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    left 4 dead studdering?

    mat_queue_sound 0 in console problem solved
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    gotta get a new tv soon!

    That is the BEST option for the money....get it....NOW
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    DIR-655 Slow Wired connection

    Hello all, I have a D Link DIR-655 with one computer wired to it and 1 notebook on the wireless. Every couple of days I notice that the wired computer's connection is excessively slow, about 50 kb/s. When I notice this I go on the notebook and it's fine. Then I will reboot the router and go...
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    What do you expect from a banks website?

    I actually work at an online-only bank, no branches. I would say our design is pretty slick. It's basically "consolidated" when you first login so you can see all of your accounts and their available balances. Also I like Wells Fargo's interface quite a bit, everything is right...
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    hp pavillion wont boot

    well i finally got it to boot to the logon screen but the touchpad does nothing and i cant logon...any ideas there??
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    hp pavillion wont boot

    my friend's laptop has been acting very weird as of late. it wont boot at all. i can go into the bios and what not then then windows black and white screen that asks for safe mode, last known good configuration or start windows normally screen comes up. well i can try to start windows normally...
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    windows upgrade kills cs:source fps?

    i had been running windows xp pro with no service packs or anything for a very long time. i have a custom config from the cal open forum (casey's config) i used to get about 100 fps in the video stress test and very good fps in game constantly. two days ago i upgraded my xp to a different key...
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    java and xml parsing

    well for this i need to read the xml in and use regular expressions to match the names here's my code that works for my sample xml file but wont work if a name spans to the second line... public class Main { public static void main(String[] args){ try { String...
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    java and xml parsing

    i'm attempting to parse some xml with java using patterns and matchers with regular expressions.... i have it working fine as i'm just trying to grab the ryan from an element like: <name>ryan</ryan> the only trouble i'm having is when a name spans more than one line like this: <name>ryan...
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    is it easy to fabricate a plexiglass enclosure?

    i built an htpc completely out of plexi and it wasn't too bad. after researching around i found a type of "glue" that bonds plastic to plastic...not just glue but it actually fuses them together, it's been sturdy for 2 years now....
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    Apple G5 Case

    i bought my G5 case on ebay and it was in perfect shape, i paid $100 for it from can find my thread in the case mod gallery thing to look at how i put an athlon64 system in it....
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    which router???

    i have cebridge cable getting installed august 15....only thing in my area (crappy cebridge)... anyways.... i dont want their toshiba modem so i'm buying my own, i cant decide between the linksys BEFCMU10 and the motorola sb5100.....on their website they list a bunch of modems but the 5100...
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    Computer Science

    i'm a CS major right now over halfway through the major...i could graduate this next spring but i'm staying in school to run track and get a BUSINESS minor..... i have an internship right now at a fortune 500 company doing web app coding for a bank's online system.....i live in the midwest...
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    Smart modding!!!!

    hahaha 5c difference killing parts......lies i have one 120mm fan bringing air in, very slowly that is as it's a cooler master near silent. and NO exhaust fans.....and right now my mobo is at 29 C and my athlon64 is at 31 C i guess it helps though that i have a G5 case that's amazing :)
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    My Apple G5 Case Mod

    here you g5 massacre
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    G5 Massacre

    I finally got some time from school and my internship and my wedding to get started and complete my G5 case mod over the past few weeks. I got my case on ebay for about $100 back in march and couldn't wait to get home from school to cut into it. All i wanted to do with this mod was put my...
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    My Apple G5 Case Mod

    i'm just finishing up my G5 mod.....i just have to drill some holes and put in my floppy drive / card reader inside then i'll post pics and what i did. one thing about the power supply....i obviously ran into the same problem so i took my power supply apart and the wires were long enough to...
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    cleaning a G5 case

    i just got a new powermac and i wanted to know whats best to use to clean the outside of the case, fingerprints, dust, etc.
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    new to java

    a lot of people use eclipse.....that's what i've used for school but at my internship at a fortune 500 i will be using websphere...
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    Hiding a program in taskmanager

    yeah i'd used gpedit and disable task manager access......or there's a reg key for it as well...
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    My Apple G5 Case Mod

    i just got a G5 case about 2 weeks ago and haven't had much time since I just got my wisdom teeth cut out and i have an internship starting on monday.... i'm planning to keep it as simple as possible. i'm just going to mount my motherboard by re-glueing the motherboard standoffs where i want...
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    bad trojans

    i have no idea what happened recently because i haven't had a problem with trojans/adaware for like 2 years. i only use mozilla but i think my fiance used internet explorer for something and somehow we have some bad trojans. they make it so they disable the taskmanager and registry tools. i have...
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    Trippy Apple G5 - PC Mod

    i just bought my G5 case :) cant wait to start working on it this didn't come with the cd drive cover or the front ports so i'm trying to find those....
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    Aluminum Plate?

