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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    approximately 2 yrs on my 7970 - that's the longest i've had a single card without feeling some itch to upgrade.
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    Clive Barker's Undying on GOG :D

    oh man, this absolutely makes my day. one of my favs from this era.
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    20% off workboots on Amazon (with code)

    same here - the timberland titan boots in my size (14) are over $100 and the promo wouldn't apply. bummer.
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    Bitdefender for $20.13 :)

    they're both excellent products - personally, i prefer WSA (webroot) because of its lighter system impact and webroot's better quality of product support, and because of their more progressive, forward-thinking approach to malware remediation. there's a lot of really cool tech under the hood...
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    Newegg Warning, learn from my experience

    i stopped using newegg as often when i realized that the majority of the items i was looking at were available on amazon for less than the cost of the item + shipping cost from newegg. my prime membership has more than paid for itself every year i've had it. i've also never had issues...
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    Comcast Charges Its Customers $25 To Fix Billing Mistake

    i've had good (99.98%) uptime over the last 24 mos. my speeds and latency is always stable. actually, this is the only time i've had to contact comcast about anything, since i first had service installed, and they fixed it w/a credit last week when i called them. i've never used comcast...
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    Magicka Collection on Steam (either 3 or 6 bucks)

    that's a great deal. magicka is chaotic and fun as hell. i have it and play it occasionally, feel free to add me too -
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    BF3 minimizing crash?

    glad i saw this thread. i've been experiencing these crashes as well, since the beta and at least twice a day since retail released. the low-level hardware access interface option is in MSI beta. i was running the stable 2.1.0 version, so i just updated it to the newest beta, and unset the...
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    Still turn off Cool and Quiet?

    i also leave cnq enabled whenever i can.
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    Hard Reset $14.98 at GMG (Activates/Requires Steam)

    hahaha, same here. awesome.
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    EA: 60% Off Origin Games

    cool, thanks for this. just picked up dead space 2 for $8. (albuquerque, nm, usa)
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    Easy OC for Phenom X4 955 BE

    iirc, the stock code on the retail box would show one of the following (for a 955): GMBOX - C3, 125w GIBOX - C2, 140w pretty sure this is accurate for 955s, but i could be wrong :D
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    Easy OC for Phenom X4 955 BE

    like buttons said, if it's a c3, it's a pretty easy OC. if you're unlucky and your 955 is a C2 stepping, they can be a bit tougher to OC. both of my C2s required some voltage bumping to even hit 3.8GHz. also, +1 to the suggestion to look at a 990 board. i'm running an asus sabertooth, and i've...
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    AMD Bulldozer / FX-8150 Desktop Performance Review @ [H]ardOCP

    "tacoma narrows" caught my eye as i was scrolling down - hilarious. :D
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    ASUS - Official AMD 9xx Chipset Series Motherboard Support

    does the sabertooth support the bulldozer arch cpus with the latest BIOS, or will we need to wait for an update? thx *EDIT* nevermind - beta bios finally showed up on the site w/bulldozer support.
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    Cat (Bulldozer) out of the bag! Review here!

    i'm guessing they're pointing out that presentation-wise, it makes the graphs look shitty. that's all i get out of it anyway. the framerate ones especially.
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    4870 owners - what did you upgrade to? (kept your CPU)

    Looking at your list, I play a lot of what you do. I went from crossfire 4870s to a single GTX 480. I upgraded because I got really sick of crossfire & driver issues. I ended up with a single GTX 480 which I've been pretty happy with. Thermally, it sucks, but it runs all the games I play with...
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    Sabertooth 990FX?

    yep, but i also had pretty low stability at 1333MHz despite following JEDEC timings for that speed. if UPS ever gets here (being at the end of the route suuuuucks), i'll install the replacement sticks and if i run into similar stability problems, i'll look elsewhere for the problem :) *update*...
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    Sabertooth 990FX?

    yeah, i've tried setting timings to spec, tried relaxing them, no joy. i have replacement ram arriving today. hopefully that'll take care of it.
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    Sabertooth 990FX?

