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    Fry's B&M HAF 932 $99.99

    Online price is $124.99. now rocketfish has to go.
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    Corsair H50 Hydro Series $55 after MIR

    zzf is really not a decent store
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    Need 2 CPU fans for a Prolimatech Megahalems

    these produce noise comparable to jet engine.
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    i7 920 users, any change to voltage required to reach 3.2 GHz (965 speeds)?

    If you got any x58 mobo from ASUS or EVGA, you don't need change any voltage to get 3.2g.
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    Thoughts on i7 build

    920 oc should be a better choice, esp. since you have classified.
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    When will the 1156 I7's come down in price?

    another 5-6 months maybe
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    Anandtech 5850/5870 review

    i feel 5870 is disappointing.
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    my soyo now is 2 years old.
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    good overclocking s775 board?

    EP45-UD3R/P or Maximus Formular II
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    Classified doesn't like my Velociraptors!

    Have to agree with you, I had a 3x500g in RAID 0 on ich10r, I was not impressed with the performance at all.
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    Just bought saphire 5870 Newegg!

    must resist
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    Cheap, quality 600W+ PSU?

    that's arguable.
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    Got the Corsair Obsidian 800D, Its HUGE!

    I wish it is cheaper
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    Stuck @ 450fsb.... Need a little help

    450 fsb is the limit of p35/q6x00.
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    Asus MB rebate. What a laugh

    I see more and more rebates from different companies are now in the form of a debit card, I don't like it either.
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    Cheap, quality 600W+ PSU?

    ocz mod xpro 600w
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    Corsair HX620W

    should be enough so long as you don't o/c cpu too high. Probably 750hx is better choice
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    Core i9 Gulftown release date?

    yep. if the retail gulftown can o/c 4.6g on air, i'll buy.
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    i7 or i5, which would you recommend?

    x58 is my choice because it o/cs higher.
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    Step-up to Classified?

    Yes. You'll be happy with Classified. And the new chip will be six cores
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    Core I9 Gulftown @ 4.6Ghz on Air

    I think that now with the dust of 1156 settled down, it's safe to say if you want to oc, x58+i7/i9 is better than p55/p57+i5/i7.
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    Can Speedfan control fans on P6T Dlx V2?

    I also want to know the answer. But P6T Deluxe V1/V2 are sweeeeeet boards!
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    best P55 motherboard?

    I second this. If you are willing to pay a little bit more, go and get 920+x58!
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    Deciding between P6T Deluxe V2 & GA-EX58-UD4P

    You mean P6TD Deluxe?
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    i7 920 can oc as high as any other i7, if not a little bit higher.
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    Almost 2 years now on my soyo, still going strong!
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    Gigabyte P55-UD6 and Core i5 750

    can you test if this model has problem in S3 sellp and wake-up when bclk is around 200Mhz?
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    Asus Rampage ii Extreme southbridge overheating

    can you do a reply of the thermal paste on south bridge?
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    my system just won't quit freezing out of nowhere, can't overclock

    Gigabyte has a tendency of s3 problem in x35 x45 and x58 line.
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    Will 6 core Xeons work in Intel 5520 motherboards?

    i doubt you will see the increased memory bandwidth in 5520 even if you can post with 6 core xeon.
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    worth upgrading E8400 to Lynnfield?

    i would say yes. You got better o/c and better power efficiency and it's more powreful in i5/i7
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    Did 2 cores just die on my q6600?

    weird. still it is likely a mobo problem. change the battery for bios chip or at least reset the battery.
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    Anyone see the new EVGA gtx 285 classified?

    will get one if I have the money by the end of this month
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    Deciding between P6T Deluxe V2 & GA-EX58-UD4P

    P6TD V2 has no turbo throttling and s3 problem, so go with ASUS mobo.
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    Intel DX58SO x58 1366 Thread

    bump for a mobo that I loved
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    Gigabyte UD4P - RAID question

    I would use ICH10R for array and it does support multiple arrays.
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    Choose your destiny: Core i...

    core i7
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    Got the Corsair Obsidian 800D, Its HUGE!

    for air cooling, this or HAF 932 is better?