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    China's Sex Doll Makers Jump on AI Drive

    dutch wives & blowup dolls have cum a long way...
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    It'll happen sooner or later... if folks want a book they can borrow for free from a library... why not be able to see/read a digital copy... no longer need to stock a book and wait till it is returned... borrow one and you can read it for X number of days... then poof. Not finished? just...
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    Netflix Removing Online Reviews in August

    with 5 start rating system I can rate something as average and give it 3 stars... with up or down voting... anything less than 4 stars is a down... time is limited and I wouldnt recommend something to someone unless I thought it was worth the time/money to invest in it.
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    China Stealing US Tech

    Shocking! This Can't Be True! Next you're gonna tell me that water is wet or fire is hot.
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    Stars Wars Spaceships Were Not Designed for Air Travel

    Why is the X wing not in X config? wings are always closed together... would be interesting to see a starfury from B5 go thru this... since they can supposedly work in an atmosphere.
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    Prime Members Get 20% off Fallout 76

    for Beth games... I am use to waiting for a GOTY or Ultimate edition cause by them you would also have tons of mods to choose from.
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    Engineer Gives Interview After 28 Core Debacle

    almost thought it was a real interview. nice sub script thou to go with the video.
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    Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?

    works of fiction no real person or animal hurt in production of said product... isnt that censorship? there are books that depict that stuff... tons of books... you want to ban it all? why do movies and games get treated differently? movies you can say use real people to act out scenes... but...
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    Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?

    out right illegal... where? US China Russia Australia? And what is blatant trolling? you mean content in "poor taste" made just to "offend"? What you might find offensive I might find hilarious.
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    Siri - Google - Alexa: Don't Care if You Kill Yourself

    If a person wants to end their life... it's their business so long as it does not endanger other people. Physician assisted is the best way to go... sign off on paper work go to sleep and never wake up again. Organs get donated to folks who want to live. Win Win for everyone involved.
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    Unhappy With Facebook's Rules? Whip Out Yer Boobs!

    if you allow topless men, why not allow topless women? A woman can breast feed in public here... so you "can" see a women's boob in public. I can see how it is sexist. but yeah in our society a female boob is a sex object a male boob is not... but that is from a male dominated society.
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    Teased Again by Bethesda on Fallout 76

    DLC? Looks to me like FO Online to me...
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    Gamers Involved in December’s Swatting Death Just Got Indicted

    Intent? why not call an ambulance over or a fire truck? pizza or a plumber? No he called SWAT over... cops armed with assault weapons. Intent is for the person to get shot... odds may not be high but it can happen and this time it did.
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    Gamers Involved in December’s Swatting Death Just Got Indicted

    Manslaughter? Should be Murder charges... you call swat over hoping people get gunned down by police.
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    HuniePop and Other Adult Games Facing Removal From Steam Store

    Finally removing the smut from Steam... now if they can only remove all those violent video games that are nothing more than murder simulators! We might just have a chance at world peace!
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    Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

    Part of company benefits... Depends assigned to you for use while working... what bathroom breaks? =P
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    Russia Smashes Telegram

    if the call goes to or originates from Russia... if the russian gov asks then give it to em. Just make sure it's noted that big brother may be listening so dont bad mouth the gov. that is true for China or US or any gov.
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    OPPO Digital Ceases Development of Hi-Fi Audio Products and Universal Disc Players

    Dang. This forces me to spend $700 on a region free UPD-203. Not that I would buy one, but the region free UPD-205 was sold out...they still have 2 other flavors of the UPD-203... 1 for almost $1,500 while the 2nd version is over $2k.
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    Elon Musk Deleted SpaceX and Tesla Facebook Accounts

    so could someone else make a site on FB then with their old deleted names?
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    No New Cryptocurrency Farms for the Next 18 Months in Plattsburgh

    tie electric rate to the number of people living at residence... if 0... well jack it up thru the roof. it's turning their town into what looks like a swatter camp with all those trailers parked there.
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    FCC Accuses Stealthy Startup of Launching Rogue Satellites

