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    Sound card for recording

    The card you linked to is a great choice. My girlfriend is using one if you want to know the feedback for decent consumer recording capabilities. You could also look at TerraTec, not sure if they have the stuff you need.
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    Computer Audio Hot Deals

    Unfortunately Mister X, this forum still can't take a joke :(
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    Computer Audio Hot Deals

    Hi Mister X :D
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    Computer Audio Hot Deals

    Buy me one :(
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    speaker issues

    Check to see if all the cords are in :eek:
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    Creative's new audio chip: The X-Fi

    only if you plan on overclocking :eek:
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    Best 2.1 system

    You guys circle-jerk too much. A noob may be a noob as you call it, but more than likely someone can be more lazy than noob. That's what these multimedia sets offer, effortless setup (for the most part), and decent sound (for the size). I doubt the average consumer (hurr noob) wants to go...
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    ProMedia Ultra 2.0

    I thought this was a sound forum, not visual asthetics?
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    Digital output cable?

    This has been "attacked" quite a bit by a number of people, but that "digital output" refers to Creative's proprietary connection that's used by their speakers. Theoretically, you could be a 1/8" adapter -> coax cable and run a digital stream down it, but I can't say since I've never tried it.
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    Audigy 1 vs. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

    :rolleyes: What a truly informative post. I like both cards, but I haven't seen a regular Audigy 1 on the shelves for quite sometime. Is it an original (wow) or an LS? Technically, the TBSC has a better DAC than the Audigy, but I prefer the Audigy because of it's soft(bloat)ware, and...
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    so mad at creative right now

    Hurrrrrr monster cable. Damn Creative for not accepting my overpriced cables! :mad:
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    y helo ther :)
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    what :confused:
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    Need a desktop replacement for college.

    I've tried the Alienware Mobile's and they are great, but quite heavy. Battery life isn't too long on those, but like you said that doesn't matter. Not quite up to par on desktop video cards, but it does the job, especially for a laptop. The Dell XPS's are a bit bulkier, but pretty much...
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    Adding ram to a laptop.

    $45 + CA tax for a Viking 256 stick of PC2100
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    Adding ram to a laptop.

    Found it. Thanks duders.
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    Adding ram to a laptop.

    Can you take a picture of like where this flap is supposedly located? :) Thanks
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    Adding ram to a laptop.

    Never tried before, but does anyone have tips for adding ram (more specifically, a stick of 256 pc2100 to a dell inspiron 1100 I believe it is)? Is it easy?
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    Creative Audigy Platinum or Gametheater XP?

    'fraid so Mr. xonik :( Stable-er :confused: Drivers, somewhat better sound quality, funner toys in the software
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    Creative Audigy Platinum or Gametheater XP?

    :confused: So much bickering. I say get the Audigy Platinum, install the A2ZS drivers on it. End of sto-- End of my opinion.
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    Audio Card Decisions

    I think I've seen the ES more than the LS version, the differences between the two however... :confused:
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    Non-digital 5.1 Surround in DVD's?

    You have things a bit confused. Soundstorm encodes Dolby Digital on the fly so you can output it to a receiver to have it decode (just nanoseconds later) so you get surround sound on an external decoder/receiver hooked up to speakers. Using analog, your sound quality won't be terrible, but...
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    Has Soundstorm been replaced?

    Last I saw nVidia gave up the whole Soundstorm thing. Tis a shame.
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    new speakers

    Hit right on the bullseye :cool:
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    Att: PC audiophiles

    Noise from my PC isn't really a problem, as either 1) My headphones drown them out, semi-open HD497's barely even pick up the noise from my computer, or 2) My speakers are loud enough that I don't hear my PC. I switch to headphones if I'm just going to turn my speakers down that low that I can...
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    new speakers

    Logitech is renowned for having that "BOOM BOOOM BOOM" bass, and "vibrating the room bass" is pretty much the same thing. It isn't tight bass, that's for sure. Sure didn't hit that mark with the Z-5300's. For $150, I'm sure no one is complaining. As for the Z-560's, I've had nothing...
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    Homemade 4.1s?

    Most multimedia 2.1 sets you buy have the LFE channel down a single stereo 1/8" connector. Simply put, most 2.1 sets have a single cord. You hook one set up to the front channel input, the second to the rear channel input. My second subwoofer is different, as you plug in all your cords to...
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    Homemade 4.1s?

    5.2 baby :cool: Anyways yes it is possible, and recommended you do it with two of the same sets (continuity with quality and sound). Klipsch used to sell the Promedia 4.2's, which was effectively just two of their 2.1 sets.
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    Mp3 Players?

    You might want to look into other ones that support more formats (The iRiver for one, supports OGG files), or better yet, the Rio Karma which supports OGG and FLAC formats, but these are a tad bit more expensive than what you are looking for (and that is if you are looking at quality, things...
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    what sound card should replace my onboard?

    Plenty of "budget" cards at your disposal. Audigy LS/ES TBSC The Chaintech X86 recommended. If you're lucky you might be able to find someone selling a Game Theater XP for about that much also ($50)
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    My Sound card working as a receiver???

    It's just your speakers picking up shit in the air, not at all surprising during an electrical storm. You should be unplugging your cute electronics from the wall during a storm like that anyways. :eek:
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    A "Real" surround sound system... :D

    I never said it did change the fact. It's just something :cool:
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    A "Real" surround sound system... :D

    Less you get a DVD-A Player :cool:
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    Sblive softmod

    Well I wouldn't expect the jump in performance or sound quality to be that great because yes, you do have a Live! series. However, a lot of people miss the part of uninstalling the WDM drivers left previously by Creative. There's a execute in the ZS installation folder somewhere labeled...
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    Sblive softmod

    How is an Audigy 2 ZS "relatively" old? It's one of the best consumer sound cards on the market, despite it's bloatware properties when it comes to its driver package. s8n: I have the A2ZS drivers installed over my Audigy 1 on two different computers, and it doesn't take up anything in...
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    A "Real" surround sound system... :D

    Not true. You can't get Dolby Digital 5.1 on-the-fly unless you have soundstorm, however, things that are already pre-encoded with a 5.1+ stream can be outputted to a receiver quite easily with say an M-Audio Revolution. Most mini-receievers and HT's-in-a-box have the ability to accept a...
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    Sound issues using hardware audio in games

    CMSS is Creative's patended 3D upmixing technology. Depending on which one you use (CMSS 1 or CMSS 2), you find different blends in the way it upmixes stereo sound. Personally, I'd rather not use any of them, and use the Stereo Surround option they include in the ZS series.
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    Any Recommendations on Recievers?

    Yep :) Got it for $118 + tax = ~$128 or so.
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    Any Recommendations on Recievers?

    I love my Onkyo. Got it pretty cheap (about $120) from a sale a while ago, haven't had any problems with it, and some nice features on it :cool: