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    Windows 10 New Start Button redesign

    Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP, Vista were good start menus. At Windows 7 you had to click extra clicks to open up more menus because everything was collapsed. After 7 it went downhill. I liked the Windows XP start menu the most. The old menu was more structured and required less clicks to load a...
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    64-Core Threadripper and ultra-HEDT X599 Coming End of 2019

    Definitely looking forward to a 64 core cpu :)
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    AMD drops Threadripper3 from latest roadmap-Tom's

    A 128 core AMD cpu is a cpu to end all cpus ;)
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    Another data “accident” at Facebook

    Too many privacy and spying problems with Facebook. Same with Google. Censorship is happening on a massive level also on all these social media and video platforms. Your security, privacy, and free speech are all being violated at the same time. Who knows what else has been leaked. All those...
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    Google's product cancelling is killing their reputation.

    There's a lot of content that is being blackholed and even deleted. Some content is pushed back many pages. Youtube for example has authoritative sources listed first which is a very subjective and controversial matter in itself. Any controversial content even for non political stuff is messed...
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    What is the recommended amount of RAM these days?

    64GB or higher is great for heavy users. The more the better. I had 32GB for years and i was always maxing it out with tons of browser tabs open. If you have adblockers and addons those eat a lot of memory also. Really the more memory you can get the better in the long run and the short term ;)
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    Google's product cancelling is killing their reputation.

    Google is censoring searches and content too much these days. Anything not inline with the mainstream is censored. Any free thinking or speculation about controversial topics is shutdown on their platforms like Youtube. Google use to be a company with a great reputation. Now it's a shadow of its...
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    Julian Assange Arrested

    Assange is a hero. He's a voice for free speech and truth in a world full of corruption and destruction.
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    Amazon Is Developing a Game Streaming Service

    At some point everyone is going to stream everything. We are all going to live in the cloud eventually. I bet at some point our own windows installations will be hosted at Microsoft themselves in their cloud. We will just boot into the cloud. That is the future. Subscriptions. Micro charges...
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    The headphone jack is time tested and mother approved. It will last another 15 to 20 years at least. The headphone jack gives you more flexibility on what kind of headset or earbuds you want to use anyways.
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    Check Out the Delidded AMD Rome CPU

    64 cores is definitely something I would like to have :)
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    Study of Cellphone Risks Finds "Some Evidence" of Link to Cancer, at Least in Male Rats

    Just gotta watch out. Some places show a bunch of birds and certain animals dropping dead from 5g test setups. Not sure about the credibility on everything. Just gotta keep the phone away from your main organs to be safe. Don't leave it on in your pocket too long unless you want to be sterile.
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    Twitter Banning Fake Account Impacts Share Price

    Most of those fake accounts are bots used to make people artificially famous and popular. There are services out there for this kind of social engineering.
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    Microsoft Quietly Cuts Off Windows 7 Support for Older Intel Computers

    Windows 7 is still usable with an Athlon XP if you have a decent video card with 2-3GB of ram. Windows 7 is the last one to be able to run on non SSE2 cpus i think. I got the latest Linux Mint to work with an Athlon XP system and it seems to work just fine. You just need to install custom build...
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    Ubisoft Believes Next Gen Is the Last for Consoles

    The problem with streaming is the cost of running those machines on the other end. People will be paying by the minute most likely. Everyone will be nickel and dime'd. Either by the minute or a straight yearly subscription not including the games you have to buy also. It might cost everyone more...
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    China Hacked Navy Contractor, Secured Trove of Sensitive Data on Submarine Warfare

    It's likely not much is a secret anymore. Everything is always getting hacked.
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    Socket 939 -- Windows 10

    I have a dual socket 940 motherboard with a couple dual core 285 opterons. 16GB of DDR1. Its running windows 8 x64 great. It has a pci express video card amd 6450. Has usb3.0 card and all that also. Great to know i can finally upgrade to windows 10 x64 instead of 32bit and lose like 13GB of ram...
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    Women Who Play Games Shun ‘Gamer’ Label

    The movies always shows the gamer as a fat loser living at their moms basement with no job and no future. lol
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    Firefox 64-bit for Windows Available

    Might not crash as much since I noticed it crashed all the time when it hit the 3 GB limit.
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    Windows 10: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight

    Why wouldn't they force you to upgrade if you weren't going to do it on your own ;) They figured they have nothing to lose if you weren't going to upgrade anyways.
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    Doubling RAM On Smartphones Is "Silly"

    You can never have enough ram. I had 32GB of ram in win7. 7 didn't take advantage of it but 8 did a little more. Now 10 can reach around 16-20GB during serious usage. Always go for more if you can.
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    WD Is Now Shipping World’s First Helium-Filled 10TB PMR HDD

