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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    I used to play WOW off an AirCard and typically had pretty good luck with it until the device was basically dying after a year. This was a 3G card and damn, today if I was on 4G I prob would of been happy with it.
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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    20/5 should be the BASE anyone gets. What I want to live with is 1gig/1gig but we all can't get google fiber.
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    ATT Uverse Modems

    I really hate paying them 7 dollars a month on top of my already overpriced service. I'll take the 10 dollar credit I got them to give me for the coverage of modem. Seriously, fuck ATT and their shitty business practices. Locked into shit devices and shit products they offer.... If our...
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    ATT Uverse Modems

    Anyone using anything other then their piece of junk? I have dropped their TV service and only have the internet coming in on Uverse. My understanding its just ADSL2+ and I should be able to grab what ever modem and have this work correct?
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Replacement modem for UVERSE? I am dropping the TV part and will need an ADSL 2 modem and want suggestions.
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    WTB AMD A8-3870/AMD A8-3850

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    WTB AMD A8-3870/AMD A8-3850

    I have an FM1 mobo and trying to build a spare system off it.
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    Cooling for Video Cards

    I am looking at doing an AIO for my video card. I don't like it running as hot and as loud as it does. So I have a couple questions: EVGA ACX cooler on my stock card currently. 1. I do not see that it is actually cooling the ram itself but does have part of what look like capacitors to me...
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Bass isnt about house shaky, its about sounding good. what model are they?
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    Sentimentally ... WiNDy

    Ya, there also was some guy on here scamming people he could import them in because they were only sold in Japan. I don't think the company really ever got off the ground. Amazing look cases thought but 3-4x as much any others on the market.
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Are those the swan speaker?
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    Dual WAN - Load balancing router w/ Wireless if possible (N and maybe AC if possible)

    If you like that router, you could just run your own WAPs and get better coverage then a central WAP.
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    Does Titanfall have recommended specs or just minimum?

    Using an aged engine so it runs okay on the lackluster xboxone hardware.
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! (Sorry for the reddit style response) RES
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    How many of you leave the your case sides off? (Open Air?)

    I like to be able to you know.. Keep the dust out as much as possible.
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    Need a new board.

    ASUS F1A75-M PRO R2 is a new revision they finally added to their site over the past couple days. Waiting for it to hit stores now so I can order it.
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    Need a new board.

    Looking for a board for the A8 AMD APU I won at Quakecon. I also got some 2400 MHZ DD3 from Patriot that I would like to use. I am seeing that Hudson D3 is what I want in a board and with UEFI. Does anyone know what the quality of BIOSTAR and ASRock is these are the only two boards I am finding...
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    Games that can never be made again because of difficulty

    Everquest. I lost almost a full level form raids and wipes to learn to kill mobs. It was the best game I played.
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    The Legend of Zelda: A Mod to the Past (16-Bit Link)

    When did this become reddit? Hhaha, I am pretty sure I saw this one there. Good work.
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    Back track 5?? I know what you are up to mister!
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    Cooling problems on PNY GTX570

    I've had this card for almost a year.... I just now thought about looking this up and thinking it was just cause of my old case had bad airflow. Come to find out, it's the crappy cooler on after getting a new case and new heat sink for my CPU. I can't wait to dump this off for a 660ti when they...
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    I am using the stock Lian Li 120mm that came with my case. I was wonder what would be the quietest and best CFM fans to replace what I got.
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM is my mobo and yes that is the H60. Umm, I dunno if it would make a difference or not, I could try it but I don't know how much that would effect the flow of air already coming into the case with the 2 front fans. I guess since I inverted my PSU anyway that would be the 2...
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    I need to do some more wire management and make it all pretty in there. One day I'll do it. Used a nexus 80/92mm to 120mm adapter. H60 put in place of the old after market cooler I had in there. I have already seen a 15* F drop.
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    I am about to go this route... Thank you for reminding me of these little gems. How are the temps and noise levels versus it on a straight out 120mm hole
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    Steam account suspended: 100s of games and $$$ lost?

    Or try to get around the system in a gray area that the vendor will try to protect itself.
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    Steam account suspended: 100s of games and $$$ lost?

    Don't buy keys for out of the country steam accounts. Just wait until the games go on sale legit or save a little longer. It may be a gray market key but those are out there in those countries to help try and curve piracy. It's a way for the developers to still get some cash
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    Best 2.1 Speakers I can get for $400 - $500? !!!

    I can vouch for this. I just bought and some of the Dayton B652 speakers. Was 135 in total with everything I got.
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    Post your retro hardware.

    Wow, I am so pissed that I never kept all my old video cards and did what he did. My inner nerd just died.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    LIAN LI PC-A04B Black Aluminum MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case arrives today.... I hope... I have teh PC-A03 and it's dead zone on the video card is terrible. I can not wait to get this thing and get my system in it.
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    Question about these closed loop liquid coolers.

    Cool thanks for the info. New case and Cooler coming soon.
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    Question about these closed loop liquid coolers.

    Can you mount them say on a top exhaust vent? I am wanting to take an H60 from Corsair and mount it to the top vent of the PC-A04B when I get it. I am just making sure the units will still function in this mounting manner...
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    Random BSOD in Windows 7 64 bit

    I was having random BSOD myself with win7 and after I got a new power supply it all stopped.
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    This case the case I have been waiting for. It's perfect from what I seen. I will be placing my order in 1-2 weeks for it. Hoping to catch it on sale before I just buy it.
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    GameStop Eyeballs Steam's Milkshake, Uses Battlefield 3 as the straw.

    So, I wonder if Valve is going to start self publishing games, start their own publishing games or find another company because of this.
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    Looking for a website to download hi-def game trailers off of.

    Thanks for the help guys. It just seems like just has some videos not for download.
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    Looking for a website to download hi-def game trailers off of.

    I've downloaded 10 trailers off Game Trailers and seems to not give me download links anymore. Do they have a per hour limit?
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    Looking for a website to download hi-def game trailers off of.

    I want to download some game trailers in Hi-Def for a project I am doing. Most everything now seems to be streaming and I am getting bummed finding what I want. Any good sites guys?
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    Black Mesa Source coming 2009

    Does anyone else think some how Valve is involved with the prolonged delay?
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    Looking for a new Heat Sink

    I plan on buying this case about September/October and I am wondering what is the best air cooled option for an AM3 mobo would be? Also would one of those closed water cooling system work in this thing...