    i'm thinking about getting some aluminum to go inside my G5 case i'm going to mod this summer, i thought the aluminum would be good to hold the cd drive and what not.....what kind of aluminum would i order from that onlinemetals site, there are a few different kinds....??
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    OLED (Organic LED) what are we waiting for?

    one of my chem professors has been working on OLED stuff for a few years now and he's making real progress. he's been working with some of the people that are actually going to be making the displays so hopefully soon there will be a break through and it will explode..
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    remote desktop help

    so i figured out that my university blocks those ports so the remote desktop wont work but i also tried to setup the remote web connection thing through internet explorer and i got it setup fine on my machine but when i go to the site http://myip:port/tsweb/ and enter things and hit connect it...
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    remote desktop help

    so after i forward that port to this computer through my router....when i go to connect from on campus i use the ip address that shows up on like, obviously i dont use the 192.168 right ?
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    remote desktop help

    i've been reading around and getting a basic idea of how to connect but i'm not sure what to do still. i'd like to be able to connect to my computer in my apartment from campus here. i setup a new account on this computer to connect with. i know how to get my ip and everything so i can connect...
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    java backtracking help

    yeah i put in generics today once i updated my eclipse so it could handle it......i have it most of the way working but the 6 course input comes out to 1, instead of 3....smaller sets work fine and i have to turn it in so thanks anyways....
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    java backtracking help

    yeah i put the get in there...instead of the remove... well for that sample data....there are 3 total ways to get through the courses....not necessarily to class #350... i changed a few things around but i think the main problem is in that checking's only checking the linked...
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    java backtracking help

    i'm working on a program that takes in courses and it's prerequisites and outputs the total number of solutions a student could take, like the number of legal sequences... i'm having a little trouble in my backtracking method....basically i have a hashmap with the course as the key and the...
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    Help choosing 19in LCD

    i have the benq and love it...the 6bit panel doesn't bother me at all...i don't even notice it and it's perfect for gaming and what not...
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    Ignition for power switch... seen before, no details

    i have two key switches that i bought for both of my computers.....they just have two posts each and spring back after you turn the key......i think they're from the chicago lock company but i can't really remember....
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    17" or 19" LCD

    i just bought the BenQ FP931 for my mom's computer....i love it so much i bought my own and it should be here early this week. i play hl2 on it over 100fps in net_graph3 and no ghosting....i have the brightness at 43 cuz it's so bright.....i love it so's only a 6-bit panel but i've...
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    couple cs questions on BENQ FP931

    i had to turn off vsync in my graphics card properties to get to 100 fps....
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    couple cs questions on BENQ FP931

    no i haven't tried to set the override on this monitor yet...i'll try that for 1280x1024
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    couple cs questions on BENQ FP931

    hmmm....i dunno then....i'm not limited by my comp as i get over 100 fps on the cs:source video stress test....i remember on my old CRT i had to force it to refresh faster to get the fps max is 200 in there so that's not the problem....i'll go try and mess around with it more...
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    couple cs questions on BENQ FP931

    just grabbed one of these monitors for my mom....i ordered mine i'll have two for a while... my first hl2 i'm still getting over 100 fps easy with my 6800 vid card and this monitor...the refresh rate is at 75hz.....but if i go play regular counter-strike my fps is...
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    Anybody ever RMA'd back to PNY?

    i RMA'ed a 6800NU from compusa because of the bad cap took a little while but i got the new one....the new one i received was also missing the same cap so i called and they overnighted me a new one...i just have to send this one back in within 30 days.... so usually they just take...
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    Java: memory/compiler questions

    what is your program doing that it's running out of must be something fairly infinite if it's running takes it a while to think be cause it takes the memory a little while to fill up....what is your program doing???