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    NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Video Card Review @ [H]ardOCP

    by the way Kyle why there isn't any oc comparison ?
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    NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Video Card Review @ [H]ardOCP

    except that bogus in skyrim there isn't much to hype about sorry actually this card makes amd look better in single gpu area compared to previous gens
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    [Kepler/GTX 680] Info's in... $400-450? + benches + thermals (56k warning)

    uhmm i don't remember amd trying to win on single gpu front so being behind in single gpu area means nothing to them since their double one is/was stong performer. Now 680 looks like a solid card but nothing to hype about sorry and as for drivers don't know about hd7xxx series but my hd6950...
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    [Kepler/GTX 680] Info's in... $400-450? + benches + thermals (56k warning)

    why the hell they are in trouble ? those results are pretty weak for gpu that comes 3 months behind.Amd can lower prices any time they want that isn't problem imho
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    Charlie now says Nvidia will cheat to beat the 7970?

    nvidia did this before with cherry picked 5 games (far cry etc) i think those were for bing bang drivers and nearly all review sites followed their advice to test only those games
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    looks nice don't know about cooling never tried :p
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    like their logo and box design also like HD6990 so i am in :P
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    Heard great things about twin frozr cooler but never had a chance to experience it myself so hope that i get one ; )
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    Nvidia's new cards do not play nice with old games

    i myself had problems while playing nocturne with 4xx series card changed to 2xx and problems were gone
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    MSI : Operation Las Vegas & 3DMark11 Giveaway

    free stufffffffff i am in
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    HD6970 vs gtx580 benchmarks

    lol just because one biased game like lost planet 2 people start thinking that 6970 isn't that fast ? i bet you'll be suprised tomorrow ......
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    ATI HD 6970 actual benchmarks

    its not that hard to use your brain a little and guess that this scores mean 6970 is nearly on par with 580
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    GTX460>HD6850 2010 Holiday season Winner

    yeah actually it is quiet opposite newegg loves to up the prices of hot selling cards so currently 68xx series are selling very well
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    GTX460>HD6850 2010 Holiday season Winner

    pretty lame statement i don't see any wiping
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    ASUS EAH6850 DirectCU Video Card Review @ [H]

    gtx 460 died so quickly and it supposed to be new 8800 gt lol
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    GeForce GTX 580 vs. Radeon HD 5970 2GB Performance @ [H]

    meh there is 4 gb version of 5970 you could easily test against it
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    PowerColor confirms 69xx faster than GTX580

    lol 6xxx series rock when it comes to cf its not anything like 5xxx series so yeah you might get bothered after all :D
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    HD68X0 and GTX460 official comparision

    giving up the race which they still lead with 5970 ? wha ? what a pointless post lol 6870 is replacement for 5770 so its mid range product cayman xt aka 6970 is the one which is going to replace 5870 and it is gonna arrive on november
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    6870 Benchmarks Leaked

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    GeForce GTX 460 1GB SLI vs. Radeon HD 5850 CFX @ [H]

    meh you can oc 5850 too why compare soc card to standard 5850 ? nearly every 5850 can go up to 850 or something
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    you shouldn't cause everybody does :P
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    GTX460 Reviews

    i suggest you to check whole bench instead of cherry picked few occasions before drawing wrong conclusion ;)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Review @ [H]

    well 5850 ocs pretty damn well either :D amd just needs to lower 5850 price to original msrp and all this 460 hype will end or may be launch there new series cause its about time
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Review @ [H]

    lol what ? :D are you serious
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    The EVGA and BFG European Fiasco's have hit nVidia in the stock hard..

    zotac and sapphire are 2 different companies don't get confused that was said by sapphires manager. i think they used same fab or something which led to this conclusion
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    Leaked 256 driver supports 3D Vision Surround

    one thing i understand from this thread is after 7 month of nothingness people really get too much excited lol nice to see nvidia boys finally getting what they were promised
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    What happened to ati 3d vision solution?

    i think ati realised that tech isn't quiet there yet so they dropped project
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    Should I trade a pair of 470's + $100 Cash for a single 5970

    do it i say ! 5970 is underclocked 5870s in one pcb plus you get 100 more for better card
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    ASUS EAH5830 DirectCU Review @ [H]

    +1 seriously from now on all custom cooling models must be benched this way there is no point in benching with stock settings we already now how good reference model are
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    eVGA SLI GTX 480

    i was talking about games
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    eVGA SLI GTX 480

    we need 5870 cf result for comparison
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    Powerdvd 10 issue : Ati steam grayed out with HD5850

    have you installed any extra stuff except normal driver ?
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    Powerdvd 10 issue : Ati steam grayed out with HD5850

    Ok guys i am having this weird issue with new powerdvd 10 ati stream option under Truetheater Hd is unselectable so i am using cpu instead of gpu. Is it common problem or something ? Btw using 10.3 catalyst official one
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    Metro 2033 DirectX 11 Gameplay Performance and IQ @ [H] seems nvidia cards make things a bit blurry according to this article. have you guys noticed this kinda problem ?
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    Who overclocks their HD 5870?

    thx for reply i already did that thought there was some other way :( seems custom sapphire pcbs don't have voltage regulators what a cheapo company
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    Who overclocks their HD 5870?

    what have you done exactly to bring out voltage control ?
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    Did i get ripped off?

    i had exact problem like you with my 7800gs from xfx :mad:
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    GTX 280/5870: Comparisons/Results

    now ironic part is that mass effect 2 is ati game :rolleyes: but for some weird reason my characters disappear :o and game is awfully glitchy with 10.3 drivers
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    When is the 5890 2GB coming?

    Southern Islands (SI) is a 40nm family, and from early information, it looks to be a hybrid between Evergreen and Northern Islands. The architectural details are quite slim now, but it looks like ATI took the uncore from NI and put the shaders from Evergreen on it. Think of it as taking the...