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    Battlefield4 DLCs free on Origin (I think all dlcs)

    Road To Battlefield 1 You can get the dlcs without owning the base game. I might just pick up BF4 base game for around $5 next time that's on sale.
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    HomeFront: The Revolution Free For 3 Days

    I think he meant that it's only free to play for a limited time, not free to own forever.
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    [HOT] The Crew will be free starting Sep. 14 until Oct. 14 on UPlay.

    Isn't The Crew a relatively new game? A tad surprised that it's being released for free.
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    Steam 2016 summer sale is here! runs from June 23rd to July 4th!

    I don't even know what to do with the cards, with 2 week restriction on selling/trading them without a smartphone apps. I have a smartphone, but I'm not going to put unnecessary apps on it (or give Steam my phone number, etc etc). EDIT Actually, the cards don't seem to have an expiration date...
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    Quake Reboot From Id Software Could Be Teased At E3

    Wait.... which Quake? The "demon fighting" Quake 1? The "alien fighting" Quake 2/4? The MP only Quake 3 Arena?
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    Origin Summer Sales 2016 (Infinite Gaming Sales) have began

    Infinite Gaming Sale | Origin Games Not sure how long it's going to last. Prices for certain games have matched the Amazon sales a week ago, while other games seem to have hiked up in sales price / lesser discounts from previous Origin sales.
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    Tomb Raider (2013) for $1 minimum donation to Gamechanger

    Game Changer Charity Got the steam key via email right away.
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    Humble Bundle Winter Sale.

    Didn't we just have a winter sale last month on HB? Or am I confusing it with some other site?
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    U.S. Government Announces $4B Self-Driving Car Program

    It's a worthy investment provided that it succeeds. If America is the first to achieve this (not just the car but car, national road infrastructures, navigation programs, etc etc)... America will be the one to set the global standard for self driving cars that the rest of the world will...
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    Additional 10% off all items at Funstock digital... probably an error

    On a side note, oddly, the site rejected my BoA visa but accepted BoA debit. 0_0) Does anyone know what may have caused that?
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    Additional 10% off all items at Funstock digital... probably an error JAN-COUPAW-SMART10 They made the same mistake with a 20% version of the coupon earlier this month. I'm guessing this is yet another error. Still, I managed to snag SFV for around $39 with this coupon (33% off store price + 10% additional coupon...
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    Steam Winter Sale

    !? Didn't think it was possible to buy DLC on Steam without owning the game for the dlc.
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    Humblebundle Monthly.. Alien Isolation $12

    Monthly bundles have been pretty disappointing, so I usually wouldn't post a monthly bundle. But, since the game's $12 anyways on sale at other sites, might as well buy it here and get a "free" bundle. On a side note, apparently the Humblestore is also selling Alien Isolation for $12.49. -_-)
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    Humblebundle Monthly.. Alien Isolation $12 The game's on sale at Steam's winter sale for $12.50, so if you were thinking about picking it up, it's cheaper here. Plus, the mystery game bundle in a month or so.
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    2016 Promises To Be A Huge Year For Gaming

    2015 was supposed to be one of the most exciting year, too. Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Knight, Star Wars Battlefront... ...those were going to be my games of the year for 2015 :( But, hey, Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 saved 2015, so I guess 2015 was a good year.
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    Valve Says “No Unauthorized Actions” Were Enabled On Improperly Viewed Steam Accounts

    No unauthorized actions... besides the release of private information.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Can I have Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package?
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    Hacking Group Plans To Target Steam And Minecraft Servers Over Christmas

    Even better.. arrest them and actually punish them instead of allowing "oh, but he has autism" excuses for a slap on the wrist. Yeah, I'm looking at you, UK.
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    Steam Winter Sale

    Well, obviously, what's happening is something much more malign than a ddos attack.
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    Steam Winter Sale

    Yes. One more benefit from it that I just realized. We won't be missing deals because of ddos (like right now...) denying people access to the site.
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    Steam Winter Sale

