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    2x 850 EVO 500 SSDs NIB

    149.99 each on newegg
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    FS: 140mm Fans NOCTUA and Fractal Design

    how long have the fans been in use for? as for no accessories ill assume no low noise cables * w/e they are called :) *
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    Cleaning out my closet, multiple FS

    Maximus V Gene this is a board i bought off ebay only to realize one of the sata 3 ports isn't picking up devices....theres also an issue going on with one of the ram slots the cpu socket & overall board appears to be in good condition accessories included...
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    FS: Maximus V Gene

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    WTB - Maximus V

    have a maximus v gene i wanna sell.....unless u wanted a atx board
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    Twitch Bans Sexually Suggestive Clothing

    more than likely it'll follow the jtv ban schedule where if someone wants attention there will be spare accounts making the ban ineffective
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces G20 Desktop

    wasn't this announced awhile ago? anyways it'd be nice to see a rog aio unit instead of towers
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    Securifi Almond+ Router (New)

    $89 on amazon....
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    Silverstone Sugo SG13 Mini-ITX

    rather has a meshed intake vs the limited flow of a each their own :D
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    Silverstone Sugo SG13 Mini-ITX

    never seen a itx board with dual usb 3 headers....but it'd be a welcome surprise :D as for the design i'm getting a shuttle vibe from it....if only it came with a handle :(
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    Help me get my mini HTPC setup google is your friend :)
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    Silverstone SX500-LG 500W Gold SFX-L

    i'd anticipate that there would be an extra charge for custom shorted cables as modular cables are usually full sized therefore my interest in the sx600 with the built in short cable set, and the modular system being an added bonus theres little interest in the 450 as a higher wattage gives...
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    Silverstone SX500-LG 500W Gold SFX-L

    ignore the dust :D but i'm looking for more breathing room in the the moment out of laziness i keep the top off and the long corsair psu wires hanging out the does the job but its just too long for me :( also at this orientation i am unable to fit a 120mm fan on the...
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    Silverstone SX500-LG 500W Gold SFX-L

    not trying to hate just my reaction to the johnnyguru review :) just hoping the complaints don't transfer over to the 500 as i'm in need of a sfx psu for my silverstone sg10
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    Silverstone SX500-LG 500W Gold SFX-L

    there would be less to scrutinize if higher quality parts were used in its construction, such as the capacitors sure it would cost more but i'd gladly pay the difference if the same lack of quality returns to the upcoming sx500-lg i'm sure the same complaint train will ride once again :(
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    Strange Issues

    since you don't have any spare hardware at hand i would just grab a cheapo gpu to verify what the noise is coming from........then again its late so i would just unplug the card.....if its still whining it'll be the psu i dread rma/remanufactured parts as they tend to be least in...
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    Verizon Throttling Connection (Netflix, Youtube)

    comcrap throttles as well unfortunately have you tried using a proxy?
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    Newegg has all the R9's listed now....

    just a shame theres no prices just the coming soon :(
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    Microsoft Pays Out $100k Bounty for Windows 8.1 Bug

    just a reaction of not liking 8 still :) if its a bug that affects 7 then yea its another thing to worry about....
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    Samsung 840 pro 512gb for $240 shipped

    0 feedback no wonder it was cheap lol gl :)
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    Microsoft Pays Out $100k Bounty for Windows 8.1 Bug

    this is just another reason to stick with 7 and a non ie browser :) if u need the activex ie tab for chrome has gotten much better
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    MasterCard Joining Push for Fingerprint ID Standard

    i'll buy half the company :) outside the mythbusters heres another example why its best to avoid the tech then again you'd be selling cases of this.....just creepy how some tech has the potential to screw us over
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    Adobe Flash Player Replacement 'Shumway' Lands in Firefox 27

    no offense but what rock have you been hiding under lol memory leaks and firefox walk hand in hand....then again exhaustive memory spikes are often due to random sites like youtube i use ff and chrome as some sites tend to run better on a certain platform go figure :confused: the last...
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    Malwarebytes Puts Antivirus Cleanup Program on a USB Stick

    then again i tend to misplace my usb sticks quite shame u cant edit front page threads :(
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    Malwarebytes Puts Antivirus Cleanup Program on a USB Stick

    long as it doesn't mess with my patches im all for it :)
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    Robots Are Going To Kill Us ALL!

    long as it doesn't fail on stairs like that honda robot and the ed-209 did :)
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    New Nvidia GK110 Based Card Launch – GTX Titan Ultra?

    i'd like to see some aftermarket solutions of the updated tians for better overclocking then again this is for the uber rich niche so that probably won't happen :(
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    PlayStation DualShock 4 Compatible with Windows PCs

    or you could just get this.....had it for awhile and still going strong
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    MasterCard Joining Push for Fingerprint ID Standard

    thats what i was thinking....they proved how easy is it to was to trick the system with a piece of freaking paper! first the iphone5s and now this ugh what next
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    Microsoft Recycling Inactive Email Addresses

    its a good idea for those who never use the address and just use references as placeholders * for example* then again i'd be pissed if i was away from my computer for a year only to find out everything had been removed lol
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    Very excited about Surface Pro 2

    if you're looking for a pen device you're probably better off with the Cintiq Companion as for me i didn't like the keyboard and if it gets recycled i'll be looking elsewhere :(
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    Antec Gaming Series One?

    my first impression is that its a simple case so its not in the hundred naming scheme *300 1100 etc* pretty yawn but it seems bare bones for a simple build my only complaint about it is how it looks like another cheap stamped case....t would prefer a plain side to what they have there in the...
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    Shall I give it a Neutral or Negative heat

    being a code seller in the past i make it my number 1 rule to never give refunds for codes that were sent out as theres always a chance the buyer will use it or resell it elsewhere just give the guy a + and call it a day....they only deserve a neutral or neg for giving you nothing i've had...
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    What's faster

    thats a ton of potential heat ick there appears to be a better memory bus on the 7950 so those might give a slight edge in performance i would expect much more performance with quad but only if your app supports it if those...
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    [N] Opt-out is installed but i still see the ad

    yep it i suggested a membership for dedicated company support vs ad revenue pennies no need to be rude...i am using the hardforum opt-out extension and its not working
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    [N] Opt-out is installed but i still see the ad

    *grumble* there needs to be a [H] membership or something.....sick of this mess ignore the too much water on the k750 and ruined it :(
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    Help with Straight Talk

    thats the case i'm stuck in on my old samsung st phone