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    Best Way To Swap Comcast Modem To Your Own

    If I had to name four ISPs with worse customer service than Comcast to save my daughter's life I wouldn't waste a single moment doing anything but telling her how much I love her. literally can't even imagine.
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    27" 240hz OLED Monitor!!! (but there's a catch...)

    Holy shit. When the pg32uqx was like $2500 or whatever the hell this is insane. This is the exact dream monitor for me. Not gigantic, not two thousand dollars, man that's exciting. 1k on a gaming monitor is a ton but mannnnnnn that's tempting as fuck!
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    27" qhd for gaming and work recommendations

    I am not somebody that is an expert or someone who complains about how bad every 4 figure monitor sucks, but I went from an xb271hu (1440p, ips, 144hz) to a Gigabyte M27q-x (same thing, just 240hz) and I can't believe how much better the picture quality is on the new monitor. The blacks are very...
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    Odyssey Neo G8 - 4K 240 Hz 32" Quantum Mini LED

    Setting keybinds in CSGO for fps_max 120 and fps_max 240 (or 999) I am confident saying I can not reliably, or perhaps even hardly ever, tell the difference. RTX 3070 + 5600x + Gigabyte M27Q X, I get around 400fps in the game. 120 really did seem to be the sweet spot as toggling between 120 and...
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    Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro / Pixel 7a

    You guys noticing the cell service any better? Sick of seeing 4 bars and an exclamation point for no reason
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    Odyssey OLED G8: Official Introduction | 34" Samsung OLED

    Probably opening a big can of worms here but what would be better, 175hz with .1ms response time or 240hz with 1ms? I will say that on my xb271hu bumping the response time to overdrive, while it created ghosting it made things so beautifully fluid when moving them around I couldn't resist...
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    Did my Ubiquiti Dream Machine / UDM start dying?

    lol. I swapped the one from router to modem earlier and it didn't help. (I said this) But, since you asked, I did it again, using a third cable. I decided whatever and took the other cable(the one I just had in) and attached it to my PC knowing I'd also be testing wifi from my laptop. Ran ping...
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    Did my Ubiquiti Dream Machine / UDM start dying?

    All of the sudden I've noticed games are rubber banding all over the place, as of yesterday at noon. Call ISP they say all my channels look great, they restart my mode, (Surfboard S33) issue still persists. Ethernet or wifi, testing this with two different devices, still the same. If I plug a...
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    Gigabyte 4090 Gaming OC arrived - fits in Corsair 4000 Case

    Holy shit that is unreal big. And the 3090 is not small. We need a 1080ti vs 4090 pic
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    5800X3D Desktop Replacement

    I would be curious about this as well.
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    Odyssey Neo G8 - 4K 240 Hz 32" Quantum Mini LED

    Lol that's ridiculous
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    Audio newb needs some suggestions. Headphone Amp?

    I have a schiit hella for my Sennheiser hd650. It's made at best a tiny difference over onboard to me.
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    +1. I noticed it a few weeks ago, the fps /fingerprint sensor is really good now. Still wish it was on the back but I no longer regret buying this phone. Pretty happy. :D
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    Windows applications Patch/Update software

    Is secunia still good?
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    When did the change of everything going mobile and websites adapting to mobile versions as well ?

    This. I'm fine with websites having a mobile version, what I can't stand is every time I go to Reddit having to close out of THIS WEBSITE DOES A WAY BETTER JOB OF COLLECTING DAYA WITH OUR APP. DOWNLOAD IT NOW
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    WTB: Meraki hardware

    I have an MX33 WAP and some rourter. I forget what. If you remind me I will give them to you for free plus shipping. The license on them is expired.
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    Counterfeit Microsoft Peripherals on Amazon?