    If you sell every holiday card you get, I think you'll end up with around $3.
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    Steam Winter Sale

    How long was it? I've heard that it was really really short.
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    Steam Winter Sale

    You get one for going through your queue. Then, you need to generate a new queue for the second card. Then, generate a third queue.
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    Steam Winter Sale

    The sales look pretty similar to the Fall sales (sans cards, of course). Anything noteworthy?
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    SqureEnix Humblebundle 3 is up

    Wow... the top tier just dropped price to $9 Now, this definitely is better than SEGift.
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    SqureEnix Humblebundle 3 is up $1 The Last Remnant Life Is Strange Episode 1 Tomb Raider I, II + III Murdered: Soul Suspect BTA (around $4 right now) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Just Cause Collection Front Mission Evolved Gyromancer Yosumin 20% off Just Cause 3 coupon 33%...
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    Check your GMG emails for Alien Breed Impact key

    sent you a key. Apparently I had a copy of it from an old humblebundle, so here's an extra one from gmg for you.
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    Over 70% Of North American Traffic Is Now Streaming Video And Audio

    "Poor parts of the world"? Try US. A good portion of this nation has an horrible Internet service. :(
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    Can A Screenplay Algorithm Save Hollywood?

    ...or they could continue ripping off foreign films or "remaking" older films.
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    G.SKILL Ares Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 2133 for $60 shipped.

    Does ram speed actually affect performance all that much? I was under the impression that it offered a very very minor, if any, improvement for most people. Of course, this was from an article I read several years ago, so I guess a lot could have changed since that time.
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    Shadow Complex Remastered free for PC Apparently, it's not a key for the game but the actual game.
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    NSA Shutting Down Bulk Phone Surveillance By Sunday

    I'm curious what % of the calls made in America are robo calls/ ads/solicitations/etc etc instead of actual phone calls. NSA probably won't release the data, but it'd be pretty interesting, I think.
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    Valve Reportedly Doing Away With Steam’s Daily And Flash Sales

    This. I haven't bought a product directly from Steam in a while (I think the last Xmas sale?) as I found better deals on other legitimate sites. Still, I'm happy about this. It makes life much more convenient (as I'm sure many of us have interests besides checking Steam every few hours for...
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    Samsung Announces New Flip Phone

    I actually miss my flip phone. Smartphones are nice, but I'm beginning to feel that they're much too big to be considered a "portable" device. Plus, the durability factor. With old flip phone, I can just shove it in my pocket. Not so much with larger smart phones.
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    Hands-On With PS4’s PlayStation 2 Emulation

    Really? I was under the impression that an older models of i5 could run PS2 emulation with ease (gpu being pretty inconsequential as long as you had one).
  36. H Has A Bunker Full Of Gold, Silver, And Food In Case Of Financial Collap

    I can understand investing in precious metals as a way of hedging against inflation and devaluation of the dollar. But.. as a back up for "SHTF" situations? Even if it's not a "Mad Max" world, I just don't see it being practical as an emergency wage for the employees. An employee is not going...
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    Fallout 4: Real-Life vs. In-Game Boston

    Personally, disappointed about the lack of karma in this game. Yeah, it was usually a "black or white" decision, but it was the fact that you sometimes did something that you clearly knew was wrong for survival (or sacrificing your own chance of survival to be a "good" person) was what made it...
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    Blizzard Sues Bot Maker For Copyright Infringement

    Considering that one cannot trade in Diablo3 (or at least it's very very limited), I'm curious what the botters do in Diablo 3.
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    Fallout 4 Reviews Have An Embargo On An Embargo

    I wonder if part of the reason for the embargo is to prevent spoilers from coming out. From what I understand, some reviewers have began posting plot/endings for the game.
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    Origin Halloween sale has started.

    Isn't DA:I GOTY being released soon? You might want to hold out for that, if thinking about DA:I