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    LG 34" 21:9 curved display differences

    Hi All, Does anyone know the difference between these monitors? 34UC87 (saw on LG India site) 34UC87M (saw in press releases) 34UC87-B (saw on LG Germany/UK) 34UC87M-B (saw on LG America) Seems the 34UC87M-B is the US model. It's advertised on the commercial side of LG. I'm guessing...
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    Tri-Monitor Setup Help

    Ahh, so you didn't get past the first part yet. I actually had a similar setup as you before, 6800GT AGP and a FX5700 PCI. Both used the same unified driver architecture, so it was pretty easy. Once I installed the FX5700, it recognized right away. I guess nVidia changed it around and...
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    Tri-Monitor Setup Help

    It should be just as easy as setting up a dual monitor. I'm assuming the 2nd videocard is already installed correctly and shows up in your device manager. If so, there are two ways to enable the 3rd monitor. The easiest way is to right click your desktop go to Properties>Settings. You...
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    WD Raptor X $164.95 no rebates!

    Sweet B&H Photo has it for $164.95 no rebates! No tax for the westcoasters :)
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    X1950GT for $118 after 30 MIR @ NewEgg

    Even more tempting now, it dropped down to $109.99 after rebate.
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    SD to SSD 2.5 hard drive!!

    This looks interesting: SD card to Solid State Disk Capacity up to 8gb, to bad it's limited to the IDE interface, blah. Someone be the guinua pig and compare it with the Gigabyte i-Ram. :D
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    BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 320MB @ [H]

    Any ideas if you can SLI this with a 640mb 8800GTS? If so, it would be awesome to see what the difference would be.
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    Ok, Another Asus Commando question, Driver DVD for 680i?

    Yeah, it's a misprint. All the drivers on the disc are for the Commando/965 chipset.
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    Why is Photoshop slow on QX6700?

    You can try one of these and use it as the scratch disk.:)
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    how can you do 2 Wallpaper on dual monitors?

    Yes, you can do it with the Nvidia software. Make sure you enable nView and see this post.
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    Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel @ [H] Console

    Curious, one of the pictures has the wheel on someone's lap. Is it stable enough to leave on your lap or is the wheel going to be flying everywhere with turns?
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    Hot Deal: Asus Commando $211 Shipped

    is this actually in stock? Can't find stock information anywhere.
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    *HOT* INTEL D 805 $ 81 shipped

    errr....$81 + $50 = $131 :confused:. Please provide a link to a C2D for $131.
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    Anyone have pics of Westinghouse 37" LCD??

    Finally setup my Westy. WMVHD movies look stunning. However, I'm a bit disspointed with the viewing angles. Some pics:
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    A couple questions about a triple monitor setup.

    Here's some pics of the difference: It works for me, I don't mind the extra half inch difference.
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    A couple questions about a triple monitor setup.

    I have that setup and had the old versions of the 2407FPW and 2007FP. No, it's not the same height. You are also wrong about the 2405FPW and 2005FP. They aren't the same height either. The 2005 is actually widescreen, so the difference in height is even more. The 2001FP was the non-ws...
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    Is this a bug with E6300 and Gigabyte DS3???

    That has nothing to do with the cpu or mobo. You need to hit ctrl+alt+~ to bring down the console.
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    can someone please post a pic of a 16:9 20" and 4:3 20" side by side?

    You're right. I wasn't thinking. best I can do without taking it off the mounts. It's an older pic with 24", 20.1" ws and 17"
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    can someone please post a pic of a 16:9 20" and 4:3 20" side by side?

    here you go: comparision of sizes for 24", 20.1" 4:3 and 20.1" 16:10 close up of the 20.1" 4:3 and 16:10
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    My SuperPi just got PWNED :(

    You jump on the Core Solo bandwagon and when the Core 2 Duo train comes along, you make a leap of faith. :D My e6300 does SuperPi 32m in a little over 16 mins, granted it's o/c'd. :)
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    The Conroe Overclock Database. (Please read 1st post for posting instructions.)

