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    3440 x 1440 34 inch ultrawide monitor question

    Yes, you can play games at 2560x1440p, 1:1 scaling, with black bars on the side. Just set the aspect ratio on the monitor to 1:1 and make sure to turn off scaling on your videocard settings. Downscaling is not required, it will do 1:1 2560x1440p. I do this with a few older games on my Dell U3415W.
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    Smallest ITX case than can accomodate low profile two slot gpu.

    You may want to consider the Alienware Alpha since it's GPU is equivalent to the 750 ti.
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Me too. Ranked is so stressful, I play mostly ARAM now.
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    The player base for L4D2 is more than twice as much as Evolve, and it came out more than 5 years ago....
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    Most aesthetically appealing Video Cards of All Time?

    lol, that is AMAZING. I need this card in my life.
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    Inside the Falcon Northwest Tiki (11.7L case)

    The hexagonal intake holes on the side panel are indeed laser cut, as well as the falcon logo.
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    Inside the Falcon Northwest Tiki (11.7L case)

    The GPU intake fan is used because their is ~1" gap between the GPU and side panel. If they didn't have a fan there you'll get a bit of exhaust blowback from the CPU exhaust. It's also used to balance the airflow. I've read that the CPU at full load would actually cause the GPU intake opening to...
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    Ducky Legend and Razer Deathadder Classic.
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    Inside the Falcon Northwest Tiki (11.7L case)

    The airflow design is very interesting. You have active intakes for all the major hotspots (CPU, GPU, PSU) providing direct fresh air from the sides panels. Their are no active exhausts, only passive vents on the top and back of the case. The design works, hot air directly out the back of the...
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    Inside the Falcon Northwest Tiki (11.7L case)

    Once you remove the drive bay bracket you'll have access to the PSU and GPU. The SX600-G is mounted to a removable L-shaped bracket. Their is small space between the PSU and front case panel, it's needed to clear the modular PSU connectors. Using an SFX-L PSU such as the SX500-LG would not be...
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    Inside the Falcon Northwest Tiki (11.7L case)

    The liquid cooling is an Asetek 550LC which is the same thing as the Corsair H55. It uses a custom 12mm thick 120mm Scythe fan. Its basically a SY1212SL12H with a 4-pin PWM. The gap between the pump and fan is only 6mm. The clearance for the hoses is also very tight. It's pretty amazing to see...
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    Inside the Falcon Northwest Tiki (11.7L case)

    The granite base is included for stability, but you can use it without. The front is very clean, with only the backlit falcon logo. Everything is nicely laid out on the top panel. (power/reset buttons, slot loading optical drive, USB 3.0, audio, top vent). Nice to see the bulky power cable...
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    Inside the Falcon Northwest Tiki (11.7L case)

    MANUFACTURER: SilverStone (custom made for Falcon Northwest) DIMENSIONS: 4" x 13.25" x 13.5" (without granite base) VOLUME: 11.725 Liter MOBO: Mini-ITX GPU: full length dual slot (reference blower style recommended) PCI-E: 90° riser card with extender PSU: SFX ODD: internal slim HDD: x2...
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    34 ultra-wide glossy?

    I prefer glossy screens myself, but the AG coating on the Dell U3415W is pretty mild.
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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    Try contacting a Dell rep and linking them to this thread. Ask if they can match the ~ $920 price that some of us were able to get a few weeks ago.
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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    I just use standard color mode, 50 brightness, 75 contrast.
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    So im joining the GTX980 club...

    You know what would compliment SLI GTX 980's? A 34" 21:9 3440x1440 Curved Monitor. Seems like a pity using those on a single 27".
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    SFF Video Card

    Be careful about which 750 Ti you get, some of them have a 6-pin external power connector. I can confirm the one I linked above doesn't require a 6-pin.
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    What gaming video card lasted you the Shortest?

    I've never had GPU fail on me before, but the shortest I've ever had a videocard was 1 month. About 5-6 years ago, I bought AMD 5770 thinking a low-mid range card was enough for my needs, it wasn't. Within a month, I replaced it with a 5870 (then top dog).
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    SFF Video Card

    I'd go for a 750 Ti. It's bus powered (no external power needed) and has Nvidia's Shadowplay for streaming. I believe its the fasted bus powered videocard out there right now. You might be able to get it for ~$120 if you look around. I have this one (listed below) and I can play League of...
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    Evolve Alpha sign up is LIVE!

    Had a few minutes to try the Alpha. 21:9 3440x1440 works in game with correct FOV, but the menus are unusable. I'll be playing it at 2560x1440 until the menus are sorted out.
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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    ^Standard mode, 60 brightness, 75 contrast. I may lower it to 50 brightness though.
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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    THE GOOD: - zero dead/stuck pixels :) - very good colors out of the box (factory calibrated), I have no need to tweak it. - fully adjustable stand, just perfect. THE BAD: - IPS glow is very apparent, but no worse than my old 27" Apple Cinema Display - weird hologram effect at the left and right...
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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    How did you get D3 to work at 3440x1440? Fullscreen doesn't show that res and if I changed it to windowed all the res' are greyed out. :confused:
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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    From what I understand, the factory calibration is only in "standard" color preset right? "Uniformity Compensation" is left off by default, should this be enabled? I want to make the sure the monitor is set to the factory calibrated sRGB level.
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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    Just got mine today. What brightness do you guys use? Factory is set at 75 and it looks pretty good. Are their any drawbacks of putting it in fast mode response time? Its factory set at normal mode and this option seems to be available in all color preset, not just game mode.
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    The U3415W comes with a DP to mini DP cable. You guys planning to use that or get a regular DP to DP cable?
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    Ordered yesterday at 4pm and mine is still shows as "in production".
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    So for all you who have a 34" 3440x1440 monitor, what cable are you using, DisplayPort (1.2) or HDMI (2.0)? Would either one be preferable over the other?
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    Thank you good sir, you've saved me ~$300. My ETA is 1/23/15. Their is very good chance all our orders will be delayed. Thats exactly what happened in Singapore, Australia and Europe, but only by a week or so.
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    What is your "dream monitor" right now?

    I'm a bit more realistic than some of you guys, so this might be possible in 2-3 years. 34" Curved 3440x1440" IPS 120hz G-SYNC
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Gainward Geforce 3. First game I got was Aquanox.
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    4790K owners - what's your OC?

    Stock on mine. I'll go like no FPS if I overclock.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Do your FPS drop a lot during 4 player elite mob battles? I have a 4790k, 16gb, GTX 980 and an SSD, so it's definately not a hardware issue. I get around 200-300 FPS most of the time , but it dips down to 8-30 FPS during a 4 player elite mob battle. Also, I get micro stutter every 5-10...
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    Official LG Curved Ultrawide 34UC97 thread This guy had both.
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    4k vs. 21:9 1440p

    I'm going with 21:9 1440P. Ultrawide is more immersive.