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    50 recruits...11 days...we can do it!!!

    Woo hoo ... hadn't checked the team stats page in a while ... I'm up to 325! not bad for just 3 machines ;)
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    BattleField Vietnam Map: Operation Hastings ...

    UnKnOwN666 hooked me up. Thanks again, man! :)
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    BattleField Vietnam Map: Operation Hastings ...

    Yeah, i tried using it on a diff computer, didn't work. The copy protection that BF:V's using is SafeDisk v2, I believe.
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    BattleField Vietnam Map: Operation Hastings ...

    I'm on a military base in the middle of BFE ... there is nobody else around here who plays video games (let's just say that these people think a p2 600e is 'high tech'), and everyone online that I know either plays RPGs or UT2k4 :mad:
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    BattleField Vietnam Map: Operation Hastings ...

    My map for BF:V Operation Hastings is corrupt, and won't install properly off the CDs (keeps giving CRC errors) Anyone know where I can download the Operation_Hastings.rfa file?
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    Lineage 2 open beta

    WoW ... definitely feels much more polished. The graphics are better , etc ... though, the lineage2 anime cuteness thing was pretty cool to see in a RPG. The dwarf girl was typical kawaii style.
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    I want to watch TV on my computer

    The Hauppauge is also well supported by all the PVR software, too, as a side note.
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    Suggestions of voice communication app for gaming???

    HAHA!!! Ahhhhh, the good ol' tribes days and Battle Comm ... man, BC sucked, hehe.
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    Suggestions of voice communication app for gaming???

    For the sake of simplicity, Teamspeak.
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    Far Cry vs BT:Vietnam vs UT2k4

    UT2K4 is fun ... but I really prefer BF:V right now ... the eyecandy value isn't as high, but I've had the most fun evar running people down with the H.Gunship in BF:V :)
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    Lineage 2 open beta

    Would it kill you to google for "open beta lineage"? :)
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    The *OFFICAL* is CS Dead or Not THREAD

    Damn, that was cold ... good one ;)
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    Original Intellimouse Explorer

    I've got the original, too ... I don't recall seeing 'em for sale in the last couple of years at all, unfortunately.
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    New Logitech Keyboard!

    Sadly, I've been thinking of going with the MS wireless setup ( ) because the logitec setup ( ) has that damned goofy shaped enter key.
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    Lineage 2 open beta

    It's damn near impossible to download the 1.08 GB install file ... I've been trying for the last few days, keep getting disconnected/denied.
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    The *OFFICAL* is CS Dead or Not THREAD

    You've obviously never taken a basic philosophy or logic course ... Boolean logic is quite fun to play with. You have 2 distinct logical groups ... the morons, and the CS players. The morons are (and I'm quoting from my own post): "the people who don't even recognize those titles"...
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    The *OFFICAL* is CS Dead or Not THREAD

    Question: Does anyone actually *care* if CS is dead or not? If you play it, it's not dead. If you don't play it, it's dead for you. Stop beating a dead horse. If you don't play it anymore, don't even bring up the subject of HL2, or Doom3, or FarCry, or BFV, or CoD to the people who don't...
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    2.8C / 2.8E or 3.0C

    Even with watercooling, don't get an E proc ... better off getting a C till the clock speeds increase for the Es.
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    car heatercore question

    You're bonkers ... but very nice mod ;)
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    Uses for a 300 MHz Pentium II w/ 128 MB RAM, and what can I upgrade on it?

    Load Gentoo on it, use it for a file server, music server, webserver, mail server, network time server, firewall, whatever you want ... there's a million and 1 uses for a P2 linux box!
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    Good Deal OEM DVD-RWs?

    You use whatever software you want with the drive ... it doesn't come bundled with Nero, or Roxio, etc ... use Alcohol 120, or DVD shrink, or even the Windows interface. Whatever burning software floats your boat. Drivers, if they don't come with the drive, can easily be downloaded from the...
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    Comparison: Antec vrs. Lian Li

    Most of the comps that I've built in the last 5 years have had slide out mobo trays. The first computer I built that had a slide out was a dual 233MHz Pentium. After that, I used to base all my case purchasing decisions on whether or not the case had a slide out mobo tray. Then one day I...
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    Far Cry a lock for GOTY?

