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    What Roles Do Corporate R&D Labs Have in the Web Era?

    The very nature of government-funded research compells research to be done at a snail's pace. Once the project is complete--the money is gone. This is another attempt at changing thinking. The government invents nothing, private industry (so long as its around) invents everything.
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    Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies

    Are you fucking kidding? War has resolved more differences in opinion to date than diplomacy will in forever. I'm sure you believe that the Holocost could have been averted through this means, but, it was tried, and it failed. TBH the only reason we have to resort to "smart" weapons is because...
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    Water Powered Car

    Its merely a car-sized water rocket.
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    ‘Best Lightbulb in the World’ Costs $119

    This is a perfect example of taking advantage of the ecotards. I researched a few different companies' products last year for my town to replace sodium street lamps with LED. For about $3k, a city could replace one streetlight, and pay for itself in about five years with the power savings. The...
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    Uncool To Be a Mac User in These Tough Times?

    Alas, the carpet doesn't match the drapes.
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    Facebook Follies Get Trooper In Trouble

    You mean like Democrats? wow. That's like telling the guy that's building your house that it doesn't matter how many nails he bends building it so long as it gets done. Or handing out a 'participation award'. Or accepting said award.
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    Uncool To Be a Mac User in These Tough Times?

    'Apple fans will tell you that Apple PCs are not only slicker-looking but that they're also built better, last longer, and run a better operating system. In other words, you're not just paying the Apple premium for looks, but also for brains and brawn.' In real world terms this translates to...
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    Scientists Are Studying Déjà Vu...Again

    Let's completely dismiss the notion that it may be a genuine premonition intended to allow foresight into a life-changing event, however trivial that may be. We cannot allow the ideation of a higher being being the instigator of this phenomenon.
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    Surgeons Using Twitter During Brain Surgery

    Watch the video... there was a female using an unshrouded blackberry in the OR, supposedly a sterile environment. No way to sterilize that device with its many nooks and crannies without an autoclave, which would destroy the device.
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    White House Sides with RIAA in P2P Suit

    #1 rule in politics, keep your lobbyists happy. BO has that one down to an art. Between the RIAA and JDs he's just doubled his revenue.
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    Surgeons Using Twitter During Brain Surgery

    I meant Blackberry
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    Surgeons Using Twitter During Brain Surgery

    Malpractice indeed. Tell me how they autoclaved their iphone so that it was sterile and managed to keep it working.
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    3G Phones Exposing Mobile Network Limitations

    Greedy companies stealing our bandwidths! We early adopters are getting screwed every time!!! How dare we pave the way for those less fortunate!
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    Workers Hold Boss of Sony France Hostage

    The business of America is business. I realize that there are people like you in the world that can get by with a library computer, park showers, and soup kitchens. But face the facts, you guys are diamonds in the rough, some of us actually want things of our own, and want to be able to donate...
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    Workers Hold Boss of Sony France Hostage

    Oh you mean that the French siphoning BILLIONS off of the 'Oil for Food' UN program? You forget that the US wasn't involved in that war. We actually SPENT money in that endeavor. Damn this no edit 'feature'
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    D.C. Tech Official Busted in Federal Bribery Sting

    Next thing you know, the head of the DEA will have some drug-related offense in their background. Oh wait, that happened today too.
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    1993 AT&T Ads Predicted Future Fairly Accurately

    Four questions: Tell me how long-term profit is possible if you aren't going after short-term profit? What CEO tells their R&D department to close up because he is worried about it cutting in to his 'bonus check'? Where would we be without the motivation of monetary gain? (I am...
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    Bum Reality Website Gets Media Boost

    OTOH, he is able to 'Beg enough for the bare necessities - food, cigarettes, drink'. Why give him any attention when he is obviously capable of getting what he needs in life?
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    Bum Reality Website Gets Media Boost

    The military will take anyone that hasn't made repeated, calculated 'mistakes' in life. This guy is a leech, and should be treated as such. To think that he is able bodied and his only motivation is to take his beggars can to the www is apalling. Every liberal should be screaming. He is taking...
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    State of the Homebrew Scene in 2009

    I clicked on this thinking it was about beer =(
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    Bum Reality Website Gets Media Boost

    At 37 years of age, this guy can join the military, problem solved. Unless he 'wants' to be a 'bum', in which case he's just another in an endless list of people who claim to have been a victim in life.
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    1993 AT&T Ads Predicted Future Fairly Accurately

    I remember watching those ATT commercials and even thought then that all of the ideas were safe bets on using existing tech with some refinement. Now, MS's video is taking the same safe road, the 2 kids I envision not being on opposite sides of a window but opposite ends of the planet using...
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    Breaking Apple's Grip on the iPhone

    They can call themselves Warrantys aren't Us
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    Taiwan to Overhaul Memory Chip Industry

    Change is coming indeed, apparently socialism has been the answer to all our problems all along.
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    More Thermaltake Level 10 Pictures

    No way in hell did BMW have a real hand in the design. BMW does bland, boring, and also-ran in a way that just isn't expressed here. Were it true, it would have been called 'das Case'.
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    MPAA Study Links Piracy To Terrorists

    I watched Terminator 2, in the Saudi Arabian desert before it was in theaters in the US. Thankfully I didn't have to wait the other six months before I got home, as my friends wrote me letters telling me al about it. I'm as conservative as the next one, but when it comes to Hoollywoude, I'm...
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    Facebook, Google Helping To Stop Stimulus Scams

    I'll play Captain Obvious here for the few that didn't 'get it'. Our current President seems to feel that private industry has only killed our economy, and thus we need to implement a governmental solution to fix it. Yet in the face of this, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is relying on data...
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    Facebook, Google Helping To Stop Stimulus Scams

    Wait a minute! The FTC is the Government, and we all know that the Government is the solution to all our problems. Why the hell are they wasting time dealing with these greedy businesses?
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    Pre-Paid Phone Owners Must Identify Themselves

    Thank God that nobody makes fake IDs
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    Three MySpace Execs Depart for New Venture

    They are going to make a worm-free version of My Space, calling it My Space Too.
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    Obama Picks Net Neutrality Backer as FCC Chief

    The outgoing is from my hometown. I don't know if this one is any better or worse, but I assume the latter.
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    The White House Hasn't Ditched YouTube

    We can safely assume that whatever comes out of the White House, they mean just the opposite.
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    DVD Rentals Beating DVD Sales

    Time for the Hollywood acting teams to take a pay cut IMO.
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    Corsair’s New Case

    My positive take on this is the layout, what looks to be a tray design, and grommets on the tray as opposed to the slots as present on my p180. What bothers me is what looks to be air intake slots on the floor of the case directly in front of the PS. That plus sitting on a floor equals a choked...
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    AMD to Ship 32nm Chips in 2010

    'On March 2, AMD closes its deal with Advanced Technology Investment Co., formed by the Abu Dhabi government, to spin off the chipmaker's manufacturing operations into a joint company, temporarily called the Foundry Co. The deal is expected to move $1.1 billion in debt, most of it associated...