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    Don't buy from EnforcerGT

    I really feel your pain..I didnt loose as much as you (ShaftDawg)..250.00..but it any amount really gets you in a rage...I also fell into the send as a gift method which iam still kicking myself about...But live and learn...I hope you get this rectified is someway...Do not advocate Violence...
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    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on May 18, 2010 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. That is how its been since the iam closely thinking this guy thinks he is going to get away...
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    The only thing that i should have looked into further is that he wanted me to send the money through paypal as a gift...So now i cant dispute the charge...Should have thought this one through more..
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    Yep as everyday passes without word from this guy the more Iam getting worried...But like i said at least i know he is very close to me...Plus i do have a lot cop we will see what happens when i get them to look him up...
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    Thanks Iam sure there is a good explanation but i cant help thinking negative..I hope iam wrong..
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    I guess i put to much info on that...This is where its shipping to Elwood, IA 52254 United States
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    He is cypress texas It was being shipped to XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX And he used priority from what he said.
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    Has anyone bought from this guy lately... I purchased 1 of his I7 930's and he has given me a usps tracking on the 18th but usps still says they have notification to expect a package for shipping...Now i know usps does update thier sight regularly but iam getting kind of worried since i cant...
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    Hey man fInally got my account here to work...This Gmodders Utnorris's friend...I told him to...

    Hey man fInally got my account here to work...This Gmodders Utnorris's friend...I told him to give you my cell# and was just checking to see if you are still interested in the gtx295...I will also let you have all the compression fittings that are hooked to the card...I will just need a couple...
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    EVGA X58 SLI Classified to launch after Chinese New Year

    This board was designed by Kingpin....And has already been blowing away every other x58 board on the market....
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    Add 9600gt or replace with 9800gtx?

    Havint had any problems with my SLIed ultra's...Running smooth as butter..Oh and they are for sale to..upgrading to 2 gtx280's...
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    Is a linux that will install easily on my system qx9650 4gigs 2x8800ultra's (this is the biiggest problem Because I am running SLI...Ubunto wouldnt install. And it was the latest version
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    activating multiple copys of vista with one key

    Like M$ cant afford this to happen...Personally I wish everyone would do it...Since the little mom and pop stores get no help from M$...So crack away..
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    Dell 2408WFP Now Available

    I would have to have rocks in my head to buy this over the Gateway 24"..
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    ok... new motherboard. (striker extreme). still having high FSB problems

    Dam did you buy that Striker retail priced or used...Board is definetly a pain in the but to get a stable clock with a quad...Ive given up on mine...The most important voltages on the striker is the 1.2v =1.5 NB=1.55 SB=1.65 CPUVTT 1.49 Make sure you memory is running INSYNC not at rated...
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    FS/FT: eVGA 8800GT, Archos 604wifi, 26" Olevia Syntax, and much more!

    His is brand new too...Thread crapper
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    Rate the forum n00b's PC build

    Why is this system costing 3k...I know the 1tb drives are expensive....But still seems high... Also isnt the p5k3 a ddr3 mobo....If so I would dump that...go with a ddr2 system... Also if your gonna run 1 raptor its definetly not worth the price...Raptors really dont show thier speed...
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    EVGA step up starting to...

    You wont regret it dude. They are awesome...The only reason Iam running XFX right now is because I got 2 awesome deals on them used..If that wouldnot have come around they would definetly be EVGA...
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    EVGA step up starting to...

    Personally i dont think you have anything to grip about...We are very lucky EVGA even offers this to its customers....Although thier prices are jacked up....I still give EVGA major Kudo's for even doing this....
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    FS: Custom built phase unit. And a MM U2-UFO.

    Please Pm me if the deal does not go through...I can overnight you the money ASAP...
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    FS: Motorola Ming/A1200 Phone Unlocked

    So what do you do to get these unlocked phones to work with my current provider Cingular now At&t....Do I just put my sim card in and it does it automatically...If you could explain to me the what I have to do I will buy this phone from you
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    FS: Custom built phase unit. And a MM U2-UFO.

    How much just for the UFO Case..
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    The 42" is fine for me..Although I dont game on it anymore since I picked up a 30" Dell..I use the 42" to browse the internet with...Switch between SLI and Non when not gaming...I set about 3-4ft away when I use to game on the 42" and it was awesome...
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    Stacking radiators? Will it work?

    Keep us posted Ive been thinking going water but just on my videocards.. This CM 830 is not the most WC friendly case..
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    Stacking radiators? Will it work?

    I would think the cooling would be better if you set it up this way... res>>pump>>rad1>>cpu>>rad2>>gpu>>res
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    KDS? 24" Widescreen for $399?

    We sale the 22" version at work. And for the price its a really nice monitor..The specs are about the same except res. and Contrast ratio....Also the stand is kind of flimsy on the KDS's.. But other than that they have a very nice pic. I was pleasantly suprised when I first saw the 22" in action..