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    xbox one MCC + samsung 40" TV $499 BBY

    Yeah I was in the same position this morning. It's a great deal if you're looking for either of the two.... but still too much to shell out to be an impulse buy.
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    Star Wars Humble Bundle

    well, sorry :P
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    Star Wars Humble Bundle

    pm me if u still want it. I have no use for my copy
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    32GB Samsung EVO Class 10 MicroSDHC Memory Card $14.35

    guess deal is dead then... it was def 14.35 when I checked a few days ago
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    Warm? Plex for Android $0.99

    I bought it when it was on sale from the Google play store and it's been worth every penny. I run a plex server from my HTPC so I can watch movies on any of my computers in my home and my parents' when I visit. Expanding that out to my N7 and phone was totally worth the price. I also visited a...
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    Diablo 3 PC for $19.99 @ Gamestop

    I'm really happy about the new drop system. I remember them saying at the start that in order to farm act 2, you needed items from act 3, etc... to promote the auction house. Now with that out of the picture, I actually enjoy playing the game rather than freaking about auction house deadlines.
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    Diablo 3 PC for $19.99 @ Gamestop

    I totally get where you're coming from. When I first restarted playing a few weeks ago (played for a few weeks after launch, then got bored) it was great. Literally everything I farmed from before (and by farmed, I mean played auction house simulator) I found better and more interesting items...
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    Laptops with best battery life?

    only ones I can think of off the cuff are the macbook air 13" 2013 (10-13 hrs) and the vaio pro 11/13 with sheet batteries.(9-13 hrs)
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    Diablo 3 PC for $19.99 @ Gamestop

    I stopped playing a few months after release and just started back up a few days ago. I stopped because it got stale and I spent more time in the auction house than questing. Now it's actually fun to quest!
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    What brands can be trusted? Also, recommendations for ultralight?

    Acer s7, Sony vaio pro 11 (might still have some wifi issues), samsung ... 9 i think should fit the bill off the top of my head. The acer I think is the least expensive
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    Witcher series 80% off on Steam this weekend

    The combat is a bit confusing for me, honestly I wasn't trying very hard to get the combat down since I was more interested in the story (plot) than anything. But it definitely felt a bit clunky and I never really god used to the magic name thingies. I agree, the tutorial threw them all out at...
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    Witcher series 80% off on Steam this weekend

    Witcher 2 is an amazing game. It takes balls as a company to make a game that's so filled out, with decisions that matter, that you literally can't experience more than ~1/2 of the game in a single playthrough. also, tits
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    Used 32GB Surface RT $166 +FS @Cowboom

    It does not. the RT doesn't run on x86 processors so isn't able to run the full version of windows 8. 8.1 for the RT is still the RT version
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    Used 32GB Surface RT $166 +FS @Cowboom

    I think it's dead. If you go to cowboom homepage it has the surface rt 32gb listed for 230 used, 290 refurb
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    Razer peripherals 50% off 1 Day only!

    Easy, here's the list:
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    Razer peripherals 50% off 1 Day only!

    same.... 50$ blackwidow tournament edition would've made me hit it
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    $20 off Das Keyboards and Bags + Free Shipping

    Yeah... their quality has really gone down since then... The paint on the keys is really weak and wears off super easily now too.
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    Ducky Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch @NCIX for $114.99 Shipped

    same! I like the smoother feel of the keys (blues) over the blues in my DAS. I ended up getting the magenta one and it looks hawt. The number of patterns/options for lighting is astounding
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    Maybe my PSU would last more than a few years with a Seasonic.
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    KitchenAid Professional 6 Qt Mixer. $250 +Another $50 Rebate

    I saw this deal the other day and it definitely had 250 listed on the website. Looks like it may be dead.
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    Ducky Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch @NCIX for $114.99 Shipped

    If you're comparing it to a DAS you got a few years ago, I imagine they would feel similar in terms of keys, shinier in terms of the case/board. However, last I checked DAS swapped the manufacturer of their keyboards a year or two ago and their current keyboards are much lower quality than...
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    HP 24WD 23.6-Inch Screen LED - 45% off

    No VESA mounting on this guy either. Doesn't seem to have a flat back for a DIY solution either :(
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    Ducky Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch @NCIX for $114.99 Shipped

    It seems that other colors are on sale for the same price as well
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    Smoking [H]ot! Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite $15 on Amazon

    Wow, I was just looking to buy bioshock 3 for the DLC I already have 1 and 2 but this is cheaper than 3 alone...
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    What is a good tablet for my Father for $300 or less?

