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    cable system problem

    We have an apparent problem with someone hacking a cable system I advise for. I am not a Cisco guy, but I can put around a bit. I have some tools to monitor the network, manage QoS, etc, but they work between the CMTS and the router. I need to monitor network traffic on the RF side of the...
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    New computer has latency issues?

    Probably a driver problem. Try to identify the chipset and download the driver from the chipset manufacturer.
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    Vista networking issue

    Vista has some security enabled by default, firewall and antispyware/basic worm protection. Gotta either configure a passthrough or disable entirely. I don't remember details, I've only got a few customers with Vista. I've only set it up once.
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    problem with laptop wireless and bluetooth

    the CM9 is internal, mini PCI, $49. Might find it cheaper as well.
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    Anyone know why I am being asked for a password to view my shared folders?

    My issue was an automatic mapping with a different user name. Windows just refused to keep the user/pass info for the map.
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    Looking for a Reliable Wireless Router

    Get a cheap atheros based wireless card, couple of nics and an old computer. pfsense, dd-wrt x86, etc... torrents and p2p are hard on routers, especially wireless.
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    problem with laptop wireless and bluetooth

    The Intel 2200bg is good hardware with really crappy drivers. Try the newest drivers, certain drivers seem to work for certain people. Another thing, go to the adapter settings in the Intel wireless ap, set the tx power to the notch just below the max. This seems to fix a lot of problems on...
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    Anyone know why I am being asked for a password to view my shared folders?

    on the same note, my dad's computer (he's tied into my net connection and files) simply refused to keep the shared user/pass one day. I had to create user/pass on my media sharing PC so he could access. Had it been a customer, I would have tried to find a solution, however, I never...
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    College Student Needs major advice; seeking network security career... help

    if you're into security, get your CCNA and study linux. Build a network with linux and cisco, that seems to be the norm nowadays, and certainly the learning curve will give you more questions than answers. If you can figure it out, you've got it made. You need to tinker with various...
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    What are your IT job hours?

    Like YeOldStonedCat and swatbat, consultant/owner/ditchdigger. 8-9am or whenever the first call comes in, paperwork, the previous day's paperwork, run all over, put 300 miles on my car, fix laptops (no one else in the area will touch them), get home/office around 3-5pm, write down what I need...
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    Software vs Hardware Firewall

    While I agree about Spybot/Adaware, I have tons of customers with spywaredoctor that call me because their system is fried. I've not been impressed by any version of Norton when it comes to spyware. I still make quite a bit of money cleaning spyware, and more than a few of my customers use...
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    Dell Switches and Network Equipement

    another vote for Procurve. Good support, unlike Dell.
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    Software vs Hardware Firewall

    just curious. Nice to know as the winsock reset isn't available pre-SP2 and sometimes my brain and my fingers don't agree on the order of the letters... I've used LSPFix.exe before, but it doesn't reset to default, just lets you pull out the offending plugins/changes.
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    Software vs Hardware Firewall

    doesn't "netsh winsock reset" command do the same thing as your link? It doesn't give the option to back up your previous config, but...
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    Can someone tell me a good Wifi sigial booster?

    Just for clarity, most AP's with 2 antennas use diversity, it picks the antenna with the best signal automatically. I have set up one antenna outdoors, the other antenna indoors and tested a bridge between two houses. The way the router chooses the antenna isn't efficient enough, and the...
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    Can someone tell me a good Wifi sigial booster?

    One easy method, get a WRT54GL or Buffalo WHR G54S, flash to DD-WRT, set up as WDS repeaters, one for each floor. It is much cheaper than the antennas and coax for this type of situation. You will cut your bandwidth in half every repeat. AP1 will have full 54Mb bandwidth, AP2 repeating AP1...
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    Can someone tell me a good Wifi sigial booster? For Linksys/Cisco/some comercial grade stuff, you'll need the RPTNC antenna, for just about everything else, you'll need RPSMA. The lower the gain, the more round the signal is, the higher the gain, the more range you get to the...
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    Can someone tell me a good Wifi sigial booster?

    Yep, high gain omni antennas tend to flatten your signal out, but still have similar if not better gain than the stock 2dBi rubber duck antennas, even in the weaker areas. Not many consumer grade wireless devices have more than 2dBi. Huge difference between 2dBi and 3dB. If you need signal...
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    Can someone tell me a good Wifi sigial booster?

