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    Samsung 712N 17inch LCD - 195.99

    i boguht this about a week ago, awesome .. big difference from my dirty old 15 inch crt
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    screen shaking

    my monitor shakes when my cell phone is near it
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    Will my video card affect the performance of LCD?

    i dont plan on gaming at all i asked only becuase i know u need a geforce 6800 ultra or something for apples 30 inch lcd , so i was curious
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    Will my video card affect the performance of LCD?

    I just bought a new LCD monitor, Samsung 710-N 17 Inch, 600:1, 12ms im running a Geforce2mX 32mB 4x AGP i dont plan on gaming im wondering if the graphics card will hold back image quality or harm the LCD etc etc i dont think it will make much of a difference, but i ask becuase i...
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    DVD burning questions

    i think they are divx files u can burn them onto a dvd as data but ur dvd player most likely wont be able to paly them unless ur dvd supports divx format, some actaully do u cant play on ps2 either i dont think u can convert them to dvd-format, and like u said, a dvd only can hold up to...
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    PSU & Random reboOts

    huh wha?
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    PSU & Random reboOts

    would a bad psu cause random restarts would a psu that isnt strong enough cause random restarts recently upgraded, got a ecs mobo w/ sempron 2400 blah blah and i get random restarts, just wondering if it could be my psu first i dont think its the mem, i checked memtest and i dont think its...
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    DVD+R or DVD-R??
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    Pros and cons of wireless keyboards/mice combos

    i hate wireless mouse,becuase it always drops , i broke two already , so upset at elast with the wire , itll drop and the wire will prevent it from dropping all the way and stuff cause the wire will get stuck on the keyboard tray or w/e shit, this will be my third wireless mouse!
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    Is thermal paste required?

    i need it for my processor, w/o my processor will shoot up to 90c degrees and my pc will be unsable with it, the temp is like 50c and at least i can use my pc then again, my duron 900 is ancient
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    My Super Clean Water Cooled Machine *PICS*

    bravo, looks lovely!
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    NYC Verizon DSL Upgrade $30/month

    garry36 i use to have static on my phone line before i got dsl , which was around 3-4 years ago maybe. anyways. u can hear the static buzzin when u talk on the phone.. everyone noticed it .. even the ppl i would call. anyways, this shit pissed me off, and they said my phone line was fine, but...
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    WTB N64 controllers, mem pack, games

    2 n64 remotes here, great condition check ur PM
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    NYC Verizon DSL Upgrade $30/month

    this is for those with verizon dsl in NYC NYC people will get the Verizon DSL upgrade for 29.99. Ask for "NYC Metropolitan Promotion." This will upgrade you to the 3.0 mbps download/ 384 kbps upload. 1-800-567-6789. Upgrade requires 1 year contract and you get a free router. 99 dollar early...
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    RAID0 Problems.

    i think its ur antivirus program when i was trying to run nortan , it gave me that probelm too when i restarted and stuff . my pc still ran fine, but it was quite annoying i just said fuck norton and used mcafee instead have u ever used this same antivirus program bnefore? or is it ur...
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    windvd vs power dvd

    powerdvd seems so much simplier than windvd .. to me
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    looking for a dvd player

    my philips dvp642 plays dvds and divx as well.. its is nice but has its draw backs look it up
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    Selling lots of high end hardware. Switching to mac finally. Needs to sell ASAP

    i would like the 256MB Nanya PC2700 DDR Memory $30 SHIPPED if u still have it
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    Microsoft IntelliMouse Wireless Explorer 3.0 $15.99 shipped

    just ordered myself one, does anyone know what kind of batteries this uses?
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    Should i convert from fat32 to NTFS on slave drive?

    i would go with Ntfs becuase of the 4gig file cap on fat32 drive which sucks , especially when making a dvd image or dvd backup etc . also i dont think the performance will be noticeable
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    samsung hard drives

    had my 160gig samsung ide 7200 rpm drive for approx 3 months now use it for data mp3s movies etc etc no problems with it, fast quiet