    You could just end it all ... Just a thought ;)
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    how many don't use floppies?

    like several others, I have no floppy drive ... and there are no floppies in the computers at my workplace, either :) Drives some of my coworkers nuts, but I tell them to "usb, ftp, email, or use CDs". I removed the floppies from all the computers after the 5th person who came into my...
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    What are the advantages of optical sound?

    My favorite attribute about optical sound: 1 wire. Wire clutter = bad!
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    Comparison: Antec vrs. Lian Li

    I've built a few comps using the Sonata case ... it's a really nice case to work with, really. The lack of the slideout mobo tray is really it's only deficit, and that's only if you're swaping mobos quite a bit. Myself, I appreciate the HD accessability more than a mobo tray.
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    Here's what the BFV ATi "Whinning" is about

    Hell, you're lucky you've actually got video ... it keeps crashing on me, completely kills the video feed after about 2 to 4 minutes :) Gotta reboot to fix it.
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    UT2k4 Screenshots Thread 56k=56hours

    damnit, another new game i gotta get ... I finally picked up CoD last week ... BFV this week ... FarCry next week ... When the hell am I supposed to find time to play all those plus this one?!?! Grr.
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    Prescott 3.0E overclocking experience

    It's a standard 875p chipset, ought to recognize it just fine ... as for the melting part ... well, that's part of the fun :)
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    Prescott 3.0E overclocking experience

    I've got a 3.0E that I'll be testing as soon as I receive my abit MAX3 ... from the sounds of it, I'd best start thinking about a water cooling setup for it as well. For grins and giggles, I should try it out in my shuttle SB75G2 to see what kind of temps it gets, too :)
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    car heatercore question

    What kind of heatercore is that in the 3rd pic? :)
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    New PC not working

    Use a bigger hammer. No, it won't make the computer work, but it will make you feel better :)
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    Building a shuttle PC

    Just as a personal note ... I love my SB75G2 :) I have no complaints at all :D A box similar to mine can easily be built for less than 2k ... Box: 355 Ram: 280 DVDR: 100 Proc : 235 Vid: 220 WD Raptors 74gb x2: 450 That totals 1640 for a pretty decent system.
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    question to you gamers...

    Hahaha, glad to know I'm not the only one with DAOC problems ... I've got just about the exact same problem as you do ... an amd 1.2 w/ 512 ram, yadda yadda .... and a p4 3.0ghz w/ 1 gb ram ... same vid cards in both, a raedon 9700 pro. The amd runs DAOC better, go figure. Everything else...
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    Far Cry screenies (not dialup friendly)

    I'll second that question ... WTF, mate? :)
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    BF Vietnam. I'll never buy EA games again

    I've had the game in hand for about 3 days now ... my opinions: 1) I would have rather waited a few more months for some of the video errors to be worked out. I'm not having texture glitches, I'm experiencing a complete loss of video. Screen goes black, monitor light goes from green to...
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    Thanks everyone ... I thought it was a DesktopX object, since I saw the icon loaded in the tray. Thought someone might have created a DX object that looked like rainlendar :)
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    OUCH! Gotta love the monkeys at FedEx..... NOT!

    I shipped a couple of personal servers about 2 years ago, from alaska to california via FedEx ... they weren't anything special, just a couple of AMD K63-450s ... But I made sure they were well packed at the FedEx location, and I put insurance on each for 3.5K (each was really worth 2.5k or so)...
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    Safe Secure Water Cooling System.

    I don't know if such a mechanism exists as a commercial product, but I've used flowmeteres and a piece of custom software to acheive that process ... when the flowmeter(s) indicate that the water pressure is too low, it would shut off the computer. Get an electronic flowmeter and excercise...
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    Sagar, what's the name of the desktopx object that you're using for a calendar? :)