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    ohnoes nvidia

    Look, I'm not one threatening class action lawsuits, etc. But I did follow all necessary steps to install Vista by the book and I don't care what anybody says, Vista does not work out of the box with an ATI AGP card and a dual core Athlon. I'm perfectly competent. You can bury your head in the...
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    ohnoes nvidia

    I know I feel the same way. I'm sick of hearing people defending nVidia saying "well if you don't have SLI 8800s then you shouldn't be running vista OMFGZORS!!!!" etc etc. The reality is that dual core X2 systems with a good AGP card are more than adequate to run Vista, and nVidia screwed all of...
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    ATi AGP + With nForce3 + Vista = Code 43 Error

    Here's a little bump from a furious nVidia user too. To all who boo hoo about nF3 users not upgrading to Vista: Are you fucking serious? People run XP with hardware a gen or two old all the time, it's not like some big travesty. The idea that my dual core system with a pretty fast AGP card...
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    msdn vista

    I dont know but my MSDNAA program gives me access to two separate vista business keys, so if true 20 reinstalls would be awesome!
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    Last Minute NVIDIA / Vista nForce3 Driver Bomb
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    Vista and Nero 7 experiences

    I did it, Nero works well. WFP will keep your DX10 in place, don't worry.
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    is there any vista driver for any motherboard yet?

    Amazing, you are running nVidia cards which are well known to work. It's the fact that non-nVidia cards (specifically ATI... nVidia's main competition) are completely crippled. Coincidence? I doubt it. Sure, it's not in their best interest to support the competition, but is it worth it to...
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    Another Vista Victim

    Same printer, same problem. I got that message a bit ago too. Its okay by me though, HP has come out with new printers and this guy is fairly old for a printer... I can invest in a new printer. Annoying that there is no support, but mine really is quite old.
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    Can Vista 32-bit OEM get 64-bit disk from Microsoft?

    Yes. I got a Vista Business license through the MSDNAA program and paid $9 for a 64bit DVD from the website regularly listed on product packaging:
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    is there any vista driver for any motherboard yet? The list goes on and on. Try googling: nVidia vista code 43 See what comes up. This is...
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    is there any vista driver for any motherboard yet?

    Wow, nice; way to be an asshat. Yes, I have. Beta 1 drivers from 2005. Whoop de fucking do. They don't work. They wont work. If nVidia is going to keep pimping the board as vista ready they better get some drivers for it. You can...
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    is there any vista driver for any motherboard yet?

    No need for chipset drivers huh? Care to explain why my nForce3 system is completely broken and my X800 can't start because the boxed chipset drivers are horrible? I can't even run Aero Glass because of nVidia's complacency and it's really getting old fast...
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    Downloading Vista Business as I type....

    Ive been running Vista Business from the MSDNAA program for a few days now. It's been a champ. The only gripe I have is that nVidia has been completely sucking ass about drivers and my whole system crawls because the chipset drivers that ship with Vista are very flawed and AGP acceleration is...
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    Canon 580EX vs 550EX vs 430EX. Help!

    Good choice, you've got the best canon offers (to consumers) now ;)
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    Canon 580EX vs 550EX vs 430EX. Help!

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    Your Very Best of 2005

    Thanks :cool: Summer will kick in soon, I hope to get some more interesting storms... maybe some waterspouts/tornados etc.
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    Your Very Best of 2005

    From my flickr gallery.
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    Can someone help me restore this photo?

    Not a whole lot to work with but:
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    Canon 580EX vs 550EX vs 430EX. Help!

    90% of the time you are going to want to bounce your flash. This is the most noticable change from an external flash, and it really makes flash pictures look great. That said, it takes alot of power to bounce. I use a 430EX (I'm holding it right now, actually) because I like the lower weight...
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    Show off your best pics!

    Survey says: Canon PowerShot A620 1/60s F/2.8 7.3mm Ambient light Yay exif :P
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    Whats happened to HardOCP recently?