    Is that even considered a counterfeit? It doesn't even say the brand. Lol Amazon, lol China.
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    Please Help: Lots of trouble figuring out how to choose a Standing Desk (need ASAP for chronic issues)

    I have a Varidesk or whatever at work, not powered, you raise and lower it yourself and I really like it. Wish it was a few inches taller when fully raised but that could probably be solved pretty easily.
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    EKWB Lays Off 25% of Workforce, Blames Lower Watercooling Sales

    In some areas, maybe. The entire casino/gambling industry is founded on the exact opposite of this. Confirmation bias is worth billions each year.
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    EKWB Lays Off 25% of Workforce, Blames Lower Watercooling Sales

    The thing with water-cooling that always got me was, what next? You wait for blocks, get it all set up, now the next gen cards come out, now what? I don't imagine the custom WC crew staying on old hardware very often, and who wants to buy a last generation water block? Must depreciate like...
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    Schiit Fulla + Mod Mic 3.5mm, still getting white noise

    I'd like to increase the quality of my microphone when I'm playing games. Things are mostly fine except the white noise, but that's super annoying. Is this a $50 problem or a $500 problem? I currently have a Modmic with a 3.5mm jack(not usb) and it goes in to a Schiit Fulla which connects to my...
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    Gaming in your 40s

    I'm not quite 40 yet but the amount of time I spend per week GAMEING I have fully accepted that I am going to be that super old guy in CSGO on a random Tuesday morning calling out enemy spotted. Love the shit.
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    Wait MMO? This is an online game and not a Skyrim,Witcher,RPG type single player game?
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    Does anyone remember how long it took for CP77 to get a good patch? Was it 2 weeks or like 2 months? Trying to know how long to hold back my elation.
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    welp after all these comments in here I actually refunded the money, gonna wait for the first patch. Game looks too good to have to deal with that stuff.
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    Holy shit this game looks sick. I mostly play CSGO and the last game I got was CP77 which I played through once but haven't touched since, but this... this could be the reason I get passed over for at least one promotion :D INNNNNNNNN tomorrow
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    I think about going back to the 5a I had almost every single day. The FPS on the 6 is so bad it has made it the worst smartphone I've ever used. This is on the February patch and with the $45 Zagg screen protector that was recommended by Google installed. I know the FPS works way better without...
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    Torguard VPN client will consume 50% CPU when you're not looking

    Damn that's crazy. You're saving if I left TG minimized to systray, left task manager opened for 5+ minutes, and didn't touch mouse or keyboard, that'd be enough to repeat the issue? I'll try it again Tuesday.
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    Torguard VPN client will consume 50% CPU when you're not looking

    I can't remember the last time I got auto notified. Definitely been an issue for me for a while. Thanks for letting me know there's a new version though!
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    Torguard VPN client will consume 50% CPU when you're not looking

    I can't repeat it. Leaving it in systray, "opened," active window, inactive window, it just sits at 0%. I did notice you are on 4.8.1 and I am on 4.8.6.
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    Torguard VPN client will consume 50% CPU when you're not looking

    Very interesting, I run TG and NH pretty much all the time. Time to pause NH and see if TG starts using up lots of resources. That would be very disappointing, been using them for years though I have considered a switch in the past.
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    You can modify the gesture sensitivity. I have it basically turned off for right-to-left to go back
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    Nvidia’s new G-Sync monitors let you switch between 1440p and 1080p

    I asked fl0m, one of the biggest CSGO streamers, if he planned on upgrading his 240hz to 360 and he scoffed and said it wasn't worth it. He said you can't even tell th difference and he wasn't going to give up his resolution for it since he's one of the very rare CSGO players that plays at 2560x1440
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    Same, but after reading how bad it is on XDA I'm actually going to skip it.
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    Guesses on how long? I'm not interested in side loading an OS upgrade. We thinking tomorrow? Tuesday? January?
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    The updates for my Pixel have come on the first Tuesday of the month by 6am every month for as long as I can remember, this is definitely unprecedented for me. Annoying.
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    Best free software to generate the autounattend.xml file for windows 10 21h1 ?

    We did unattend at work for free with Microsoft software, I wouldn't pay for anything imo the MS kit is... A pain in the ass to get the actual file that holds the unattend out of the windows.iso but the xml generation software is pretty darn good. Rolling it back in to the iso though. Ugh.
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    Protection from brownouts, what do I need?

    Thanks, guys! Most of that was Greek to me but I have enough to make a purchase.