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    Coolbits Malfunctioning.

    I was having similar problems with Coolbits. Just download Rivatuner and use that. Problem solved.
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    Stock thermal pads on memory of GT...

    Where can I find some of these? Does anyone know where I can find the type of pads that are used on the stock GT for the memory? I took the pads off to repalce them with AS5. I found out that the heatsink is nowhere near flat and the memory barely makes contact with it. I already threw the...
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    Freezing but zero artifacting on an OC 6800 gt

    I'm guessing that the freezing you notice is the card's clock throttling. You are pushing the OC too much, and it is reverting back to stock speeds. You can download Rivatuner and verify that this is what's happening by monitoring the clock frequencies. If this is happening there's not much...
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    Vsynch was screwing me.

    Yep that's how it works. Same thing got me. :) It will lock your fps to your refresh rate if you can draw that many frames, but if you can't then it will lock it at a divisor of your refresh rate. I never used Vsync in any other game, but this game had some awful tearing so I used Vsync...
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    KINYO KY-100 5.1 Headphone any good ?

    Short answer to your first question, I would go with the Sennheisers. To answer your second question you need 3.5mm plugs to hookup to the computer, so the Sennheiser headphones you were looking at would work fine. I would check to make sure that your onboard actually uses stereo jacks and not...
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    How hot is your 6800GT?

    I get about 53C idle / 77C load at 400/1100. The room temperature is around 25C. I've monitored the temps while playing UT2k4 and it usually stays in the high 60s.
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    Taken apart 6800 GT - Arctic silver results.

    Well I decided to rip apart my GT as well and put AS5 on the memory chips and reapply it to the core. While I was doing that I also figured I'd take off that other heatsink, that separate one closest to the power connector and held on with push pins, and put some AS5 on there too because it had...
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    Taken apart 6800 GT - Arctic silver results.

    Just curious, when you took off the pads to the memory and put AS5 on there, did the heatsink actually make contact with the memory chips? Just wondering because those pads look pretty thick and they might have considered that and left a little space between the heatsink and the memory chips.
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    What causes clock throttling on the GT?

    What causes the throttling on the GT? Is it something controlled by drivers or some chip on the card? When or how does it determine that the clock needs to be throttled? I just got done playing UT2k4 for about an hour at 410/1100 just fine and it decided to throttle down the clock right...
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    Motherboard header connectors

    I just got back my second Antec P160 after I RMAd the first one. This one doesn't have the header connectors for the front audio and firewire connectors. It just has the individual wires for each pin. It's really hard to connect these individually. Is there any type of header connector...
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    Should I get another Antec P160?

    I got an Antec P160, the one with the window, from Newegg. I had to RMA it after a bunch of problems I wasn't willing to deal with. I was just going to have them replace it, but they ran out of stock and now I just got a refund. The thing is I really liked the look of the case. However, if...
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    Heads up on Swiftech MCX159 + Geforce 6800 GT + MSI K8N Neo Platinum

    For anyone intersted in this, this combination will not work without modification. The Geforce 6800 GT will not fit if you put the MCX159 on this board. I was able to get it to work by breaking some of the pins off where the graphics card would be hitting it. You can't fit the fan on the...
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    Can't run OCZ PC4200EL at SPD.

    I have 2 512MB OCZ PC4200EL modules. I got the dual channel kit, but I don't think that should matter. I can't get them to run at SPD, 2.5-4-4-7 settings with both modules in. I've tried a multiplier of 8, and FSB of 266, which should keep my processor below stock 2200MHz. I tried running...
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    max safe cpu vcore for amd64?

    I'm also wondering about this. I have a 3400+ Clawhammer, CG revision. I'm using stock cooling now, but I should get my Swiftech MCX6400 in tomorrow. What are other people using for Vcore with similar setups? I have a MSI K8N Neo Platinum, and it doesn't read temperatures right so I don't...
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    6800GT overclock handicapped?

    The Geforce series, since the FX series I think, have the ability to underclock themselves under stressful loads. The GT will also underclock itself, back to stock 370/1000 if you overclock it too far. You can verify this with Rivatuner's hardware monitoring. Also, you will notice it because...
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    Problems with clockgen

    I want to use clockgen to change all my settings. First off, whenever I change the FID it locks up most of the time. This isn't much of a problem because it sticks when I reboot. This is the thing that bugs me. I want to use clockgen to change my FSB on startup, so I put a shortcut to...
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    coolbits/Thermal Temps Broken with BFG6800

    My room is about 75F. If the critical temperature is really 120C then like you said, I wouldn't worry about it. I just wasn't sure how hot it was supposed to get. For those people having problems getting their OC to stick, I have some tips. I had problems getting mine to stick, but this...
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    coolbits/Thermal Temps Broken with BFG6800

    You probably need better cooling in your case. I have my BFG GT running at 420/1120 and the temps were 32 ambient/51 core idle and 47 ambient/75 core load. I loaded it by running RTHDRIBL for 20 minutes and monitoring the temperatures with Rivatuner. The temps leveled off at the load temps...
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    The "I took the Plunge" Thread. What card did you just order/get?

