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    HP LP2465 Released

    Does anyone know if this screen as 1:1 scaling?
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    Info/Review on Acer AL2423Wdr?

    This could essentially be a preview of the BenQ 24" as it will be using the same panel...
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    Dell 2007WFP + Xbox 360 (VGA)

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone using this combination is experiencing any video tearing. The 2407 apparently has video tearing, especially when 1:1 mode is selected. Thanks Sarge
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    Got an A00 Dell Monitor: Few Questions

    Input lag on the 244T is too bad and the HP and LG don't have the inputs I want :P It's mostly for my Xbox 360...
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    Got an A00 Dell Monitor: Few Questions

    I'm super keen on the new 24" BenQ - I wish they would just release it!
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    Got an A00 Dell Monitor: Few Questions

    Hey xenithon :) If there is banding, then the monitor is considered defective and Dell SA HAVE to replace it. That is what the 3 year warrenty is for :) I asked them about this very thing when ordering my 2407, which I subsequenty cancelled. Dell suck. I'm so pissed that they stuffed up the...
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    Get a 24" Benq FP241W LCD or save for a 30" Benq FP301W?

    It uses the AU Optronics P-MVA 24" panel.
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    Anymore news on the BenQ? I read on TFTCentral that it is using an AU Optronics P-MVA panel and not the Samsung S-PVA that the Dell uses... I cancelled my Dell order for two 2407's due to the numerous issues with them. I'm really keen on the BenQ - hopefully it will be as good as the VX2025 :)
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    PVA vs IPS in LCD TV's

    I'm pretty sure that the Samsung panel used is: Samsung LE-32M51B has a 32 inch 8 ms (g2g) PVA (Samsung LTA320W2) panel The LG-Philips one is pretty much the one currently available:
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    PVA vs IPS in LCD TV's

    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a 32" LCD TV and was wondering what is considered the better option for a panel - a PVA (Samsung) or IPS (LG-Phlips)? Basically the scenario here in South Africa is pretty bleak. We get ripped off huge for the brand names - a new Samsung 40" (SPVA) will cost...
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    HP LP2465 Released

    Could be using the brand new LG-Philips 24" panel: LM240WU1 24"WS S-IPS 8-Bit 1920 x 1200 6ms G2G 800 500 178 / 178 Source: EDIT: TFTCentral has it as the Samsung S-PVA...
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    Mini-review: Dell 2407 FPW rev. A02 hooked up to my Xbox 360 (pics)

    Hey man, Thanks for the great mini-review. Would it be possible for you to post some pics of your 360 running on component cables at 720p by any chance? I hear it looks rubbish, but I'd like to see for myself. Thanks