    Yes, was waiting for the big 10. A worthy upgrade from 2-4TB drives.
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    Windows 10 Usage Climbing As Windows 7 Share Drops Sharply

    Windows 7 32bit works alright with 2GB, athlon xp 3200+, and a decent video card. Can use it online for basic usage like emails and 480p 360p video. HD stuff works if you got one of the last video cards made for agp. Still have a dfi lanparty nforce2 ultra B running today on windows 7.
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    Windows 10 Usage Climbing As Windows 7 Share Drops Sharply

    Windows 7 is old already. Peoples are already getting tired of it already. They want something different now pretty much.
  25. C Has A Bunker Full Of Gold, Silver, And Food In Case Of Financial Collap

    It's better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it. Especially food and most importantly water. In a week most would be dead without water. Dead or extremely weak to do anything. You could last a few weeks without food but after a day or 2 you will go insane. People...
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    Windows 3.1 Took Down A French Airport

    I remember working on a printer system for a company last year sometime and the printer was industrial. It was as big as a warehouse this printer. It was also hooked to a computer which had windows 98. Expensive cost of the hardware limits some places from upgrading a lot of times ;)
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    Windows 10, Nvidia being left in the dust.

    I have 2 7990s crossfired. For Windows 10 the drivers got a lot better. The original first driver i couldn't even install without the system crashing during the installation. Had to wait awhile. Now its good though. 2.0 wddm seems a lot better than 1.2 it was before. Online is just smoother...
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    I Like Windows 10 But I'm Going Back To Windows 8.1

    Been using classicshell since windows 7. Can't let go of that windows xp/95 feel start menu. Looks the same as i used it on windows 7, 8, 8.1 and now windows 10. Consistency through out all the windows with the same start menu. Don't have to worry about changing windows when you got classicshell...
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    Amazon Responds To Furor Over Limits On Prime Sharing

    I just use the prime mainly for the shipping. Sometimes its free one day shipping on some things i like. A good deal after a lot of ordering when it comes to shipping and all that ;)
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    The NYC Subway Runs On Technology That Is Nearly 100 Years Old

    The electrical concepts are still modern like relays and such but the electronics themselves are just old. Could be worse lol
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    The Evolution Of Modern Game Controllers

    The snes controller is what spawned the modern era of controllers today. Microsoft and Sony basically copied the configurations and added their own version of the idea. Original started with a base controller like the snes. Diamond button. L and R top buttons. Gamecube is one of my favorites...
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    World Population Expected To Reach 9.7 Billion By 2050

    Most of first world countries are actually decreasing in population. Most people think its people in the U.S. and similar places. Its not. We are declining. We are going to die off if anything. The explosion in population is from 3rd world countries. People with tech and proper schooling. People...
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    Pirated Windows 10 Will Have Desktop Watermark

    There will be a master hack of some sort where they will get around it all completely. Its been done with every version of windows since the beginning of time. Some hacks remove all of the activations files completely. They need to focus on making windows better mainly. All these protection...
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    2.1 Million Americans Subscribe to AOL Dialup Internet

    A lot of older people i work with have AOL. If they are not using their dial up then they are using the AOL software to use the internet through a broadband connection. Just the way it is. Old habits. ;)
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    $8.6M Apartment Is One Giant Tin-Foil Hat

    There's a sickness i heard that exists where some people are effected by emf's. Reduces your radiation exposure which is a plus ;)
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    Microsoft: Windows 10 Will Be On 1B Devices

    I work for a shop and i know what people want mostly. Everyone wants 7 over 8. No one wants the tiles at all. A lot of business computers that have 8 we installed classicshell on them. If it wasn't for the forced upgrade of windows xp then most people would be on that still. The start menu has...
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    Microsoft: Windows 10 Will Be On 1B Devices

    Only way they will hit 1 billion is if they add a classic mode feature which makes the whole UI look like windows xp. The menu is still too much like 8 with all the tiles and all that. They need it to look like the original windows more. They need to stop resisting what the public wants. Losing...
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    Anonymous Messaging App 'Secret' Closes Down

    Bad management of the money. Great programmers bad at handling money.
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    Carmakers Still Trying To Use DMCA To Stop Car Mods

    No one is really free in this country. Maybe 200 years ago you had a sense of freedom out in the open wild but now in days the government can see you from satellites. When something is bought it is really just rented in the eyes of the corporations. No one owns anything. It's all an illusion...
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    World's Smallest Computer

    When you don't have to design for mass production and you have unlimited funding anythings possible ;)