    I forgot about them in my first post, but has regular rubber ducky antennas up to 9dBi, just screws right onto the router, somewhere in the $20 range. You don't need an amplifier for this. You need a better antenna. Amplifiers increase noise, increase power output, decrease...
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    MCE 2005 can't ping anything on network other than router and itself

    "ipconfig /all" check your DNS, gateway, etc. "netsh winsock reset" resets your TCP/IP, fixes most lsp problems, which may be the cause of yours. When you ping your router, does it show the correct address in "pinging" or does it have gibberish instead of the IP?
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    Who here does NOT use any type of anti-virus or spyware? (windows users only)

    This is from several pages back, but wth... Its more akin to driving with a marginal or nonexistant braking system and driving carefully. If everything else works right 100% of the time, I can drive a car carefully without brakes. Its when the kid runs out in front of me or some idiot pulls out...
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    Can someone tell me a good Wifi sigial booster?

    Go to, get a 10.5dBi omni for 2.4GHz, RPTNC to NMale pigtail with length of your choosing (short as will work for you). Somewhere around $75. Ugly, but very effective. Another option, get the Linksys 7dBi antennas, about $40, but from what I've been told, they're not all...
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    I haven't tried it with my laptop and Intel card. My RaLink does not work in AP mode. Driver issue.
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    HyperWRT and DDWRT users - problem and questions

    Which software works? Its been awhile, but out of 5 client apps, every one of them failed eventually. One might last through a reboot, one might last a couple of months, but they all kick the can eventually.
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    Wireless network issues...driving me nuts!

    I've had to replace one of those under warranty, pretty high failure rate. I'd go with a Buffalo WHR G54S, good, cheap, solid and third party firmware options.
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    Not so simple would be setting up Ubuntu or another distro and doing it all manually. I don't know of any quick fix router OS that supports wireless. Clarkconnect and Endian don't, I haven't tried m0n0wall or IPCop, but I don't think they support wireless either. I pulled a used Celeron 900...
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    I don't know of any quick "plug and play" distros that support wireless aside from DD-WRT and Mikrotik, both require Atheros chipsets. Its not just the cards, its the drivers. I don't think most linux drivers support AP mode. A Trendnet PCI BG or ABG card is around $25-35, that is the...
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    the x86 version of DD-WRT is free without wireless and free to register a full version at least once. For just a simple router, its the lightest and probably easiest to configure, but requires a wireless card with an Atheros chipset. The interface is simple, easy to manage.
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    You asked if the x86 version was for sale and linked to that article. You indicated your position quite well.:rolleyes: DD-WRT is not a hacked version of the Linksys or Sveasoft firmware. The x86 version is not a hacked version of anything, it is as much their own work as anything can be in...
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    Last post on the topic of GPL for me, I can fix just about any screwup Bob may do to his PC. Most of these fixes are freely available on the internet and downloadable as a 2 click fix for his problem. Does that mean I should not get paid for my knowledge as to where to look or how to fix his...
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    Number one, this article isn't 100% accurate, number 2, the guy needs to eat, don't he? Broadcom stuff is free, x86 is much more powerful, so its for sale. The source is still available, where's the problem?
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    POS, inventory and invoicing software?

    Its for a customer of mine. They sell catfish farm equip, aerators (sp) parts, bearings, service, maintainance, work on tractors, make stuff, etc... lots of inventory to track.
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    POS, inventory and invoicing software?

    Not strictly networking, but it has to be networked, so I figured this would be the group of people to ask. I need some options for point of sale, inventory management and invoicing other than Quickbooks. Starting with 3 PC's and one remote access over VPN.
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    The current WRT54G sucks. WRT54GL has 4 or 8 MB flash, 16MB of RAM. WRT54GS v4 and below has 4 or 8 MB flash (really don't remember) and 32MB of RAM. I'm not sure if the Buffalo has 16 or 32MB of RAM, never really looked into it. DD-WRT also runs on x86 boxes now. I tried it on a P90...
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    Broadcom wireless card

    The more recent broadcom mini PCI cards in laptops, several Gateways, Dells, Compaq/HP, really are not that reliable. Just one example I've run into lately, my bro'in'law's D820 will connect to my Linksys WRT54GS but not his dad's US Robotics AP. It will only connect to about half of the AP's...
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    network play in WINE in linux?

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    One way recognation on home network?

    Create an administrator account on both machines with the same user/pass, login with it and see if you can access it then. I've got a corruption on my laptop that won't allow the same login/pass to access it over the network, but it doesn't really bother me, just means file sharing won't work...
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    LAN Problem (cannot share files/play games after format)

    Give it a day or two for your router or whatever runs DHCP to drop the lease and lease a new address to the system. I can go in right now and change my IP on any one of my PC's and I can't ping by name until my main PC running ICS sees the system with the new IP. Might take a day, might take...
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    Massive packet loss on WiFi with WPA enabled

    Packet loss is not the norm. I've got routers set up with less than 1% packet loss at -75dB. You shouldn't lose enough packets to notice. If you move around or have lots of interference, lots of wireless nearby, your milage may vary. Every time it drops to a slower connection speed, you...
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    WEP vs. WPA security

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I gotta take some time to set up free radius.