    Upgraded my whole system. 1400MHz Athlon | Geforce 3 -> A64 3400+ | BFG 6800GT. More than 20fps in UT2k4 here I come!!! :)
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    Owned by

    Ordered my GT from outpost by phone yesterday, got it today. Only $11 for next day shipping as opposed to $40 from Got it installed in my system today. This was my first purchase from Outpost, but I would definitely buy from them again.
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    HDD LED not lighting up.

    I guess that's what happened in mine. I don't know why I didn't try this first, but I just switched the power and HDD LEDs. The power LED flashed for HDD access while the HDD LED stayed off. I guess a wire is broke somewhere, but I can't see it.
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    HDD LED not lighting up.

    So I got my new computer built today. Everything seems to be working fine, but my HDD activity LED won't light up on the case. I have two WD 160GB SATA drives on a MSI K8N Neo, in an Antec P160. I'm pretty sure I plugged the HDD LED connector onto the header right, but I switched it to make...
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    Swiftech MCX64-V Question

    It's most likely the motherboard giving you a false temperature reading. Lots of people are having problems with temp readings and that particular motherboard. You can check it out in the MSI forums . If you're certain that the heatsink is seated properly, then feel the base of the heatsink...
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    PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra for $350 at CompUSA!!!

    According to sherkelman in this thread, NVidia is producing the first allotment of 6800s. I guess the guy is a rep for BFG so he should know what he's talking about. I'd still rather have the BFG for the warranty, but if I can get the PNY for $350 then I'll take it.
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    PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra for $350 at CompUSA!!!

    Wow, this thread got off topic. Divine_Madcat, what city was the Compusa that you got that order? Are they going to ship it to you or do you have to pick it up in store? The closest Compusa to me is about 70 miles. I'm wondering if I could call and preorder it and have them ship it to me...
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    PNY 6800 Ultra for $350 from CompUSA (YMMV) from 6/27 to 7/3

    Is this supposed to be an in store only deal? The website doesn't have an option for pre-ordering, and it's still listed as $499. I just called 1-800-COMPUSA to see if I could pre-order one through that, but they said they didn't have that model listed. I'm going to call the closest CompUSA...
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    Msi Asus

    From the product code in the broken link I think he meant to link to the Asus K8V I wouldn't go with any board with the K8T800 chipset if you plan on overclocking, because it doesn't have an AGP/PCI lock. Go for a board with...
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    gaming glasses?

    I had a pair of 3d glasses, not the same brand though. I used them for a while on Quake and RTCW. Although they sorta worked and stuff was kinda 3d, they gave me a headache after about an hour of use, so I stopped using them. They're neat for a while, but definitely not worth $70 IMO. I got...
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    Question about Abit Radeon RX800 XT-VIO @ ZZF Is this the same card as the XT PE? What does the VIO stand for? Does Abit change anything on the cards, or is it just how they name them? Edit: Changed the title to not suggest that they are in stock there...
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    Lightning sucks....

    Good luck trying to get anything from any guarantee from a surge protector, especially if it's some generic company. Luckily I've never had lightning fry anything except a cheap modem. I'm not really sure what effect it would have on a monitor, but if the colors just look washed out then you...
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    GBA w/ backlight VS. GBA SP!!! TO ARMS!!

    My friend sent in his GBA to get an Afterburner "professionally" installed. I don't remember where he sent it in, but he said it was highly recommended by people on some other forum. When he got it back, there was a piece of plastic in the corner of the screen, there were bits of dust on the...
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    Post your UT2004 benchies!

    20.734 @ 1024x768 with all settings at normal. About time for an updgrade...
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    SNES game suggestions?

    Secret of Mana - my all time favorite SNES game. Import Seiken Densetsu 3, another game in the Secret of Mana series. It was never translated, but it's still a good game. Final Fantasy 4(2 in US), 5(not released in US), and 6(3 in US). - 100+ hours of RPG fun. Super Metroid - another must...
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    Good 462 MB?

    Here's the only one I could find on Newegg that has 168 pin DIMMs. Here's another one from ZipZoomFly.
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    Bought MX510

    Cali3350 - Have you tried opening Mouseware and making sure that the thumb buttons are actually set to Mouse4 and Mouse5? They should be set to these by default, but if they're not than it wouldn't work. The thumb buttons should work with the default drivers anyway, at least they do with the...
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    Bought MX510

    Just out of curiosity, for all those who use the WinXP drivers and say all buttons work, what does the extra mouse buttons show up as when you assign them in a game? I thought there were only 5 mouse buttons recognized by default, although it may be different in XP, I have 2000. There seems...
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    HDL Programming?

    What do you mean interested? Do you mean interested for employment (no), a hobby (not really), helping someone out (if I can)? (My answers are in these things -> () ) I know Verilog and a bit of VHDL. If you need help on something I might be able to help you, but other than that I'm not really...
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    The NewEgg banner at the top... ^^^

    Does [H]ard get points for the amount of purchase if we click the banner, or just points if we order something or not. I'm about to drop about $2k in a system there, and I need to know whether to put it all in one basket or make 10 seperate orders. :D
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    Default view on Gaming forum should be upped for more posts

    There's an option for Default Thread Age Cutoff in the User CP. Set that option to the beginning and you will get every thread in every group.
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    Is there such a thing as 5.1 Headphones?

    I plan on getting this pair of headphones soon. From the little info I can gather about them, they have 3 drivers per cup and they simulate 5.1 pretty well. I'll post my thoughts on them once I get them.