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    Water cooling questions

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    CPU usage spikes when HDD is being accessed

    its not running in PIO mode and I did load the chipset drivers, but I'll reload them and see if it makes a difference
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    CPU usage spikes when HDD is being accessed

    its an athlon 64 s939, 1 gig of corsair LL ram, 120 gig seagate HDD,
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    CPU usage spikes when HDD is being accessed

    When bitspirit is running, or opera is doing a download, etc The CPU usage (more importantly the kernel times) reach 100% What is causing this? and how do I stop it. There are no unwelcome processes, and all virus-spyware scans turn up negative.
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    High CPU usage when loading pages

    every time I start my comp I check for rogue processes. that is not the problem, but thanks for the input. ;)
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    High CPU usage when loading pages

    When using flock or opera. the CPU usage goes to nearly 100% when loading a page with many pictures. Why is this and what causes it? Most importantly, how do I stop it? 1GB corsair LL ram (running in dual channel) athlon64 3000+ s939
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    Free CAD software find

    I downloaded it and the software seems pretty good, I still prefer maya though.
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    Single-board computer

    it is a full computer, but you would need to power it through a backplane. if you want to make something like the OQO then I would recommend getting an old laptop and modding Ebay normally has some sony picturebooks. they would do nicely
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    Keeping the computer on?

    unless I'm messing with the motherboard, or vid card, or installed some new software. then my computer is NEVER off.
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    Dual LAN? What do you use it for?

    linking a computer to 2 separate networks simultaneously
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    Laptop Battery Care

    lithium ion cells are a bitch with voltage. the charge and discharge voltage constraints are very annoying... at least for the cells themselves
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    what smart phone should i get

    blackberry 7100g
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    will Analog be around in 5 years?

    I spend a considerable amount of time playing games on my LCD (viewsonic VG191) and the response time is not really and issue. I can't tell the difference between my LCD and a friends CRT. oh yeah, if you're going to use a LCD use a digital interface, its soo much better than analog. (yes, you...
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    What's faster? AMD vs G5

    One thing I would like to see are video cards with zif sockets for their GPUs and slots for the RAM. and a Unified OS.
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    Any clues what the Geforce 8 line will be?

    WRONG!!! The real purpose of this thread is to discuss the 4th generation cyberbrain interface... oh for the day when we won't need video cards...
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    mixing brands in an SLI setup

    What about creating drivers that will "sync" the BIOS
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    Battlefield 2: what video options should I select?

    hmm.. what could it be?
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    Battlefield 2: what video options should I select? A solution?
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    Battlefield 2: what video options should I select?

    why is the max BF2 resolution 1024x768 (well at least on my comp)?
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    6600 256mb vs 6600GT 128mb

    try to breed them. with a little luck you may get a litter of 6600gt 256MB cards
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    PowerDVD can't play on 2nd screen

    I have the same problem except I'm using one card for the dualview
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    dual 6600 GT?

    I'll have the dogs ready to sic him if he does anyway... SLI isn't as expensive as people would have you believe (KoolDrew). I got my SLI Mobo for $117 @ newegg refurb.... sure it was just a board in a static bag... but it really does not matter because the video cards (well at least mine...
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    dual 6600 GT?

    I would go for the 6600gt because of redundancy I've had some problems with video card reliablility in the past. That way if a video card should fail I can still play my normal games instead of reverting to an old crappy regular pci card. In some cases the 6800gt is more expensive than the...
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    nVidia to merge with AMD!

    An AMD and NVIDIA merger would be awesome. From my point of view NVIDIA has the best chipsets around. and AMD has the best processors. A merger would cause more cooperation between these companies and the both the manuf and the consumer would benefit. The consumer gets another kick ass product ...
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    laptop this a junker time for new one?

    get some replacement sells and rebuild the pack
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    Advice on fate of old laptop

    I have a pcg-c1x ( pentium 233 with 64MB or ram and it has a neomagic with 2.5MB ram.....and it runs windows xp. just remember that it will take longer to do everything with a newer os than with an older os so... pick the oldest one that you can live with, for me that would be windows 2000
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    UMMM laptops, Bleah

    there should be a small battery on the motherboard you can try unpluging it and waiting awhile (30 seconds) then plugging it back in. if there is not plug then short the battery out for 2 seconds and your cmos settings should be restored please attempt the first option before trying the second one
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    cheap low profile ccfl inverters

    nevermind. I'm switching to white LED backlighting.
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    converting joysticks

    nevermind. I found the answer elsewhere
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    converting joysticks

    is there any way to convert a joystick with a 15-pin d-sub connector into a USB joystick?
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    I don't remember. do you have a link?
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    looking for world's tiniest computer

    what about gumstix?
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    SLI video card memory division question

    is there any way to dump the contents of the videocard RAM into a file so that I may compare them?
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    SLI video card memory division question

    quick question... Say one has 2x 128MB videocards in an SLI config. does the system load the same thing into the video card memory. or does it only load the "half" that the video card is supposed to render? Let me state it another way... will 2 video cards with 128MB each behave like a...
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    Is this for real????

    could this be the work of a disgruntled worker?
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread

    nice heatsink... must be heavy
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    rebuilding battery packs

    does anyone know where I can get some low profile inverters for a few dollars? or has anyone tried using white LEDs for a backlight?
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    PCI-E vs AGP

    pci-e is the way of the future. if you're going to build a system you may as well build it to suit its future environment. That environment contains pci express