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    World of Warcraft Classic

    Been in the queue on Incendius since 9pm EST and it's now almost 12.....
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    Thoughts on Rimworld?

    I have 481 hours in this game, definitely worth it. It's probably the only early access game I've ever bought.
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    MSRP of the MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6gb?

    I believe EVGA has an auto-notify.
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    New Tesla Roadster Up Close and Personal

    Or it's because last time he was pushing a false narrative about their cars catching on fire? Cry me a fucking river.
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    BItcoin Pushing Back Up This Morning

    No you didn't. There was obviously a /s in there you clearly missed.
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    Netflix Goes Cyberpunk with Altered Carbon

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    Virgin Hyperloop One Sets New Speed Record

    It's accurate but overall irrelevant as to whether or not it's faster than what Elon Musk has done. Also not sure what's going on with the Richard Branson dick-sucking either. Montu has a record of shitting on anything Musk related, despite the fact that it was Musk who kick started this in...
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    Virgin Hyperloop One Sets New Speed Record

    Didn't even have to look to know who posted this just based on the bias.
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    Tesla Foul-Up Causes Global Shortage of Cylindrical Batteries

    Yeah I don't come to the [H] for this blatant ignorant bias. What is this, CNN?
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    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

    I will definitely pick this up as well. I used to play on one of the top rated PW's. I wish I could remember the world/server name. It was originally Tarala or something like that and the userbase all migrated to a new server run by one of the players, Salvanas
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    Nazi Forums Closed as Reddit Purges "Violent Content"

    So it's ok to incite violence against someone you disagree with. Got it.
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    Nazi Forums Closed as Reddit Purges "Violent Content"

    I hope they also crack down on anti-alt right groups as well. Not that I in any way agree with their message, inciting violence against them is just as bad.
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    Google Acquires HTC’s Pixel Team for $1.1 Billion

    Not sure how this is the same as Motorola. If I am understanding this correctly, google is just buying the employees in the department that develops the Pixel. So HTC is not actually selling off any part of their business really.
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    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter launches later this month

    How does this compare to the original? I had some issues with character creation being a little eh to me as well as some of the mechanics being slightly wonky.
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    Raja Leaves Radeon Technologies Group for Now

    Everyone needs a vacation, especially if you have family.
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    She Downloaded 54K Pr0ns

    Based on the article, some of the filenames were listed in different languages, such as Korean/Japanese symbols and Cyrillic. I doubt she would be able to recognize what it was from that.
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    NASA Plans to Crash Satellite Into Asteroid

    Yeah what if they unwittingly redirect it into earth?
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    Why are Android phones so unreliable?

    Had a S3. Was a piece of crap, had a retarded issue where GPS would stop working when the screws came loose. Had to constantly tighten the screws under the battery cover to avoid getting stranded when I used to drive around a lot. Had an s4, nothing special. Then moved to a note 5. I've had mine...
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    SpaceX Successfully Launches Used Dragon Cargo Ship in Historic First

    Also with the ISS capturing the Dragon capsule as of a few hours ago, this marks the first time a vehicle has visited the ISS more than once since the last Space Shuttle mission. And it's historic because landing first stage rockets has become routine now, it is no longer experimental.
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    Nintendo Accused of Monopolizing The Gaming Industry - circa 1991

    And IIRC they've been doing this since at LEAST the N64 era...
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    GOG Galaxy Client Receives Cloud Saves and More

    When is this actually being released? The link posted just links to the beta client.
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    GTX 1080 Ti Test on Ryzen and Intel Kaby Lake

    From that review it seems the higher the resolution the closer in performance the two become.
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    Microsoft Waves “Early Goodbye” To Windows 7, Pushes Windows 10 Upgrades

    I wish they would fix joining windows 10 to domains. It breaks the start menu and every other built in app.
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    X-Wing VM - Original Xwing Modded in Unity

    Nope it had a CD soundtrack on the disc. Well I know X-Wing V Tiefighter did. I remember popping in my CD player and listening to it.
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    AMD vs Nvidia; GTX 1060 vs. RX 480 - An Updated Review.

    I stand corrected on this. I did not realize the 1060 was also OC'd, I thought only the 480 was. For the price compared to the 1060 it seems like the best bang for your buck in that regard.
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    AMD vs Nvidia; GTX 1060 vs. RX 480 - An Updated Review.

    What about the latest RX480 review from [H]? The 1060 still destroys the 480.
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    are you going to abandon intel for ryzen?

    Threads like this make me lol. I don't have any loyalty to one or the other. If AMD releases a chip at the price point I'm interested in, and it out performs intel and has no disadvantages or it has advantages that outweigh the Intel chip, then yes I would buy one.
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    Ran this on my work PC: I5-4590 @ 3.3GHZ - 1:46
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    1:43.97 on a 3570k @ 4.05GHZ 150 samples
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    Increased my OC to 4.4 on my 3570k and now getting 2:10.48
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    3570k @ 4.05 ghz 2:18
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    Smart Electric Go Kart For Kids

    Considering that a shitty PowerWheels will set you back 3-400, its not that far fetched.
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    Someone is greedy
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    Windows 10 Is Broken: Fix It, Microsoft!

    I seem to have an issue where joining any windows 10 PC to a domain disables all built in apps including the start menu. Have not been able to locate a fix yet, rather aggravating.
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    I've gone through every city, I believe Cincinnati is the only city with the 960 left for $57. I considered renting a UPS mailbox and then having it delivered there but pretty sure that won't work.
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    I seem to have missed all the deals, now I'm just holding on to hope that maybe they will drop the price on this:
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    Cincinnati 45232 - MSI 960 $59.24, Evga 970 $77.50 Damn, someone want to hook me up with that 970?
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    And all the video cards are gone, well fuck
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    23320 Well not actually where I live but I know someone who does and its not too far from me.
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    The MSI 970 is still there though. Hopefully it will be when I get paid tomorrow. The WD drive is there as well.