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    New DFI Mini-ITX MI P55-T36

    Intel Core i3-530 Clarkdale 2.93GHz 4MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 73W Scythe SCSK-1100 100mm Shuriken Rev. B 3 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler Crucial 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model CT2KIT12864BA1339 How far do you guys think I can take the i3 350...
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    What was your last great game?

    Halo 3 and Rock Band at the moment. Before getting a 360, it was LOTR - BFME2:WK, the Sims 2, and CSS.
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    Fan Controller

    I would suggest the Sunbeam Rheobus, because I have one, and it works great. Controls 4 fans like you want, fits a 5 1/4" drive bay. Only downside is the brightness. It is bright as heaven, but what I did, was put a little piece of electrical tape on the LED, and that worked out fine. $12.99 at...
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    How is this for low budget gaming? About to purchse it...

    I'm assuming Antec brand, correct? Better brand than Coolmax at least.
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    How is this for low budget gaming? About to purchse it...

    ECS is usually not a reputable motherboard company, but it looks ok. I know you're on a strict budget, but I'd really advise you to not skimp on the power supply. Especially on a brand like Coolmax. Go for these brands instead, as they're much higher in quality...
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    what do you do w/ games you don't like?

    I just leave them in a box. Sometimes, I like to back track to old school times
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    Newegg rant

    wow...sorry to hear that. Haven't heard of that before. Newegg in my opinion, regardless, is still the one of the best, if not, the best for computer components.
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    Problem with P35-DS3R, after switch processors

    I'm sure the RAM is OK, because it was working a few minutes ago. But I'll do that. Thanks.
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    Is a WD Raptor drive worth the cost?

    It would, but in my opinion, it's not really worth the money. Get the Seagate 7200.11 drives. They are pretty close or on par with the Raptor speeds, and have 32mb cache.
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    what harddrives are best for HTPC?

    I would suggest the Seagate 7200.11 series. Or the Western Digital Green series(I'm not sure if they're called that, but they sure are quiet, and consume less power).
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    I wish I had FiOS, which isn't available yet, in my area.
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    Problem with P35-DS3R, after switch processors

    I must of forgotten the model number, but it's a PCI card. But I know it's an MX something. So, any ideas to my problem?
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    Tri-SLI with the GT or GTS?

    It's meant for the top of the line. It's can't be done on the GT and GTS, because they only have one SLI connector on top, as opposed to the GTXs or Ultras having two.
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    How will my new budget gaming rig handle these games?

    It should be able to handle all those games at reasonable settings. Medium settings or high settings on some of them with the 1280 x 1024 resolution.
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    CoreT 2 Quad Processor Q6600 or Intel® Boxed Core 2 Duo Processor E8400?

    The Q6600 is the one to go with, if you don't plan on upgrading for a very long time. E8400 if you just plain love to overclock.
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    Problem with P35-DS3R, after switch processors

    I plan on selling my Q6600 and 8800GT, so I took them out of the DS3R, and replaced them with an E2180 and GeForce MX420, to hold me over. I turn it on, goes to the POST screen, but just stays there. Keyboard doesn't respond, so I can't get into the BIOS. I cleared the CMOS twice, and I got the...
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    Hello. As the thread title says, 8800GT for sale. It has never been opened. It came just from the delivery guy. I just decided to change my mind, and buy a lower end card, as I'm not that much of a gamer. I only accept Paypal, and your address must be verified. I also, only ship within the...
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    Good cheap motherboard to OC E2140 with?

    I would recommend the Abit IP35-E, as I've heard it overclocks the E21xx series, quite well. I would say it's plausible to reach your goal, with the stock cooler. When I was overclocking my E2180, I didn't touch the voltage until 3GHz, and it's stock 2GHz.
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    How often do you play your Xbox 360?

    Just a few hours, everyday.
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    No boot, after flashing BIOS

    Yes I do. Although I don't what the graphic card has to do with this, I will try it. Thanks for your replies!
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    No boot, after flashing BIOS

    No I do not. Just a single 7600GT.
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    No boot, after flashing BIOS

    I have a DS3R motherboard, and wanted to update it's BIOS. So I downloaded F7d beta, backed up the current F5, and flashed the BIOS, via @BIOS program. It said it successfully flashed the BIOS. I then restarted the computer, and loaded the optimized defaults in the BIOS. Restarted, and nothing...
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    First time overclocking

    Prime95 is a great stress program, especially for the quad core, since it natively supports 4 threads. I'd say the minimum is 8 hours, for stability. One hour isn't necessarily a sign of stability, but a sign of good progress. Like at least it hasn't froze or restarted in 20 minutes.
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    First time overclocking

    For now the stock cooler is giving good temperatures, because you haven't really touched the voltage yet, for the CPU, if at all. Definitely get the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme, especially when overclocking a quad core. 1.4 is easy, 1.5 is I said, it depends on the temperatures...
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    First time overclocking

    It would be a good idea to run them at a 1:1, so neither is holding the other back. I could be wrong. As for the voltage, it depends on the temperature. Say it's at 1.5v and you're load temperature is at 50C. You still have headroom to add more voltage. If the load was at 60-70C, then you...
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    Flashing HD LED - No activity

    I could be wrong, but this all looks normal to me. The HDD LED, flashes whenever the hard drive has activity going on. Mine flashes every second too. There would be HD activity, because the Windows installation procedure, involves putting files on to the HDD. The BIOS wouldn't be...
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    First time overclocking

    Those temperatures look very good, so far. CPU-Z reads it that way, because of vdroop, or it's usually inaccurate with the voltage reading. I'm not sure about this, so wait for somebody else to confirm. What FSB : DRAM or divider, are you running under? 1:1, 2:3, 4:5, etc... I suggest that...
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    Command rate on DS3R

    What did you mean by "hosed"? It does support changing the CR. I use to change it, when I had them in an ASUS P5N-E.
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    What's the height of the Ultra 120 Heatsink?

    I only have one fan as a push. But doing the push pull method, isn't a bad idea. But is it bad, that the rear exhaust fan, would be mm away from the pull fan?
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    Maximus Formula

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    Command rate on DS3R

    My BIOS version is F5. Got any ideas, on how I can solve this?...because I think it's limiting my overclock, from going further. Although the Ballistix should be fine at 1T, with it's frequency currently at 320MHz. Here's a screenshot, from CPU-Z...
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    Command rate on DS3R

    I'm used CPU-Z.
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    VGA Coolers Lacking VRAM Cooling?

    Aftermarket coolers wouldn't have worse VRAM cooling, because the stock coolers are sharing the heatsink, among the core and VRAM together.
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    Are my temps okay? First build... E2160 ~3.2GHz

    Well small FFTs will only get you those temperatures, as they put your CPU through a very harsh stress test, more than any other. So if you were to stress blend or something like that, your temperatures would be more than acceptable. Nice overclock, by the way.
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    Maximus Formula

    I believe in the early weeks of November. *edit*:
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    Maximus Formula

    I don't think it's worth the price right now. With the X48 replacing the X38 chipsets, soon.
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    Command rate on DS3R

    My system specs are: E2180 @ 3.2GHz DS3R 1GB Ballistix DDR2-800 7600GT TR Ultra-120 Extreme HIPER 580W Thanks for replying.
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    Command rate on DS3R

    Does anybody know about the command rate setting, with the DS3R? It's just that I don't know, or I can't find the command rate setting, along with the other settings they provide. I'm asking about this, because it sets my RAM at 1T, and I think it's limiting my overclock.