    couple of us reported this same issue over in the official ASUS 9** thread. unable to select any boot menu related stuff w/usb keyboards, plugged into USB 2.0 ports, legacy support enabled, etc. i booted one time with a ps/2 kb installed so i could get into safe mode, and the usb kbs have worked...
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    ASUS - Official AMD 9xx Chipset Series Motherboard Support

    i forgot to check back in about mine - i was able to get into safe mode using a spare ps/2 kb i had. after then, the USB kb has worked normally. i can get into safe mode, i can select stuff in pre-boot menus. no idea why, but i'm happy it's working correctly now. thank you. is there a...
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    ASUS - Official AMD 9xx Chipset Series Motherboard Support

    it is. the usb 3.0 ports are not in use.
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    ASUS - Official AMD 9xx Chipset Series Motherboard Support

    i'm having this same issue w/the sabertooth i received and configured yesterday. kb + mouse are fine in bios (i'm utterly enamored with the graphical bios, btw) but the keyboard refuses to work when i try to get in to safe mode, or select any entries from the boot menu. i've plugged it in to a...
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    Newegg philosophy: 3 day delivery does not include 2 days it take to get in mail!

    i've sort of given up on the egg. haven't ordered a single thing from them in over 3 years. i built my entire rig using exactly the components i wanted, all purchased from amazon. since i'm a prime member, the price + "guaranteed" shipping ended up being quite a bit cheaper than newegg, and i...
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    WARM D-Link DIR-655 Router $55 FS (newegg)

    i used one of these for a bit, but i needed a dual band WAP and ended up giving this one to my dad. it works fine for his use. as for dd-wrt...there are plenty of reasons now to not even consider it (broken qos, broken drivers, security issues) - for the average user, imo, the factory firmware...
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    Warm: The Potato Sack Bundle - $38.72 on Steam

    amnesia: the dark descent is incredible if you don't mind the fact that it's mostly atmosphere and story in lieu of shooting stuff. i loved it. didn't really care for the ball, i bought it back in december and played it a handful of times before uninstalling it. audiosurf is pretty fun as a...
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    What are some of the better trojan/malware programs out there?

    immunet uses its own cloud-based sigs/heuristics in the free product (not panda's), and bitdefender's engine/sigs to supplement the cloud engine in the pro product. immunet free isn't a bad product to run alongside a traditional av, it's lightweight and has very little system impact. they'll be...
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    Your CPU progression

    Intel 8086 @ 8MHz in some IBM clone box (Circa 1988) 1994 Gateway 2000 80486DX-33MHz got an 1997 Evergreen 586 133MHz upgrade for it (think $99 Overdrive wannabe) 1998 AMD K6-2 300, mobo died, warranty replacement...came back with a 1998 Cyrix 300, which I replaced with an 1998 AMD...
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    Upgrade from 4890CF

    ^^^ if you're thinking you might not need a wireless adapter down the road, this is the best advice anyone can give you
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    Arcsoft Total Media 3 deal at Newegg..

    the software's not bad, but arcsoft's support suuuuucks. this seems to be the norm w/media/blu-ray/dvd/etc software companies (corel & cyberlink included) that being said, it's a good deal if you want to play blu-ray video on a pc.
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    Check this out 3d on buildings

    that stuff is so cool. i saw a video of a similar technique used on sculptures in a gallery setting. good stuff. didn't look to see if it'd been posted before, but this is what i was referring to:
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    Sins of a Solar Empire for $3.99

    good stuff. just bought this wednesday for $10..not usually my thing (strategy type stuff) but this title is a lot of fun and is quite easy on the eyes :D
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    Steam - Weekend Deal: Codemasters Racing Titles 75% off

    so many awesome deals lately. damn them for enabling me to fill my steam account up with games i don't have the time to play right now. i'm gonna have to pick this up and hook my wheel back up. assuming i can find it in all the boxes i just finished moving. boo.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 $25 @ Steam (50% off)

    i'd been waiting for it to drop in price a bit, so i ended up biting at $25. re: the game itself-- does it feel really stiff to anyone else? the movement and stuff just feels weird to me. also, the sound seems wonky too. maybe it's just me.
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    Antivirus Deals

    for the folks interested in the topic of this thread...VIPRE is Good Stuff (tm). their support people are great, the software is extremely fast and very lightweight, it has detections on par with norton 2010 (VB100 dec/09) and licensing is available for 1 PC or a home site license that allows...
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    Heavy Rain

    yep. ps3 exclusive.
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    Heavy Rain

    duplicating my post from rage3d: i played and finished the full title today. this is the first title i've played and finished in a single sitting since i was 16 and played all the way through deus ex when it was released in 2000. at any rate, i absolutely loved it. the amount of attention to...
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    Just posted on NVIDIAs Facebook page...

    because nvidia definitely haven't done enough on their own to earn all of this teasing, ridicule and other silly shit... it's just an inversion of the HD 2900 debacle.