    I would normally recommend a Nexus 7, but with the eyesight issue I would opt for something larger. The kindle fire 8.9, the new LG 8" tablet, or even a last gen ipad mini would probably work better.
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    $200 Target Gift Card for Trade in of ANY iPad

    Isn't the promo over now?
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    Rosewill STRIKER RK-6000 Mechanical Keyboard $42

    Mechanical keyboards feel less "mushy" than the G15 would. There's a very definitive place where each key registers every single time, no membranes or anything that dampen it. It's like flicking a light switch as opposed to one of those sliding variable ones. Except lets say the sliding variable...
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    $200 Target Gift Card for Trade in of ANY iPad

    The target store I went to just gave us a gift card good for anything. They had ipads in stock, too. I think you're technically still getting more than normal trade-in at target, but if you sell it directly (via swappa or something) you'll get more than 200$
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    $200 Target Gift Card for Trade in of ANY iPad

    Just traded my gen1 16GB wifi one. The computer system just asks if there are any scratches/knicks, if it power on, and if all the buttons work. The process of filling out all the paperwork (for the rep) was pretty onerous considering how many people were waiting, but it is what it is.
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    Good basic audio receivers?

    Thanks for all the input everyone! I'm still trudging through a pile of options. I saw that on today the Pioneer vsx 1023k is up for 300$, does anyone have any experience with this model?
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    Good basic audio receivers?

    Hello, I'm not very savvy with audio receivers but I need to get one for my parents home theater. They used to have a premade/bundle one from Sony and it didn't age too well, so I'm putting one together from scratch. I'm looking for a relatively simple receiver with at least 5 speaker...
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    Inexpensive Mechanical keyboard

    cm boards often go on sale for 50-70 ish if you factor in rebates. the rosewill RK boards are already pretty low and sometimes drop with newegg codes. I have a TKL CM board and it's served me pretty well. Doesn't feel as solid with the keypresses, but I can only tell since I go back and forth...
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    Polk Audio PSW10 $70

    price back up to 99.99 Glad I bit last night!
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    How reliable is buying through Best Buy?

    Thanks both of you for the info, really helpful! I'll be heading to best buy tonight then
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    How reliable is buying through Best Buy?

    Quick question to those who have experience with this - My dad wants to upgrade his phone to a new LG G2 on Verizon. We saw that Best Buy is offering the G2 at 50$ less than the Verizon store, plus a 50$ gift certificate and double the value on his trade in. Is there a catch or a reason...
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    Recommendations for a mouse that stands up to absurd amounts of right-clicking

    Errr... I don't know what was up with your CM mouse but every mouse I've owned has been able to at least stand 6 months of moba/RTS/fps use. Maybe you got a lemon? My current mouse of a year is the logitech g500, my mouse for 6 years before that was a consumer mouse, Logitech M500 (well the...
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    WTB LGA775 MATX board.

    Need an LGA775 MATX board to replace dead one. Needs to have at least PCI-E 8x, SATA and two DIMM slots. Thanks
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    FarCry 3 $20 @ Steam

    I pirated this game and then purchased it full price after about an hour of playing. It was a blast and worth it to me. I liked the "feel" of this fps. Fast paced enough to feel exhilarating but not like Doom. Interesting enough story that kept me going. Personally I'm more a fan of story-driven...
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    2000 to 13000 Free Riot Points for purchasing a Prepaid AMEX debit card

    the giant thread on SD has a lot of people reporting paypal as working