    User Name: SLiCkFX Stability: 8hrs+ Orthos CPU: E6300 OC: 3.36ghz Stepping: 6 B2 Week: L625 Code: A705 Vcore: 1.38125 Cooling: Air Cooling brand/model: Scythe Ninja Motherboard: Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Bios Version: F4E RAM Brand: G.Skill RAM rated speed: 6400 RAM actual...
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    I'm surprised I was still able to make an order! Price changed to $0.42, LOL!
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    *HOT* 400GB Hard Drive PATA 16mb $109

    You're both incorrect. A search says it's a 7200.7, but the drive (model #ST3400632A-RK) is in fact a 7200.8. Here's the spec sheet,
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    Dual monitor rubbish

    Yes. There are 5 display modes, single, clone, horizontal span, vertical span and dualview. Horizontal span would be the mode that spans the taskbar across all screens and combines all your monitors to make it one.
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    Dual monitor rubbish

    Ultramon is NOT the only way to do it. A lot of people seem to be misinformed or have ATI cards. nView can pretty much do anything Ultramon can do and nView is FREE (that is if you have an Nvidia card).
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    Budget Dual Core showdown (Pentium D 805 vs X2 3800)

    At stock speeds (2.6ghz): 1080p QuickTime = a bit choppy, some dropped frames 1080p WMVHD = smooth Overclocked speeds of 3.6ghz or above 1080p QuickTime = smooth 1080p WMVHD = buttery smooth The idle seems way too high, especially with the 9500. You should be getting anywhere from...
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    Are Pentium-D 805's (and others) 64 bit capable?

    Core 2 Duo will be :)
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    Are Pentium-D 805's (and others) 64 bit capable?

    Yessum. EM64T = 64 bit
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    Aquarium PC Mod

    If you want to take the easy method, get one of these and replace the fake fish with real ones. :D
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    ATI X1900 AIW For $149 at Micro Center

    I just got this email from them today. That actually seems like a decent thing to do. I'm debating whether I should get it.
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    4.1 ghz with Pentium D 805!

    Well it will vary with each processor. He used a lot of voltage to get to 3.8ghz and a shitload to get to 4ghz. Some people can get to 3.8 without any voltage increases. His testing methods are also a bit vague. By comparison, my overclocks and stock obtained much lower numbers than...
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    Dell 2405 next to Dell 19" in portrait mode

    1907's in potrait mode would not line up with the 2407/2405. 1907 width is 16.15" (or height in potrait mode). 1707 would lineup better. 1707 width is 14.64" (or height in portrait mode) Height of the 2405 top to bottom bezel is 14.5".
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    [H]ot- 300GB PATA HDD 89.99, No MIR; Pentium D 805 + mobo $159.99

    Awesome find! You guys can pre-submit your rebate online here
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    Budget Dual Core showdown (Pentium D 805 vs X2 3800)

    Damn, those are some high ass temperatures, are you using the stock cooling?
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    Budget Dual Core showdown (Pentium D 805 vs X2 3800)

    It's almost impossible to pass this chip up now. Pentium D 805 - $122.50 - 10% off Code: TECHBARGAINS = $110.25!! $6 shipping.
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    Budget Dual Core showdown (Pentium D 805 vs X2 3800)

    Well yes and no. The Asus board had independent frequency selections for the FSB and Memory. I just left the memory at default speeds. For other boards I would have most likely used a divider. I haven't tried overclocking the ram yet. Yes, the graph is excel. See prior post for updated...
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    Budget Dual Core showdown (Pentium D 805 vs X2 3800)

    I just did a full review (it's going to be posted on another tech site). I added graphs, power consumption, cost of ownership, updated benchies, percentage differences, etc. You can see it Here. I tried to answer every possible question there is :)
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    PNY 6600GT (PCI-E or AGP) $99 No rebates CompUSA. AGP PCI-E Sold out online. Check with your local store. Good luck.
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    How do I find my FSB speed without opening case?

    You answered your own question. Your FSB is 100mhz quad pumped = 400mhz
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    Budget Dual Core showdown (Pentium D 805 vs X2 3800)

    My thoughts exactly. I'm going to keep my Prestonia Xeon for a while longer as my main work station, until AMD or Intel releases something significantly faster than a 2-3 year old chip. You know what, I have another system in the other room that is a Northwood 3ghz/P4P800 Deluxe :). Time...