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    Skype messes up Sound Settings

    Yha, that's in Communications and i have it set to "Do nothing". Thanks
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    Skype messes up Sound Settings

    Hello Got a new ASUS Scar laptop with Dolby sound and every time I make a call, the Dolby setting changes from my desired "Movie -> Balanced" setting to "Voice". I have to go into the settings and set it back after, however most times I'm pretty sure it doesn't change the actual sound as...
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    Looking for a BIG laptop 18+ inches

    Slight necro but I literally just had this size issue. Ran an Acer 8930 thhen replaced it with an AW-18.. Last month after 6yrs the AW18 started crapping out. With no more 18" I had to get a 17". To be honest, the performance gains have out shined the slight loss in screen size and do not...
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    Not PC ? But TV to Soundbar Digital Audio cable

    Need some help connecting my 2007 Sharp Aquios TV with an Optical Digital output to a bose sound bar with a digital in. I do not know if those 2 connectors are the same or different. TV: Soundbar...
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    Sound drops on new tab.

    Thought that to, and have it's set at "Do Nothing", from mute all, 20% 50%.
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    Sound drops on new tab.

    It's every browser\, Well, FF and Edge. So, it's something besides mute tab.
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    Sound drops on new tab.

    If I have 2 twitch tabs open then open a 3rd tab that has sound, like a 3rd twitch or a ytube page, the volume on that tab drops to what seems like 20%. If I close 1 of the other tabs the volume goes back to normal. I can also cycle through the Spacial sound selection to get it back. This is on...
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    Sr2 any use?

    It was the ultimate dual xeon board as it could overclock dual 1366 xeons. So, no i guess
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    Sr2 any use?

    Is an SR2 any use now a days, or is my old FaH rig now a very fancy end table?
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    Laptop PSU/Charger EU Plug in NA

    My Alienware 18 power brick has crapped out. I've found the same Model number ADP-330AB D on Amazon but it has an EU Style plug. The plugs an easy switch, but I'm wondering about input voltages. I've linked the Amazon below, is it useable in NA...
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    Back in the [H]orde!!

    That's still the same then. Such craziness that makes it hard to justify the power bills.
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    Back in the [H]orde!!

    What are intel 1366 xeon 2p making now a days any way?.
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    F@H, Large Work Units for Server-class Available Now

    Same, I'm on an 8108 now, still ~59kppd
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    F@H, Large Work Units for Server-class Available Now

    Yha, i'm on v6 -bigbeta and getting 58k ppd. Looks like I might be dropping.
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    F@H, Large Work Units for Server-class Available Now

    Thanks, i'm on v6 *nix and only started regular smp yesterday, so i'm looking forward to them. Edit Picked one up, 17:30 tpf @3.1Ghz hexs
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    F@H, Large Work Units for Server-class Available Now

    Hi everyone, just wondering more about these, and the client needed. Is my SR-2 hexs qualifying for these, and what client is needed. I have not touched my SR-2 in the last year except for a few reboots, so I'm not even sure my client is even up to date. Any help?
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    Change in BA requirements

    If they rewarded better than I'd switch, but why when I'm not getting even close. Though my i7 950 @4.0Ghz right now is getting 32k ppd on wu10084.
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    The 7970s nearly dirt cheap and run crazy ppd too.
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    Do 5* series NVidia cards see the 8900 units? Cause my 560ti has yet to see one.
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    SR-2 Questions

    I'm getting 175k on my 3.1Ghz l5639s and I could not get better overclocks. Sensor reports my temps as 1 core is 59 all the way up to 73C. I'm using 212+s and in aa case. To keep windows you'll be best to run Vbox and a ubuntu guest.
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    ATI R9 290X?

    Post on has tghe 290x getting ~153k on 8900 units,. Hmm, ff axed the thread....
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    WTB: EVGA SR-2

    I can helpm on the board, as that's how I bought mine from from firedfly. He gave a SMOKEN deal for $250. I think it should have been even higher though, and 2 212+s were and extra $25 for the pair. I'm running 5639 es and got mine for $330 but i just found them on ebay for 80 bucks obo...
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    SR-2 Memory

    I got these corsairs xms
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    WTB: EVGA SR-2

    The l5639s are okay, and will do about 3.1Ghz for 170kish ppd. Glad to know my boards still has value.
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    P8104 is coming down!

    Just thought I'd update, My SR-2 is running 16:09 on them 8101s ran 26:30 to 27:20 8102s ran 21:20
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    P8104 is coming down!

    How/where do you switch the psummary? Boo-urns.. found it
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    Warning - BigAdv: Check first 3 frame times.

    Same here, though I nrarely get the '03s
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    Too fast bigadv-

    You're doing tem in ~33minutes. I do 8101s on my 3.2Gh\z sr-2 in ~26:20 to 27:40 These wu tend to spread out. Try A reboot you may get faster.
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    big beta 8103

    It has less base points than an 8101/3.. 17153 vs 22607 Seems it's like the 8103 which I do in ~21:40 for bout 36hr run so I'd make the 8104 by a couple hrs. Why are they jacking us on short deadlines!
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    6.34 CLI BigAdv?

    wow just looked and I got my first 8103 I'm running just -bigadv
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    6.34 CLI BigAdv?

    Damn you, I haven't seen an 8102 in ever.
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    P8101 TPF on Quad 6128?

    The trackers flaw is we named our systems so its hard to figure out the setup:( First place I looked.
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    P8101 TPF on Quad 6128?

    Oh wait, here is Nathans results 171k ppd with a tpf of ~21mins
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    P8101 TPF on Quad 6128?

    Stock doesn't work anymore does it?
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    3 threads not getting used on new system

    Do yiu have HT on? Do you have the system set to run at full? Default is medium.
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    1366 motherboard cooling question

    Really Nathan? My sts100C were not bad at all running in my 650d You might get away with drilling out the threads but that kills the boards resale.
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    FAH v7.3.4 has been released!

    I have had 2 BSOD crashes since installing this 2 days ago. Had 0 prior to that. All were overclocking errors, 07e and 101.
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    H8QGL-IF+ in Blackhawk Ultra case?

    I find the blackhawk nice and big, but on the cheap side of construction. That's comparing my Corsair 6650d to it.. A $170 case vs $200.
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    problem sending

    Read the log file for WU02. It'll give a corestatus code as well, if it completed, the count will go to 100%
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    Folding Workstation Ideas

    Oh yes, many are using them on sr-2s