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    Achievements Have Ruined How I Play Games

    I generally don't care about getting achievements. I'd much rather move to a new game than keep playing the same one over and over for what amounts to e-cred.
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    Haswell overclocked to 7.01ghz

    There was a time when a post like this would have gotten you laughed off of the forum.
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    Idiots Busted By YouTube or Coolest Parents Ever?

    This is a non-issue if I've ever seen one. I would love to take a Ferrari for a spin. That kid is blessed.
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    Anyone else bummed out that BF4 is coming out already?

    "Modern warfare" is played out.
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    New found Origin hate.

    Is there a company that hates its own customers as much as EA does?
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    Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minutes of Gameplay

    I may be the only person in the world but I didn't really mind the SP campaign in BF3. It was a good way to introduce the gameplay and I had some fun with my friend on the co-op but the main aspect of BF games for me is the MP, which in BF3 I didn't like. It was CODish (infinite sprint...
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    Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes May Be Shelved

    It better not be. This is one of maybe 3 games in the entire world that I'm looking forward to. I will go to Japan and kick Kojima's ass.
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    Firefox 19 Beta Released

    I do. It's still a very awesome browser.
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    Why 2012 Was Firefox’s Year

    I do. I also use Google Chrome, Opera (stable and Next), Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox Aurora on occasion. I always come back to good ol Firefox. Also, Chrome uses an incredible amount of memory on my machine (up to 2GB with 7-8 tabs open) while Firefox uses 400-700MB.
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    best controllers for Steam Big Picture?

    I'm having good success with using my DS3 on the PC using MotionInJoy even with Dolphin emulator.
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    The new Nexus - Would you?

    I'm wary about it, being made by LG and all, but I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to this one. If it ends up being good, I'll probably snag one.
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    Thoughts on EA Origin 1 Year In (WARNING: Long)

    Isn't Origin just EA download manager renamed?
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    Even A Three Year Old Can Use Windows 8

    Another thought. It's pretty funny that people are calling the W8 UI dumbed down. News flash: GUIs are inherently dumbed down, especially the Windows UI or did you guys forget about the fact that every version of Windows since XP has been cutesy colorful Fisher Price crap with big...
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    Even A Three Year Old Can Use Windows 8

    I seriously hope they add a toggle to Windows 8 to change to the oldschool UI at some point, if for no other reason than to shut the fannyflustered stuck-in-their-way old men the fuck up. Seriously, every thread even remotely related to Windows 8 has had the same rectum-ravaged crybabies...
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    MP7 Submachine Gun vs Samsung Galaxy S III

    If guns really offend you, [H] probably isn't the best place for you to hang out.
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    iPhone 5 vs .50 Cal

    Are you suggesting that you don't like seeing people shoot things with guns? :confused:
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    Sony Unveils a Brand New Model of the PS3

    Looks sleek. I might pick one up when I can get one secondhand since I don't have any of the 7th generation consoles.
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    Another FAILED Galaxy Rebate

    I'm glad that we have someone that can help here. The unreliability of rebates is why I consider them icing on top of the cake of anything that I buy. If I can't afford them without the rebate; I simply don't buy them. If I can, AND I get the rebate, then awesome.
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    Setting GTX 680 to Best performance reduces card's life?

    The Q9650 is a fine CPU.
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    Stuff Apple Fanatics Say

    I never said he doesn't have the right to talk about Mac here. It just seems silly to come to a hardware enthusiast site and not understand why people are critical of Mac hardware, or why all discussions boil down to that. Hardware is quantifiable. "User experience" and design in this case isn't.
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    Stuff Apple Fanatics Say

    Well, we are kind of on a hardware enthusiasts site. It should be expected. If you want to talk about how happy your Mac makes you feel, then Macrumors is only a click away.
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    Stuff Apple Fanatics Say

    When did we get so many Apple apologists and Mac fanboys here?
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    Damn, if Google offered Fiber by where I live, I'd sign up in half a heartbeat. I can't even get anything better than Clearwire (it's shit).
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    Need help picking a CPU

    Is your budget 120 for both or just the cpu?
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    What a horrific experience

    I don't know if this guy is simply an idiot doesn't care, or both. That said, this doesn't bother me much. His money, his chip.
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    Battlefield 4

    Premium has apparently been such a smashing success for EA that I'm sure they'll implement something similar for BF4. I won't know, though.
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    EA investing in always-on DRM

    Yeah, EA is full of shit. I definitely won't be buying any games from them.
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    EU to Allow Digital Software Resales?

    How is your post at all relevant to the one you quoted?
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    What has happened to PC laptops?

    That simply isn't true.
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    W8 RTM Build Announcement Reportedly Coming in July

    Every time a new Windows or Microsoft software release is on the way, [H] frontpage news turns into the biggest bunch of whiners I've ever seen. If you don't like a new software that is coming out, either learn it and adapt or don't use it. I can't believe people are still whining about...
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    High End Gaming Part Out - 3x 7970 HDs - $380 or 3 for $1080

    I lol'd at the ridiculous political rants. Have a bump.
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    One Shot, One Kill, No Skill: Diary of a Cheater

    If you show yourself to be of little character in little things, then there is no reason to expect that you wouldn't do the same in "serious" situations. I'd say you're the one with the skewed perspective here.
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    'Ultraviolence' In Games Going Too Far

    I don't support legislation stifling freedom of expression or banning games but I do think the entertainment industry at large should move away from gratuitous violence because at this point it's lost its shock value and doesn't add anything to most games. Violence for violence's sake does not...
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    Best Buy CEO: We're Not The Authority In Electronics Anymore

    How has service gone down because they stopped hiring whites?
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Yeah, you could say the same thing about McDonalds burgers :p. That said, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I wish I could. I used to be such a BF fanboy.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I think you mean "self-entitled", and I am admittedly very much so. If I could get my money back for this game, I would take it without hesitation.