    I'm not going to get into wild speculation, etc. I think holiday time off is all well and good and definitely important, but I will say this. I remember when [H] did quite a few reviews. Then Kyle vs. Infinium Labs thing happened. I understand why everything trickeled down. I also remeber...
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    Gallery of first two days with Rebel XT

    1.8-1.4ish primes are absolutely sick for DOF. The 50 1.8 is nice to get your feet wet with, and the 85 1.8 is an awesome lens too. You may want to go wider than that 28-135 but its up to you ;)
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    2005 ACC Football

    Those are extremely good shots. If I may ask, how did you get sideline passes to college games? Do you work for a news organization, are you a stringer, or maybe a booster...? Just wondering because I am trying to do the same myself. Killer shots by the way. I think they all look great...
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    Show off your best pics!

    I'm just wondering what the heck kinda lights(strobes) those were to shoot a 1D at ISO 500, 1/400s and F/8.... thats pretty darn good indoors!
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    Some Rebel XT questions

    Think about all of the "safety" and impact-resistant stuff that is made in this modern age with plastics... plastic is exceptionally resilient to bumps, etc. While it may creak a bit and deteriorate over extremes (time, temps, chemicals, etc) it is pretty freaking awesome for it's weight and price.
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    Show off your best pics!

    This is the "out of the camera image", just resized to 1000px wide...
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    Show off your best pics!

    As in, you would like a greyish water reflection with sky detail? What would you change about it? I kinda wanted the water "surface" to disappear (hence the high-key look to the image) to isolate the alligator.
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    Show off your best pics!

    A test of a high-key alligator photoshop... Opinions?
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    How to send allot of photos online easily???? (1GB)
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    Show off your best pics!

    Not my best per-say, but I like them.
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    Bought Another Prime @ Samy's Camera

    Thank you! It's really the digic II image pipeline that lets canon make these CMOS sensor shine... and the 350D has the same digic II as the 20D, 5D, etc. Ansel Adams didn't exactly have a 1Ds Mark II, but he still did fine with plain old black and white.
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    Bought Another Prime @ Samy's Camera

    Here's why: because money is not an issue, need is.... keeping the 350D would be nicer in the long run. Sure people like to bash it because it uses and color LCD to change ISO etc, not the viewfinder and not a monochrome LCD. But here's the kicker. At all times, I know where my ISO is, I know...
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    Bought Another Prime @ Samy's Camera

    The 350D is awsome because of its size and weight, and the fact that 1.6x crop makes long lenses seem longer :p There is no way I would get rid of it. Besides the 10-22 is one awesome wide angle by itself, and worth keeping the 350D over. I take photos for a newspaper with the 350D and they...
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    Bought Another Prime @ Samy's Camera

    Primes, for any given aperture equaling a zoom, typically have better color, better sharpness (corner to corner), less vignetting, less CA, less distortion, and better contrast. Not to mention they are usually faster and lighter. Primes are awesome if you dont mind using your feet.
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    10-22 shots

    Might want to download PTLens to fix a bit of the distortion from the lens. The shots with buildings in them will thank you ;)
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    Bought Another Prime @ Samy's Camera

    In order of how they will happen: Canon EF 70-200 F/2.8L Canon EF 300 F/2.8L Canon 1D Mark II N (unless 20D's successor is out and comparable by then) Canon 580EX flash Canon EF-S 10-22 Not cheap, but they gotta happen.
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    Genmay preview?

    .... Great.... y2.038k :p
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    why is the forum so unstable today?

    Because 100% uptime is impossible on a forum with 50,000 users of which 1000s are often active at any given time. Seriously, the load on these servers is huge and we should be thankful they are as reliable as they are.
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    Are u loyal to certain brands?

    The only brand I am loyal to is Canon. Since I have inested into the Canon EF lens system, I don't really have another option. Besides that, if I am spending X dollars and there products Y and Z, I will buy whichever product does what I want more exactly... regardless of brand.