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    left 4 dead shadows

    my rig is in my sig, do you think if i go up to 4gb that would be enough to run it smoothly at max? if not, what if i do that and upgrade the proc, but keep the mobo. tips?
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    Left 4 Dead on 2 GHz unibody MacBook

    been wondering the same thing, also with the 2.4 MBP.
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    *FREE* Microsoft Vista RC2 DOWNLOAD

    would this be a permanent option or will i still have to buy it in the future
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    can a sub-$1000 laptop have all this?

    why would she need bootcamp and windows?
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    PSP+stuff FS

    willing to trade for an impulse paintball setup w/ nitrogen? has everything you'd need to play.
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    recording/new card help

    i just got an audiophile 192 and a 12ch mixer. i have my guitars/mics/bass etc running into the mixer and into one of the cards through the stereo group output[i.e. the output from the mixer is in stereo] the card has an input for L/R channels, but my question is, is there a way i can use...
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    Where to buy unlocked cell phones?

    i've never dealt with them personally but is pretty good
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    nothing yet here either :[
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    low cost laptop (<$550)

    you won't find anything capable of running vista for 550, the rest is pretty standard stuff
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    [H][H][H]OT! s754 Venice Retail $117 shipped

    for a A64 3000+, not that hot. is it even cheaper than normal?
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    10MP Mobile Phone

    any more info on it?
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    Who has Boost Mobile phones? Got some questions

    honestly, you're going to have a hard time finding a prepaid phone that doesn't expire. it costs money for companies to maintain your number and if you're not going to pay them they don't want you. i know that virgin mobile you have to buy 20 dollars worth every 90 days for it to stay active...
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    What would be your perfect cellphone?

    a hard drive
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    Bluetooth headphones (not for cell phones) and Laptops bluetake makes a few of them, i've never used them so i can't say if they're any good. i think logitech makes a pair too for non ipods
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    Apple set to compete with Origami?

    i'm in college right now and a laptop is far from neccesary, out of the 10 classes i've taken/am taking so far i've only seen ONE person with a laptop, and that was an ibook. there are few classes in which note taking would be easier than on paper, and it's not by much. i doubt these 8"...
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    Linux on 5G iPod

    not supported yet.
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    Returning an iPod?

    i got a 4g ipod with the best buy PRP in sept 04 and in dec 05 i returned it to BB[via mail is the only option now] and they gave me a BB card for what i paid. now i have a shiny 5g ipod.
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    TrackMania Nations ESWC Start Problem

    this just started happening to me today. odd. at least it's not just me.
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    Half Life on iPod nano

    it can play pretty much any doom based game wad. there is a port for goldeneye out too. i can't wait for when they get it on the video ipods :drool:
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    Newer iPod coming in the next 2 months?

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    Already own a 4GB Nano. Received a 60GB Video. Should i exchange for a DS?

    with podzilla you can play videos and doom/heretic/other wad stuff on your nano, give that a look.
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    Newer iPod coming in the next 2 months?

    nobody needs an ipod if you want it and can afford it, buy it. i'm returning my 20gb 4G so i can get a 5G.
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    iPod Pricing Difference

    that website is probably too good to be true, plus, apple doesn't make those colored ipods. looks like a scam to me.
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    MSI 7800GTX vs MSI 7800GTX Lite

    i have the lite and it does have vivo. no game bundle though.
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    7800gtx help with BF2??

    why would you bother with a 6800gt if you're not going to spend any money on ram. that's really dumb.
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    I have decided on BF2...It sucks(to me).Trashing it.

    i'll give you 15$ amazon for it.
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    Battlefield 2 Performance

    he should be getter much better framerates. my game runs perfectly except and i have the same setup except i have crappier ram[still 1gb tho] and a 3000+ @1.8stock
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    Leaked Specs of ATI x900 (Rumored)

    msrp: 2 million dollars.
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    ok gonna get bf2, mouse ok? or do i need more.

    i'm still using a ball mouse and don't have a problem. i'm also not that bad.
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    dont know if it hot but definately cool green laser pointer $100

    Backordered - Expected 08/26/05 still cool though. i'm gonna have to wait a little longer for that price drop.
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    20pin+7800+whoops=:[ help asap please

    are either of these suitable?
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    20pin+7800+whoops=:[ help asap please

    would this be a sufficient power supply? i need to get one B&M
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    20pin+7800+whoops=:[ help asap please

    so i bought a new system. the two important parts right now are the mobo[EPoX EP-9NPAJ], videocard [7800gtx] and the power supply i'm a dumbass and picked the wrong one. the power supply is 20 pin and the mobo is 24. will this cut it with...
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    7800 to much card, Need advice 1280x1024

    i just bought a similar system to yours, and let me tell you that it was definitely worth it going the extra 180 dollars over the 6800gt and into the high end 7800gtx. i was tired of having mediocre PC's so if you can afford it now you might as well go for it.
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    MSI 7800 GTX $479 at newegg

    do you think i should bother getting this with a 3000+ venice[i will be overclocking] or is it just a waste? and what exactly is vivo?
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    Aspire X-QPack next to SN25P (w/ pics!)

    don't forget how much you pay to get that shuttle. it's definately cheaper to build off of the aspire.
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    VoodooPc..Interchangable GFX Cards...?

    mmm 7000 dollar laptop :drool:
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    Compusa Compaq v4135 $700 this week, comments?

    sounds like a good deal to me, but that link doesn't work
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    Free 32Mb memory key - IBM

    got mine today
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    iTunes Phone Real Pictures

    if it has a 20gb hd i might bite