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    Former NASA Engineer Makes a Box That Tortures Package Thieves

    Wow! I would never want to get into a practical joke war with him!
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    NVIDIA Gives the Bird to All RTX Early Adopters

    I was an early buyer and this is my viewpoint as well. I guess I must be one of the few that knew what was possible when you purchase early. Am I pissed about not getting a free game while others just purchasing do....hardly. Am I disapointed, sure. However I know it's part of business and...
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    Mine did this too until I updated Windows 10 to v1803. I had previously been on v1709.
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    Somebody has already mentioned the same card. However I have a Gigabyte Windforce OC and have not had issues with it. I've been pushing it pretty hard since receiving it.
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    Linus Tech Tips: "Linux Gaming Finally Doesn't Suck"

    What's with the in video commercial?!
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    A New Painkiller Promises Relief Without Addiction

    Like this will really fix anything. Although opioid addiction is real, the so called "crisis" has been blown up into something it's not. The media makes it out like prescription pain pills are the problem, when it alone is not. It's ONLY because they've lumped illegal use in with...
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    How do you feel about Nvidia pricing on the new RTX video cards?

    I'm not near [H] as a fraction of people on here, yet I have no issues with games I play on PC. IMO if someone has that many issues playing on a PC nowadays, he or she must be very PC illiterate. You will always have bad ports here and there, not really bad as lazy. As in the developer did a...
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    Learning Dexterity

    I would be impressed. Except I keep seeing one robot that talks ans show emotions. Another that can jump objects, yet another that hold conversations and so forth. I will be completely impressed when someone puts all these things together.
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    AMD vs NVIDIA Drivers....FIGHT!

    I respect the hardware AMD turns out. And though they have made improvements over the years, they still are not up to par with nVidia when it comes to drivers.
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    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    What I'm getting at is it did not seem genuine at all. It seemed very self serving.
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    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    Seriously? He had absolutely NO reason to suggest that he probably won't get any more review boards from nVidia.
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    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    "We realize nVidia aren't going to be too happy with this video and we won't be surprised if we don't receive samples from there next generation gpu launch. Be a real shame if that is the case, but if it is not the end of the world. We'll just have to by the gpu's ourselves." I find this quote...
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    PCPer Reviews the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 4k 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor

    Two things. I've seen HDR and while it's good I don't think it's earth shattering. It perhaps needs more time to mature. The second thing is that I wish manufacturer's would quit wasting resources on 4K monitors that are 27" and under. It's just not a good 4K experience on this size of monitor.
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    AMD's New Graphics Engineer Pledges Yearly GPU Releases to Make PCs Fun Again

    Each side has been doing that for the most part. There hasn't been a new nVidia card out for how long now? Not every year as far as I know.
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    Wolfenstein Youngblood Announced

    Exactly my thought. I get trying to be more inclusive or accommodating for female gamers. But come on! Male gamers still outweigh the female crowd by a good portion, especially with action games. I don't want to envision myself kicking nazi ass as one of two female twins. Why would you not...
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    Bethesda Blockbuster Barrage at GamersGate

    I actually thought rage was pretty good. In the sense that to play through it was worth it if you picked it up on sale. The few things I didn't like about it was, it wasn't open world enough. You have this large world but were dragged along a specific path. There is a great environment but...
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    Madden 19’s Pre-Game Won’t Address NFL’s Controversial Kneeling Policy

    I think an NFL video game addressing real life politics steps over the line. The fact that it's even mentioned is absurd.
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    Madden 19’s Pre-Game Won’t Address NFL’s Controversial Kneeling Policy

    For reference, yes, I did see it mentioned in the article. Nothing ever seems official enough though when it comes to Madden coming back to PC
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    Madden 19’s Pre-Game Won’t Address NFL’s Controversial Kneeling Policy

    Is it seriously back on PC?! Where is the official announcement? Link or where to find announcement please!
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    AMD's New Graphics Engineer Pledges Yearly GPU Releases to Make PCs Fun Again

    Great, we already put up with software that regurgitates itself with sequels every year. Now we have to put up with it from hardware manufacturers doing the same thing. If they really think this is a good thing that people want there dumbasses. They seriously can't be thinking that's good can...
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    Star Citizen’s $27,000 Bundle Raises Eyebrows

    I don't believe they've delivered anything yet? Is the game out, can I purchase it?
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    Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    Personally I think there are too many obsessed with FPS. Don't get me wrong, I understand the obsession I just don't think that's end all be all. Unless performance tests are going to be run on a huge array of setups. You have to pick a base. To me if your base is 100 FPS with everything on...
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    Microsoft Is Putting Windows on the Back Burner

    Microsoft putting one of the most widely used operating systems on the back burner. Hmmmmm......April Fools anyone.
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    I admit it, I'm stupid about this and am not sure how to interpret what is being said about the GeForce Partner Progam. Or I'm assuming I don't because I'm not seeing the unethical part, and thats not a smart ass or sarcastic comment either. I don't get it. I mean from what I'm seeing it's...
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    MoviePass CEO Brags About How Much Data it Collects

    No one will completely avoid having companies collect data about them. However I'm surprised how many basically say they don't like it but oh well. Seems like a very cavalier attitude in my personal opinion. You can't prevent it completely but you sure in hell can leave a much smaller digital...
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    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    ****POSSIBLE SPOILER OR TWO***** I saw it last night and thought it was just OK. Definitely nothing more than average. I thought Rogue One was many times better. I'm ok that they want to move on from the old characters, generations come and go. However the deaths of the ones they have...
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    This Game is a Star Wars Themed Online Casino

    I REALLY hate all the in game purchasing. Hate it enough that I cancelled my order for Battlefront II. However as some have mentioned. This is in to what is or should be considered parental responsibility territory. To call it gambling is stretching it so far out of proportion it's scary...
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    Jackholes Make Traffic Move Faster

    The only way the "Zipper" will work is if EVERYONE were nice, courteous drivers. The fact is that vehicles provide a certain amount of anonymity. That anonymity usually reveals just how much of an asshat, that person you thought was so nice, really is.
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    A Tour around NVIDIA’s Brand-New HQ

    The city I live in is moving us (IT) to a new building and I've heard tales of a cubicle farm for the IT guys. So seeing nVidia's building kind of depresses me. :(
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    Bill Gates Banned His Children from Mobile Phones until They Turned 14

    I think this is awesome. I just think to many phones are handed out to kids. Without one it works just like when I was in school. They know where they have to be after school or if I'm picking them up from somewhere else. If there is an issue the school office has no problem letting them...
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    95% of Organizations Have Employees Seeking to Bypass Security Controls

    That's what I always hear from user's....."I just want to poke around on the internet while on my LUNCH BREAK" My first thought, "Yeah, lunch break, SURE".
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    Zenimax v Oculus Raging with Carmack

    Brand new to the forums and am just testing QUOTES.
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    How Many Frames Per Second Can The Human Eye Really See?

    I just don't believe that many people can tell a difference unless it's BIG leaps. I personally see and feel a HUGE difference from 30hz and 60hz(obviously). I have a friend that games with a 100hz. While I can tell a bit of a difference, I honestly can't say its a game changer what so ever...
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    Zenimax v Oculus Raging with Carmack

    Carmack said, “I copied files that I shouldn’t have. I think stealing is an uncharitable way to look at it since I didn’t benefit and ZeniMax didn’t lose, but I shouldn’t have done it, and I did.” Maybe I'm not reading this correctly. However it seems an awful lot like what people pirating...