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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Just one for me :)
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    1060 3GB vs 6GB for 1080p gaming

    Thanks for the replies, ya I think I'll go for the 6GB, if games now are starting to be an issue then tomorrows are going to be even worst. Are the half length cards any good? Does anyone know if you lose performance from going to them?
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    1060 3GB vs 6GB for 1080p gaming

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had experience with these two video cards about how much memory is actually needed for 1080p gaming. around a 50$ difference in between the 3 GB and the 6 GB in Canada. Will I run into any issues with 3 GB? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you,
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    Woman Killed By Pokémon Go Driver

    The thing is, it works very well in motion. I play it all the time when I'm not the driver of the vehicle. While driving in the city it is easy to click on them as you pass by. It's not the way it was meant to be used but when have we ever used anything only the way it was meant. If we did we...
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    Woman Killed By Pokémon Go Driver

    Maybe it is addicting but there are warnings when you load not to play while driving and there is a prompt that appears after you go over 10-20 KPH where you have to click "I am a passenger". The lawyers called the developers and they put in all the warnings. If the people are then stupid enough...
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    Smaller is better because it can fit under my tv
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

    Fast and cheap
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Fast and Cheap!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

    Great Cards and free stuff
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    Bank Agrees to Reimburse Hacking Victim $300K

    It's pretty sad when my Blizzard account and Steam account are safer then a bank account. It's time for these institutions to get with the times, passwords are a very weak form of protection.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

    New Stuff!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

    Faster and always getting faster!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Cheaper then the competition!
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    More Power is always good!
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    LEETGION | Hellion Gaming Mouse Lucky Draw

    Time to test out some new mouse!
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    Quiet and efficient!
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    for all the fps!
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    physx card:)
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    ASUS ROG MARS II GTX 580 SLI Video Card Review @ [H]

    Wonder how they would have held up to the MARS dual 6970's Asus had a while back. They should be better then the 6990's.
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    Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

    Quiet effecient and high quality!
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    Intel or AMD, buy now or wait?

    What it comes down too is this. If you want to buy now, go with the i5, you won't regret it, if you want to build in 2 weeks, hope that bulldozer is out... again, and check back then. either way, get an SSD for maximum speed:). Also, if windows 8 doesnt bring much over the stupid metro bar, I...
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    Random [H] Sighting

    can you send me one:)
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    New Gaming build

    Probably will just go with Gigabyte then, supposed to create an uefi bios some day. Gona wait for the M4 too I guess because there is nothing else that is good out there right? Beside Intel, but they are too expensive.
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    New Gaming build

    @ SteveMachine: Nice, but I don't think the deal is still on do, or it might be US only The 750 is only 10$ more then the 650 so that's why I'm going that route. Are the Asus P8P67 still bad because there is no MSI at Canada Computers and last I heard AsRock wasn't great, unless that has...
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    New Gaming build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, programing, internet 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? I'd like to go no higher then 1200 with taxes and everything, but it doesn't look like it will be happening on an Intel build 3) Which...
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    Unlocked Llano A8?

    a ok, thanks its good to know
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    Unlocked Llano A8?

    Sorry, should have uploaded it bigger, here it is now at the normal size (Click on it to expand)
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    Unlocked Llano A8?

    Hello I thought the Llano had a locked multiplier but the today for fun I opened Asus AI Suite 2 and tried to change the multiplier and it worked I got this: Is it real, is it safe, is my computer just displaying it wrong?
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    Student Ousted From College Over Missed Emails

    He should have just forwarded everything to his personal e-mail. that's the first thing I did and I don't miss important e-mails. Also always read university e-mails, they typical send them for a reason.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    Price to performance and more innovation with APU's and different processor designs.
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    $300 Basic Build

    I think you should go for a Llano built, fits with what you want, cheap cpu gpu that will let you play games with a decent motherboard, and ram, easy to fit in that budget. Built one recently and it works nicely and plays starcraft 2 and league of legends fine.
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    AMD bets on Bulldozer to take back the desktop

    Opened a Future Shop flyer this morning, and was amazed to see that half of the laptop on the page were either e-350's or A8's. AMD must be doing stuff right because they are finally getting the attention they deserve from major retailers.
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    Build your Dream Rig

    Should have prefaced my build by saying a would do A LOT more research before buying anything. -About the case I think/assume that it is good, would probably check before actually buying it. -For the GPU, I was originally looking for 6990's but couldn't find any in stock, so either a...
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    Euclideon & Unlimited Detail - Bruce Dell Interview @ [H]

    Any one complaining about the size the thing would have to be, think about it, if you say that the thing is 100GB, (which we have been told that it fits on a DVD so obviously not), that elephant would be 4-5 gigs, the ground a few more, pedestal a few more, that would be higher then the amount...
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    good read of truth of 16x 4x crossfire pcie

    We would need the H to test this again, would be a nice follow up after 7k comes out:)
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    Build your Dream Rig

    Well, that was fun, and not fun since I realized that I will never be able to afford this ;) 179.99 Antec 1200V3 Case 749.99 5X WD Caviar Black 2 TB 1139.97 3X Asus EAH 6970 289.99 Corsair 1200AX 644.98 i7-2600K with a ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z 1659.99 OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 series 480GB 119.99...
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    Thermalright HR-02 Macho CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    would this block the memory slots on an AM3?
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    AMD Collaborates with Autodesk

    Triple post FTW!