

    You see how you have the option to select white or black, that is the face color. He says that the one I posted is exactly what it looks like. As for price, lets start at $190 but I will accept any reasonable offer.
  5. J

    eClipse 'Bluetooth' MP3 Watch w/ 1GB Memory

    I am selling this for a friend of mine who is a Marine down in the San Antonio's burn ward (humvee was hit by IED and he was only one that survived, but with a good deal of burns). He was given this watch as a gift when he got back to the states but never used it and has no desire to keep it...
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    Free Oink Invitiations

    I had an oink account but could never get the uploading to work for them so I got the boot. No one there was willing to help me out and just kept saying read the FAQ. I am in no way new to networking or computers (I am a server technician for crying out loud). So in short I say to hell with...
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    Gears of War for PC?

    "Its not going to happen, Gears of war is only for the Xbox" Uh I think I have deciphered that correctly. :rolleyes: Gears of War is a Microsoft product and with their revamp of Games for Windows on Vista we will see it on PC and Vista.
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    Do you max out your graphics when playing multiplayer?

    wow about being overly defensive. And please dont go on another rant about why your opinion is the only one that matters. First let me say your hockey analogy doesnt work, the player doesnt turn off the effects on the stadium so he can make a better shot. He simply doesnt pay...
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    WTB: Old laptop

    I have 3 (2 working) circa 1996ish NEC laptops that I am willing to let go for 20 bucks + shipping. It will have win98 on it and comes with cdrom, floppy, and working battery (I can break the battery if you realy want one with a non working battery). I will round everything up and get you...
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    FS: Jeeves is poor sale, p4/p3/xbox/ram/vid card/printers

    Buy these two together for $100 P4 2.4c - $70 SOLD MSI NEO pt880 Mother board - $40 Buy these two together for $30 800mhz P3 socket 370 - $20 Dell P3 mother board - $20 Zalman water block - $20 Metal Box...
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    Seagate 160gb IDE Hard Drive

    careful with those bumps, mods are strict on the 6 hour rule ;) Sorry for not responding, I was moving all weekend. I will be able to paypal you the money tonight. prob around 8ish when I get back from school.
  12. J

    Seagate 160gb IDE Hard Drive

    Sounds good, I won't be able to paypal the money to you till monday. Have to wait till bank finishes my direct deposit (stupid holidays).
  13. J

    Seagate 160gb IDE Hard Drive

    Is the hdd still in sealed bag or is it used? If still in sealed bag I will do 50 + shipping, if not how about 50 shipped.
  14. J

    Seagate 160gb IDE Hard Drive

    are you willing to do 45 shipped? if so send me pm/email/instant message.
  15. J

    Seagate 160gb IDE Hard Drive

    bump, same question
  16. J

    Seagate 160gb IDE Hard Drive

    What would you want for trade, I have alot of random crap(to much to list) I could get rid of. If you dont know what to trade Are you willing to do 45+s/h.
  17. J

    ok first try at BF2 and I want to ask a few things

    Check out the reality mod for bf2 if you want more acurate/stronger weapons. Less shots to kill all, tanks/planes/helo/people. A much more "realistic" feel to it, no more super soldiers who can take 4 shots to the head before dieing. I like the reality mod much better...
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    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    I said that about ghost recon 2, but then they screwed us pc gamers. They claim that they are going to release a copy of ghost recon 2 for pc with (or around) ghost recon advanced warrior. I am looking forward to this game on PC, hopefuly they havent totaly destroyed GR.
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    And while im on the CS:S subject...

    ^^^yup that would be my guess as to the reason for it as well. If the skins bother you so much, just download new ones. None of the skins in my cs folder are the origonal. One that I have (dont rember what gun) everytime you pull the gun out and camber the round it shows brass get...
  20. J

    Half-Life 2 ROCKS!!

    From what I read on the release notes valve said it was suppose to be a level in the game that they decided to leave out. It does feel much more like a tech demo tho, mabey it was and they just said it was a level, or mabey it was both.
  21. J

    Half-Life 2 ROCKS!!

    um more like a year. But yes the game does kick ass. I was kinda disapointed with the lost coast level they put out, it was just so short and kinda bland realy.
  22. J

    Is there / will there be a demo for DoD:S ?

    No there will not be a demo, and the game is already out.
  23. J

    COD 2 review from Firebomb

    I played this demo and then played DODs for the first time. Lets just say I only played DOD for like 10 min. Going from this game to DOD was just horrible, cant wait for COD2. And the crouching/prone wasnt that bad once you got used to it, it was just like the other CODs are.
  24. J

    BF2 stinger - why do i suck so bad

    I agree with this, I found that it was taking me 4 missles istead of my usual 2. They just seam to be much weaker now.
  25. J

    BF2 Patch 1.03 release in 5 days

    hmm that makes sense, you know kind of like capturing a point realisticly. Everyone sitting in the same helicopter is not teamwork, everyone getting out of bird at same time to capture a point and then calling pilot back in to pick up is team work.
  26. J

    Any new BF2 1.03 Patch rumors?

    that and the god damn grenade launchers. I was in a room the other day and I could have sworn I was playing rocket arena. With all the bunny hoping rocket guys and grenade launcher guys it is horrible.
  27. J

    Any new BF2 1.03 Patch rumors?

    God I hope they fix the bunny hopping. It has turned this game into quake with vehicles. :rolleyes:
  28. J

    Cable or DSL for on-line gaming ?

    Yeah it is. Unless they are running a t1 to your house you will not get those speeds. Not even fiber to the house can get 1gbs speeds. Oh and you thinking you get 1.2mb downloads is this from one site or all sites. Cause I would love to see how you got around the caps.