    Good time to test out those space weapons to shoot down satellites in space.
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    Bride Ordered to Pay Photographer $89k for Posting Nasty Reviews

    They should of made her also take out ads to apologize and state the truth...
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    Possible Drone-Linked Aircraft Crash Being Investigated

    should of just rammed the drone with the cockpit/body of the helo. drones are pretty small compared to a full sized aircraft or any type. as long as the drone doesnt help the blades it should be good.
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    New NVIDIA Game Ready Driver for a Game I have Never Heard of

    Sorry but you live under a rock. Maybe this game just isn't to your taste. 1st person RPG set in medieval Europe with no magic. Basically it is Skyrim without the magic fantasy elements.
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    Couple Recounts Mistaken Arrest by Police Investigating iPhone Heist

    Not the 1st time SFPD has done favors for Apple. In the past someone in the SFPD went out of their way to help Apple with a lost prototype phone.
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    Lawsuit Demands The Right To Resell Steam Games

    thought this was settled ages ago? your not buying a copy of the software... you buy a license and it is non transferable... same deal they do with software for companies. unless you buy physical media your sol.
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    Windows 10: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight

    send me an upgrade disc and I'd upgrade... honestly dont want to waste my bandwidth on it.
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    Facebook Blocks Man Named Phuc Dat Bich

    i would sue based on discrimination... it's his legal name and the name he was born with... if the government is ok with that name (issuing him id) then so should FB.
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    Groupon's New CEO Insists The Company Is 'Misunderstood'

    Dipshits should of sold to Amazon when they came knocking...
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    Blizzard Sues Bot Maker For Copyright Infringement

    dont see where copyright infringement comes in... unless Bliz can show the code they use... have the SC ever ruled on those EULAs?
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    YouTubers Are Up In Arms About YouTube Red

    folks make $ off of ads on youtube... not sure how much youtube makes off of it thou... but if you pay youtube $10 (a month? or a year?) no ads... then folks who live off those ads makes less $. I very much doubt everyone is gonna pony up the $ to go ad-less. much a do about nothing.
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    Apple Tells U.S. Judge 'Impossible' To Unlock New iPhones

    give the code to nsa... sure they can hack it and get access... can bill apple for the work.
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    Sprint Loses Bid To Dismiss $300M N.Y. Tax Fraud Lawsuit

    so was sprinit didnt bill for the tax... not sure how this is good for their customers since they will now get hit with a new tax from the state. sprinit may need to pay the bill or they can bill their current and former customers for this tax bill.
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    How Many Laser Pointers Would It Take to Kill a Human?

    Ok Myth Busters time... lets get em to build one and test it out :0
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    GTX 970 - 2nd fan question

    does the 2nd fan on the GTX 970 suppose to spin constantly? I've noticed that when I power up the PC both fans spin... then the one of the fans stop spinning. When I power off the PC the 2nd fan spins up again before shutting down. The card I have is the Galax 970 EXOC. Sorry new at...
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    Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

    which wont change the fact that it is still a donation. KS is not investing, your not an investor, your donating money, often times for a gift and that's it. it's like a drive for public radio or tv... your giving your money for a cause you believe in and get a little bonus doohickey in return.
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    Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

    dont have a single penny in this, but i did go to the site before via links a few years back... was amazed they were selling ships to a game not out for hundreds... left site and never looked back. they have raised 90 mil... spent mils on hiring actors and doing motion cap for a game not even...
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    The $1B City Where Humans Are Banned

    hmmmm ship our cities homeless there... like the old days when the west opened up... they can homestead the houses...
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    Video Game Voice Actors Authorize Strike

    move work to a right to work state... problem solved. also stop asking voice talent to do motion capture... 2 separate jobs 2 separate checks. <- that I dont have any problems with. but residuals for voice talent? get in line after the folks who coded the game and made it. until that...
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    Star Wars Battlefront Official System Requirements

    so you need 64bit OS now? is 32bit OS dead?