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    Would you buy open box?

    Why has this not occurred to me? Definitely going to grab an open box SSD from Microcenter now.
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    GRID 2 Is Free on Steam

    I guess I missed it. Bummer.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Investing / betting would probably be a better use of that ability than scoring good deals but what do I know.
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    New Tariffs Target U.S. Board Games and Game Consoles

    Being able to buy things cheaply isn't the only indicator of how well the consumer is doing. For example, you can buy everything for pennies in some places, yet everyone is poor and suffering.
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    All new Microsoft games coming to Steam

    I meant no offense. I thought it was just one of those failed attempts for Windows to bring in more revenue. Obviously if you own/use products on it you'll want it to keep existing.
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    How do I extend my in-house WiFi?

    I have a CAT5 cable running to my computer, but awful WiFi connectivity in the room near my computer. Does this mean I can just plug that cable into a AP and then run a cable from the AP to my computer, while also giving my room WiFi coverage?
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    All new Microsoft games coming to Steam

    Does the Xbox really use the Windows store? I honestly didn't know that. I've really never heard of anyone using Windows store on PC though.
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    I'm just glad they're using all AMD. The more money the goes to AMD, the more of a wake up call it is for Intel and Nvidia.
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    Julian Assange Arrested

    Don't you think it's a bit strange how anybody who challenges the powers that be is miraculously a rapist?
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    World Health Organization Video Games is officially a Mental Disorder

    Social media addiction is far more of a mental disorder IMO.
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    5g and the weather

    I don't understand why they are trying to implement 5G when 4G hasn't even been properly and fully implemented yet. I'd like South Korea style 4G first.
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    All new Microsoft games coming to Steam

    Microsoft should just kill the Windows store altogether.